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Map Switch/Remove Autoslay

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There's a bug on the surf server that won't switch the map at 0:00 causing it to stay until an admin switches it or everyone RTV's (which takes a while). Don't know if it's a map specific bug that causes it but I've seen it on 2 maps already (vegetables and another one I can't remember). Might be an error that wont let the code continue and initiate map change sometimes.




Also this is something I noticed but the code in the surf plugin shown below doesn't require having autoslay to change the map. The line "CS_TerminateRound(1.0, CSRoundEnd_CTWin, true);" already does that to begin with so the autoslay isn't needed to change the map. Pretty sure the convar to set it to 0 would be ck_slay_on_round_end 0


public Action TerminateRoundTimer(Handle timer)
CS_TerminateRound(1.0, CSRoundEnd_CTWin, true);
bool bSlay = GetConVarBool(g_hSlayOnRoundEnd);
for (int i = 0; i 	{
	if (IsValidClient(i) && !IsFakeClient(i))
		if (bSlay)
			Client_Stop(i, 1);
return Plugin_Handled;

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