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  1. this guy is my biggest fan !

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    Online names

    I would fucking deck you in the neck.
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    it wud B cool
  4. Oh, okay, thanks for letting us know.
  5. Couldn’t agree any more! Simply catch the cues of when in a situation where u cannot see the bomb and you’ll win every time.
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    Biden vs Trump

    This is getting off topic as fuck so this will be my last reply but what you are engaging in is the spread of a conspiracy against the hospitals. All you have to do is just google “are hospitals inflating covid cases” and you will literally see articles on articles of answers. If you READ you will learn that Hospitals are only getting paid ~$13,000 for treating a covid patient WHO IS COVERED BY MEDICARE and ~$39,000 if they get put on a ventilator. I’ll say it again... Hospitals only get paid, when a patient on MEDICARE is being TREATED, $13,000 for covid and $39,000 if they put on a ventilator. Hospitals aren’t getting paid for reporting Covid-19 deaths and if a hospital does receive funding it may or may not be because there’s a virus we’ve never seen before that needs to be treated. The reason the figures may be so high is because that’s essentially more or less the average cost of it all, sometimes it’s less, however they are reporting that even after these payments they still lose out on money. What you are doing is literally more harmful than what the media does in its push to fear across the people. You’re making something can be easily explainable in a google search a big deal for whatever personal gain you want. I’m not sure how you even want me to believe that this isn’t a “conspiracy theory” and then talk about how the media is owned by celebrities and lobbyist who pay politicians is literally a point in EVERY CONSPIRACY THEORY EVER. Just because something goes against the “status quo” DOESNT MEAN THAT ITS RIGHT. You’re playing into the hands of those “rich and powerful” that want you to believe the government is out to kill everyone and believe these nonsensical ideas. Which is what you brought to me here, ideas, you haven’t brought a single “fact” to support your argument that hospitals AND DOCTORS are putting their lives on the line and marking everyone’s death as covid is absolutely fucking cynical and you should feel remorse that you are essentially slapping the doctors and nurses who take care of millions everyday in the face. Lastly, please sign up for some english lessons, god damn this was hard to understand. This is just all over the place you were and you just never seem to be able to actually explain what you are wanting to convey. If you’re going to put powerful one liners, be able to actually explain it afterwards. Here: “are hospitals inflating covid cases”
  7. Manny

    Biden vs Trump

    Ok, whatever i’m not gonna argue further on this because i’m not educated on the hospitals funding and procedures enough to even attempt to argue with someone who’s just bringing conspiracy theories to the table and only bring a WHO tweet from january. Science is always evolving and things in the medical field change on a day to day basis. The tweet very clearly says that the chinese reported it and they were simply airing the message. Now you can use this tweet to then further your own anti-china rhetoric or whatever but you should understand that this the worst pandemic of the modern era and the start of it all is bound to be mismanaged in the beginning. There’s many angles to go at this, one being the rather legitimate question from commie-bro above, but this screams large amounts of uneducated ignorance so not sure if I can be bothered to understand you further. I really only have one question to this kind of response. Is it really okay to vote for the most honest man, regardless of what kinds of things they may spew out of their mouth?
  8. Manny

    Biden vs Trump

    10 lines of text... two periods. Holy fuck. So are you saying that hospitals are using the pandemic to make a profit? If so, then that’s wrong. Or are you saying that the amount of covid cases are inflated due to hospitals marking any death as covid? If so, fairly certain there’s way more explaining to do on that front due to how specific hospital documents have to be and all the nuances involved with the American hospital system. Are you saying that including deaths that may have not been caused directly by covid but indirectly is wrong? If so, then you need to think about all the people during because they’re scared of going to the hospital because of Covid. As well as the people dieing due to limited supplies (haven’t done the research on exact figures but all very reasonable things to measure). Also, what the fuck is the mainstream media pushing? I’m so fucking confused. Lastly... stick to the drugs. Conspiracy theories ain’t for you chief...
  9. Manny

    Biden vs Trump

    Seen a lot of this in the thread. My question is, especially after Trumps handling of Covid, why?
  10. [video=youtube_share;Q9pjm4cNsfc] [video=youtube_share;24cbJedcfsc] [video=youtube_share;8osYjcTdoOs]
  11. make it 5v5 + Give more nades. = more people