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  1. I usually tend to meme on these, as do a lot of other people, but every one of these posts is people genuinely thanking you for the time and effort you've spent here. I've had very few interactions with you and can't say that I know you at all, but the amount of people you've left an impression on is inspiring to anyone here. Good luck on your future endeavors; your server will miss you dearly.
  2. 9/15/2020 Breach Charges are now 150 for 2 Haste mode now has a decreased starting time Added perks for Elite and Premium Supporter: Snake Minigame (!snake) Tetris Minigame (!tetris) Paint (!paint "message") Glow (!glow) Weapon (!stickers) Scoreboard Icons (!icons)
  3. TTT Community Meeting Hello Gamers, As you may have noticed, we've made a significant number of changes to the server recently, and we'd like to have a discussion with you guys about it. We're looking for not only feedback on any of the changes we've made thus far, but also on future changes and the state of the server. This will help us guide our plans for the server and tailor it towards what you guys are interested in. The topics that may be covered are: -Credit/Item Rework -Auto-Moderation Karma System -Detective Strength and Meta -Innocent Menu -New Items and Old/Stale items -Haste Rounds -State of the Server If there's anything in particular that you as a player (or staff member) would like to discuss, you can bring it up here, or we'll have time at the end of the meeting to open the floor. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the changes and pushing our server forward together. When: Wednesday, September 16th @ 8PM EST Where: Community Meeting Channel
  4. 9/10/2020 We've added Breach Charges to the Traitor menu for 100 credits. Stick them to walls and players with mouse1 and detonate with mouse2. They can be defused or picked up using 'E'. C4 has been removed. Tripmines have had their price adjusted to 50 credits for 1 mine. Karma punishments for bad actions have been increased. Haste rounds have been adjusted to be more difficult for Traitors.
  5. I'm out for the weekend so I'll keep this brief, but I completely understand where you're coming from. Is there any actual grey area in the rules? Not that you've pointed out. Is it confusing to new players? Absolutely. I've seen many different interpretations and misunderstandings thrown around by players to the point where new players need an admin to sit down and explain word for word what's going on. I keep hearing "verbal tbaiting" thrown around a lot as well, which isn't stated explicitly in the rules anywhere. I think the intention wasn't to ban tbaiting but forms of tbait that can only be construed as griefing. For that reason, I really think these should be written out as forms of griefing and what is and isn't allowed should be more clearly defined. We talked about something similar to this previously, but it was a sort of janky solution with words like "bait shooting" lol. If @Kieran can see eye to eye with me on this we should be able to get this cleared up in a reasonable amount of time.
  6. If it weren't for Chad campaigning we wouldn't have all these great memes; the hero we deserve
  7. The most important part of self improvement is introspection. It can be difficult to get out of the mindset that you do everything right. Good luck and keep us posted
  8. TTT Credit Rework The team is excited to announce to you guys that we will be implementing a huge change to how credits and items are implemented on the server. While the release of the new plugin has allowed our server to explore a variety of new items and adopt a new meta in how successful Traitors and Detective play their rounds, we'd like to introduce these changes to make items more accessible and allow players to explore a wider variety of items and how they can be used and combined to play the gamemode more skillfully. Starting from the top, we've adjusted the ways players can earn credits to make it easier for players to fuel item usage throughout the round. We've also made nearly every item cheaper or more accessible to increase the frequency of their usage in the round; to counter this, many items have been nerfed tastefully to not throw off the balance of rounds and torture innocents. Many items that seem to have been dull or overused in the meta have been restricted to keep gameplay from getting stale and nudge players in the direction of being more creative with the items they use throughout the round. Most notably, the Silent AWP and Healthshot being limited to 1 buy per round for Traitors, with the Healthshot being bumped to 50HP to compensate. We've also made some of our former meta items such as Kevlar and the M4A1-S more affordable to be less restrictive on how you guys choose to play your rounds. We've also taken into consideration which items should be able to be purchased at the start of the round, such as the Jihad. While we've done our best to compensate these changes by balancing certain items to be less powerful, this will still very much be a T-sided change. To further balance these changes and to add some more purpose and variety to Innocent rounds, we are also looking to introduce an item menu for Innocents shortly after these changes are introduced. The Innocent menu will include Sprint, Healthshot and Armor. This addition should reward innocents who do well in a round and may push Traitors towards a more item heavy meta. We will be very attentive towards feedback following these changes and would like to hear what you guys have to say in regards to credit rewards, item values and anything in regards to item meta. All of these values may be changed as we hear feedback in regards to how the server adopts them. The new Menu values are as follows: Starting Credits: 150 DvT 50 DvI 0 TvD 50 TvI 50 TvT 50 IvT 100 IvI 100 IvD 500 Credits for ID 50 Traitor Menu Armor: 250 Silent AWP: 150 M4A1S: 250 Sprint: 25 Health Shot: 100 Death Station: 50 Radar 150 1-Hit Knife: 150 USP-S: 50 Trip Mine: 100 Teleporter: 100 Jihad Bomb: 150 MP5: 100 Poison Smoke: 50 Missiles 350 C4: 200 Detective Menu Armor: 250 DNA Scanner: 200 Health Shot: 100 Taser: 100 Health Station: 100 Sprint: 25 Innocent Menu Armor: 250 Health Shot: 100 Sprint: 50