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Reserving VIP/Sub Slots

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I understand that VIPs, Subs, and Admins are able to connect to a full server through console, but this is a bit tedious. Some other servers leave a slot open which allows VIPs to connect directly and more conveniently from the server browser. If someone without a reserved slot attempts to connect, it will not allow them, and instead prints a message along the lines of "This server reserves slots for VIPs" or something to a similar effect. I believe this would make reserved slots slightly more convenient while also advertising Donator perks to the tens of people that find our servers full during peak hours.


IIRC the server limit bumps up by 1 when someone with a reserved slot connects, always leaving one open for the next person, and bumping back down when the server is less full. In practice, this wouldn't change how and how many people can connect to the server. I believe Tarik's practice servers may do this if you need an example.

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