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Jailbreak Event Ideas

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Hello everyone,


Myself and the Jailbreak team will be using this thread keep track of the Jailbreak events suggestions as they come along. This way if we see an event we like but feel like we can't accomplish right now or would like to pursue some sort of variation of the event in the future, we don't have to go digging through the Event Suggestion sub-forum. As well as being able to see which type of events have already been suggested.



Plugin Related Events:

~Requires a plugin to be enabled, configured, or made.






Map Related Events:

~Requires a certain map or list of maps made or put on the server.






~All the event-goers battle against each other for top clout.







~Could fall into other categories or undefined categories.




This post will be locked so continue to make separate threads for your ideas! I'll do my best to make sure this stays updated as we go, however, don't be afraid to make sure this gets updated as it goes along.

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