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  1. Gentoo

    Jihad Rework

    I think at the very least, jihad should require players to type a command in order to buy it. Too many monkeys fat finger it at the start of the round and don't even end up using it. Should be a conscious decision made by players. Other suggestions might be having the jihad as an actual item that can be picked up by other Ts after death or forced to be dropped etc. Hell, while we're at it, other types of jihads would be cool, incendiary, weapon drop, ice, emp that mutes all CTs for a short time, etc.
  2. I believe you are mistaken, my friend. This is what a week detox from ZE does to a man.
  3. Probably best to just pm people instead of mentioning them in OP. They'll see the thread, believe me. Also, fairly unlikely that this would be implemented given the amount of effort required to edit the plugin.
  4. Yes and no. Let's say I see iso door open without anyone opening it from the outside. ZZL was the only person in ISO so I know he pressed the button. On a separate occasion, all of the Ts are in ISO and I see one of them jump up, so I assume they pressed it, but really it could have been any of them so I can't KOS them. You need reasonable proof to know that someone used a secret and KOS them. Having items from a secret is usually not proof as they can often be given to other players.
  6. Gentoo

    TF2 Update

    ... I mean he does lead the company so I find it unlikely that he has 'little to no input on things', more of a matter of if he cares enough to see things through. There's very little incentive for Valve to update dead ftp games considering the scale of Steam and where their revenue stream is. It's not like he doesn't care, if you spend any amount of time listening to the guy, it's obvious that he's always been and still is passionate about video games, there's just not really a point to shifting development resources to something like TF2 if it means taking that away from new projects and more profitable games.
  7. Gentoo

    jailbreak in 2021

    Clearly your mistake here was following the order, by going to iso you forced guards to take all their attention off the prisoners picking their noses in their cells.
  8. What is this supposed to mean?
  9. I'll show up if you delete your brushwork toilet
  10. Believe it or not, there's actually an item that accomplishes this, and it's completely free! If you guys think the blackout is too long and overpowered now, I can only imagine how you'll feel when slender comes back...
  11. Gentoo

    New JB endscreen These cvars need changed in the hosties cfg to get them to work. Dragging and dropping with the same filename as the current overlays won't work. sm_hosties_roundend_overlay_ct "overlays/sm_hosties/guardswin.vtf" sm_hosties_roundend_overlay_t "overlays/sm_hosties/prisonerswin.vtf"
  12. GFL uses a plugin that prints trigger times for holds to chat. For maps that don't use point_servercommands to read triggers in chat, it's useful for players that don't know the timing on triggers, or for players in general that don't want to stare at the round timer on every hold. I'm not sure if this is a private plugin, but I don't believe it would be difficult to replicate, just needs to read trigger outputs matching open, enable, kill etc. with delays and could be modified with individual map cfgs. On some maps it's not even immediately obvious that certain areas are even holds, so this would be particularly useful when experienced regs aren't on to lead.
  13. As a new player, the map voting can seem confusing, and I think it could be cleared up to ensure players can more easily vote for the type of map they want to play. Using UMC, maps could be grouped into their appropriate categories (Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme, ZM). While the voting system could be tiered similar to bhop, after talking with Takuto, I think it does make more sense to use a single vote. Only easy and medium maps would be automatically put into the vote, with other difficulties/modes needing to be nominated. From what I've seen, and heard, some players often like to persuade others into voting for more difficult maps which aren't clearly marked, only for the server to end up dying because of it.
  14. The map seemed a bit to large for our pop, but it was a cool idea nonetheless. Maybe it would fare better if it was modified to fit an existing map that works for our server and people are already familiar with. Wouldn't mind setting it up on Prison Architect as it seems like it'd fit perfectly.