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  1. nick

    NBA Back Today

    @Noob^ @Malibu thoughts?
  2. @Fuze when he sees the promotions and has to be in our DMs about it
  3. alb

    Big Nick Big Dick ... Big Nicky Nick .... Hahah.... Nicks here .... and Back again with ... Nick here ... Haha

  4. nick

    ayyyy lmaoooo

  5. JoJo.


  6. suggested this emote in 2015 and it was added because of @bethy and i was looking for it in emote list and it was gone.
  7. Rest in peace erik. You were always a good friend to me and I'm sure we'll see each other again one day. Godspeed :(

  8. hey whats up man heard you got a strange jarate and i can't seem to reach you on steam so how bout it

  9. John


  10. as the tears roll down my face, i know this time must pass. truly sad that you have to leave this place but glad you're taking the steps into being a part of what you've wanted to be since you first joined the community: part of the U.S. navy. dominic i'm glad you served this community and now you will serve your country. #blacklivesmatter #canigetalargemeatballpizza #andachickenparm #yourorderwillarrive45-55minutes #alrightthankyousomuch