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  1. Personal trainers aint the same as a Secretary. Still, obese people can be knowledgeable on how to be healthy among the other responsibilities "Secretary of Health and Social Care" come along with. I'm sure that just like 99% of state appointed Secretaries of xyz, she'll probably be useless at her job, but going "haha look, health person is fat" doesn't prove anything.
  2. Well known fact that obese people are mentally incapable of being knowledgeable in Health and Social Care
  3. this is comical.
  4. Sex JUST for pleasure!!?!?!?! Foolish!!!! THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mfs so weird. let people do what they want bruh. fuck them kids.
  6. iPhones aren't Guns. idk how we keep getting back to the idea that we should ban specific guns, I said it's an argument to restrict them even more. Don't really care about punishing manufacturers, brokers, and non-school shooters. Especially when it's evident that rifles are a popular choice amongst mass shooters... are you arguing there's no correlation there? Who care about if someone can do it with x, y, or z, the whole point is that these events are consistently done with a specific type of gun. I don't think you've spent any significant amount of time thinking. Restricting guns is not the be all end all for these events, our lack of mental health support plays a major role. I am by no means defending the Uvalde shooter at all, we need to do a better job of getting people the right kind of help they deserve. You've provided no substance on what could be done to prevent this from happening.
  7. Cars aren't guns. Cars serve much more utility than guns could ever. Nor am I saying it's the most dangerous gun because it's a popular choice. I'm saying, it's a popular choice, why not make it harder to get? Sometimes we can't have nice things. Also, last sentence is just an argument to restrict rifles even more.
  8. tmw when stating a fact, that other countries do not have the same gun-related issues as America, is a shit take...
  9. Weirdo. Moron. Poo Poo Head. Silly goofy goober. Little dummy. You're funny. Never said we should ban guns. Again, idk why "you people" are strawmanning tf out of this. Should we get rid of the second amendment altogether? Maybe, amendments can always be added. Isn't the constitution supposed to be a "living" document? For me though, I don't think we need to add any amendments. Step 1? Probably just better gun backgrounds checks. A National Registry is another interesting idea I've heard. I believe we should fund programs that promote safe gun ownership. Generally, it should be at least a little more difficult to obtain such a deadly weapon. Personally, I don't think it's exactly a crazy idea to ban any specific "gun." The AR-15 is a popular choice amongst "Mass Shooters" why can't we admit that and pull the plug on legal sales? I know you can still get it illegally, but the whole point is to make it harder for people to get. How would you get people to hand over guns? Buyback programs. I'm not even opposed to the idea that any with a "banned firearm" be allowed to keep it under the condition they document it under a National Registry. Well... what about people that don't want to do that??? Then good for them, I'm sure there would be a surprising amount of people willing to play ball, who knows tho. Tyranny sounds kina fire tho too.