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  1. wtf did you do to get banned from forums


  2. this guy is my biggest fan !

  3. Couldn’t agree any more! Simply catch the cues of when in a situation where u cannot see the bomb and you’ll win every time.
  4. make it 5v5 + Give more nades. = more people
  5. This is in three days!!!!
  6. Manny

    RETAKE 5V5

    If we all had one post we were allowed to dislike, this one would be it for me. Just give them more nades!!!!!!
  7. Relying on a rank reset is the worst thing any server could put on themselves. It always ends up the same with the rank not being reset for a month and it just ends up being a giant waste of time. Especially for a Retakes server, the ranks should never have to be reset, especially every month. A perfect points system shouldn't need maintenance. I could see resetting the ranks every month really fuck with the new-player retention in the long term. I already dislike the point system as it is, since it allows people to just rack up points at #1 and then never have to join, or at least not join for a long time, to still remain at 1. I still firmly believe that every player should lose the amount of points the other person gains, like a trade off, for reasons that Cept already very much knows...
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    GTA V Manhunt!

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  11. SMGs & Shotguns: I was worried that full buy rounds would be just completely ruined by SMGs and Shotguns just due to the advantage those type of guns have in super close combat. Thankfully, that only happens sometimes. In all seriousness though, I think the guns plugin we have now is pretty much almost perfect, besides the bugs it has, and this includes not having force buy rounds. Personally, I think having Force Buy rounds are more or less a waste of a couple of rounds. To be honest, I never really play any competitive cs:go matches, whether that be on ESEA or on MM or really watch much pro games, but I'm almost certain that rounds in which both teams will be fully equipped with just smgs or shotguns to be really unrealistic. I also believe that Retakes should be a place to at least, have fun with some friends by skipping the dumb shit thats before planting a bomb, and at most, a place to practice certain retake situations that could occur in a real game and allow players to get better at CS. Its my belief that Force Buy rounds only fit onto one side of that spectrum. I'm just not a fan of Force Buy rounds, never was, probably never will be. Moltov Damage: Nah. Save everyone the time and just keep it the way it is. Of course players pushing through teammate mollies and fragging out everyone is unrealistic, but thats an element of the server you gotta adjust to. This is also a reason why we added the sound effect in this changelog. Before it was much more broken, you could theoretically walk through a molly and decimate a team because to you, it was as if the molly isn't there, while also giving the defenders a false sense of security. If I remember correctly, @Cept For Her we discussed the possibility of having some sort of slow effect added onto the teammate in a molly. Maybe that could be revisited... Also, I'd like to add that in my vision, Retakes wasn't meant to emulate a near perfect matchmaking experience. Remember the spectrum I mentioned earlier? As stated previously "Retakes should be a place to at least, have fun with some friends by skipping the dumb shit thats before planting a bomb, and at most, a place to practice certain retake situations that could occur in a real game and allow players to get better at CS." My goal was to find the near pitch perfect balance on that scale. That's what I wanted since I was told I would be managing the server with Cept almost a year ago. Unfortunately, I'm currently in no position to be able to actually make that plan to be carried out and I have to just watch from the sidelines now. Rounding it back to the topic, I should just reiterate that we should keep it as is. Don't allow even a little bit of an inch because, per usual, people will want to take a mile... Spawnpoints: I don't know how much you can really tinker with spawnpoints, in the end the maps don't change (except vertigo apparently) so the players will end up coming from the same spot regardless of what you do. The Spawnpoints, for the most part , are the default ones that comes with the Retakes plugin itself. I haven't touched other Retake servers in a hot minute but I'm willing to bet you'll be finding very similar spawns on most of them. No matter, what you do though, the spawns will end up being predictable for the minority of players who frequently use their brain. In response to the OP, not sure how much tinkering you can do with the spawnpoints every few months but I do agree that refreshing them so the server remains new to regulars is a harmless idea.