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    Immediate Action

    It's a convenient and easy explanation for why servers haven't been faring well and why the work that's put in is the best that can be done. Unfortunately, it's not entirely true and incessant peddling of it by staff members and regs just encourages people to be complacent with leaving them empty. There is very real things that can be pointed to and comparisons to be drawn that would explain the demise of our servers in particular but it's not really useful apart from demonstrating that our servers were not merely a victim of CS dying. The question is whether people still have enough steam to get the servers into a state where pop can be maintained. In the past it's been normal for SMs to put in 3, 4, 5 hours a day playing and working on their servers, and for the supporting staff to do the same. This was for servers that had established pop and regulars. It's not really anyone's fault of they don't have the time or motivation for it, but it's not useful for people to pretend they're putting in the amount of work that would be comparable to that of past managers or that they're pursuing success to the best of their abilities. Seeding isn't pinging the Discord or shoutbox twice a day until everyone mutes it. Seeding isn't sitting on the server but talking in Discord instead of engaging with players. I've not seen a great deal of changes introduced, explained, and hyped up by managers outside of changelogs. I've not seen managers often bringing most of their discussions to the forums to let players feel like they can facilitate change and that the servers are moving in a positive direction. "CS is dead" is a myth, and if it wasn't, it's not useful to think otherwise - we're just sitting at our lowest point with 1/4 the HP we've ever had. The good news is that our servers are already established in a mostly balanced, unique, and fun state, it's just a matter of recollecting a community. I don't mean to say we got this in the bag or that if people go nose to the grindstone we will definitely rebuild the servers, but it's tiring to see managers throw in the towel and repeat this useless and destructive meme.
  2. Gentoo

    Immediate Action

    Someone managed to find a copy of my overhaul of razer including deathgames, minigames, balancing and a visual overhaul if any of you JB nuts want to slide into discord late nights and help me get this thing polished up. The board has a history of dashing talented passionate people but they seem to be pushing in the right direction recently, sad to see some of the lower staff and community members catching this brain disease recently though.
  3. I was hoping it'd be Second Life from the thread title Disappointed but still looks poggers
  4. Hello Josh. There is no T-Room on rooftops. Could you have meant skyscraper?
  5. T-Baiting has an extraordinarily strong effect on gameplay and what is and isn't allowed. Changing this one rule will be one of the biggest rule and dynamic changes the server has ever seen, hence why discussion has always been so intense and gone on for so long. With that being said, the last 6-7 managers have all been on the fence or leaning towards getting rid of it. Being one of the last staff members that was in favor of it - it's time to get rid of it. Make sure you are paying attention to and forming a bond with your community. That means every player on the server, not just those who show up on the forums or that you like talking to. Respect them and they will respect you - that doesn't mean you can't make well thought out decisions contrary to what the majority wants. Make sure you and your staff are intentionally engaging in a positive way with new players and regs on the server. A quiet server is a dead server. Menu items and karma were finely tuned and put in a pretty good place prior to you taking this position, so I assume it's safe for you not to worry too much about those. Your main focus on everyday work - assuming nobody has any huge plans - should be working with ET on making quality events happen, squashing bugs (do some late night googling, ask around in and outside of the community) and make sure the map pool is as good as it can be. I highly recommend not using kaer morhen; it's simply too big for our server unless you or the MT can find a way to cut it to a more manageable scale. Make sure arming is appropriate, improve visibility where you can, and remove any bugs, annoying spots, camping spots and broken content. Removing T-Baiting is going to make your server much more accessible to newer players, but you can further this effect by making sure that rules are organized and written in an easy-to-digest way. This was done generally the entire time prior to, during and after my management, so it should be in a good spot, but the new changes/removals should need addressed accordingly. I'd meet with the CAs/Server Talk members to make sure things are written clearly - your grammar kind of blows! Finding a spiel to give to regs and new players about how new gameplay will work/what is and isn't allowed/why the change was made is a good idea to help people understand. Lastly, try to stop sucking so much cock! I know you love it, but your breath smells like dick!
  6. Eden hit the nail right on the head. Our servers ruleset and culture was geared towards a more free and complex experience. There wasn't any gaping loopholes/oversights in the rules, we've always been well aware of the consequences that came with having the rules we did, there was just no way of adjusting them without it bleeding into things we wanted to keep around. This mode of playing was more repeatable and while not friendly to new players, could be addicting to those experienced from other communities or that did decide to stick it out. The issue was that the community needed constant work to maintain. New players needed to be guided by staff or regs if there was any chance of them sticking around. Griefing trends also came up from time to time, and needed to be addressed. I'll be the first to admit that more should have been done to ensure that these didn't become an issue, but it was difficult sometimes with how the board regards rule enforcement. For whatever reason or in whatever way, the community wasn't maintained in the way it needed to be and the culture and player base has evaporated. Unfortunately, I think the time has come to put the old culture behind us and look towards something that's going to be more appealing to newer players and easier to manage. With the focus on newer players and simplifying gameplay, you are going to be playing a lot of catch-up but I think it will be worth the work. eGo's server is very sterile and watered down, which does give you many opportunities to outshine them if you can equally appeal to newer players. Things like a limited and simplified map pool, full right maps, lack of a tuned menu system, less fleshed cosmetic system etc are all things that you can easily improve upon. Writing this while eating ramen on my lunch break, I'll try to update it later.
  7. TTT Battle Pass Reach Karma levels to unlock seasonal cosmetics or purchase them in the store. Karma contest runs for 3 months, pass runs for 3 additional 'off season' months. Contest should be active during summer and winter break to maximize activity. There is no reason to have a karma system that doesn't get reset, but having accolades or titles that you can earn and stick around after a reset seems like a good idea.
  8. Gentoo


    Why don't we cut the community in half and have everyone face each other in a 50 round match?
  9. Discord has been blocking copyrighted content for the last year or so afaik from being streamed. Isn't that why we'd usually use rabbit or whatever service specifically catered towards this? I'd say the existence of these services is proof enough that this is grey area/legal enough for nobody to bother enforcing it. Anyways, good movie, has some really comical camera angles
  10. It was never about the gamemode, it was about the community. Staffs job was to stay out of the way and not fuck things up while introducing changes to keep things fresh and polished. Look at JB, look at ZE. Did our servers fall behind others in terms of development in some crucial way? Are other servers doing something wacky and kooky to keep people invested? No. Our servers still mop the floor in some regards compared to others. The community wasn't effectively brought into SG as a whole, people weren't actively putting in effort to get on and make the server fun for people, staff fell out of touch with the community they represent, or something massively divisive was done with or without regard for the potential fallout. It's not too late to come back from this, but it's a consistent, slow trudge. December of 2020 @Kieranand I got busy with life and exams and let the server fall into a slump. Granted there was still a pulse, but it was pretty dismal. Wonder how we fixed it? We got on every day, invited people in shoutbox, discord, interacted with people, hosted events. We didn't need to add ray guns or kill streaks (not for lack of consideration). I've not seen effort like this put in by staff since I've left. I wasn't here all the time so I can't say for certain, but every time I poked in and tried to get people on board they were busy or had some other game to play. Maybe some massive effort went on while I was away, but I have my doubts. So stop saying, "why would it work this time" or "how is this gonna be any different" when it wasn't done properly the first time. I get it, life happens and people get burnt out or busy, but that doesn't mean someone with more energy can't come behind you and make things happen. I don't think the server needs some big overhaul or dramatic change, our server was always nice because of how faithful to the gamemode it was and how free players were to do things their way, but if someone has the time and motivation to make that happen, it can't make things any worse.
  11. I'm going to state the obvious and say this isn't remotely close to a useful comparison and double down by reminding you that the official consensus was that auto-moderation worked as intended in this case. Yes auto-moderation hasn't been necessary previously for two reasons: 1) There is a password on the server limiting it primarily to active community members that understand the consequences of getting banned. 2) There is usually an admin on and in the game I can't 100% say this is the case, but this is a great opportunity for anyone to chime in. If someone is actually going to put this much effort into making an advanced scrim plugin from scratch, it's probably in hopes of reviving the server and using it as an inlet to the community rather than just revamping the underused community hangout spot. If this is the case, it's much more likely that the lock might pop off and admins won't be available for every game.
  12. The benefit to having manual moderation already means that auto-moderation is a lot more feasible than in matchmaking. Our policy for TTT was that auto-moderation would not be reverted, but issues with players abusing it could be reported. While you could limit team damage to strictly gunfire, you could just as easily not throw molotovs for the rest of the game and report the offending troll.
  13. Certain forms of auto-moderation (cooldowns, team damage) may be worth looking into, unless you specifically want to stay away from them. Also might be worth allowing the creation of squads/teams for the purpose of stats. These wouldn't allow you to override captains/team balancing but would allow you guys to track your stats together as individuals or on the occasion another group of players wants to play against you.
  14. Print client side pls