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  1. @BoM I believe we made an arrangement some months ago
  2. It is only fk if the death game is forced as the map is supposed to do the killing. If it's an optional death game, CTs can go ham as long as the Ts have a chance of winning.
  3. Hello TTT Staff and Players! Recently a plugin has been added to the server that allows players to report their deaths as RDM to be reviewed by an admin. While this plugin is pretty neat and has the potential to be useful for admins, I have a few reservations: -This shit literally lets you report any kill; kills should at the very least be filtered by role - innos should not be able to report being RDMed by traitors -The plugin allows players to choose how other players should be punished...??? nah -Admins are only able to choose Guilty or Innocent (afaik) - I don't think I need to go in depth on this but marking cases with not enough evidence as innocent is going to frustrate players -The plugin currently tells you that a staff member WILL contact you - meaning that admins are likely being told they must respond to cases. This is just going to lead to apathetic admins that spam inno on cases as 95% of the time they won't have enough evidence to rule on them anyways -Reports are limited by number - not rounds or time. I got on today and was able to report someone who RDMed me 360 something rounds ago. Players should really only be able to report RDMs from the previous round, but it should at least be capped by map or last 10 rounds if that's easier. -I feel like this conceptually could lead to a lot of petty player on player drama over the most minute situations as well as increasing the sentiment that "admins don't do anything" but that's just guessing tbh -This may already be the case but cases should expire after a set time or after map change, no reason for an admin to wake up to 30 cases they have to clear because an admin wasn't on in the wee hours when our server tends to be popped -Oh yeah also 2 admins have false slayed people that I reported (I assume by glancing at logs) while I was looking at how the plugin works. I'm not sure if there's a specific protocol for how these are handled, but I don't see why they should be handled any differently than someone reporting RDMs in admin chat. If it is the case that these are no different, why have a case system rather than just notifying admins and allowing them to engage with situations as they would normally. Overall, I think this would be more useful than !fk even in it's current implementation so good job Swag Swag
  4. Alright I got off work an actually watched the clip, oh boy. He is literally facing a different direction the millisecond after he shoots you. You were headshot, which masks the sound of the weapon shot. Nobody was even actually looking at him either, the guy under him was looking down, the guy next to you was faced away, and the guy on top couldn't see him. This isn't even remotely close to teaming lmao, this is a strategy that I've seen many people use including the infamous @Trazz. This works because, as previously mentioned, most players are blind and deaf. I'm not going to deny that teaming goes on, because it does, this just isn't an example of it. I'm going to expand out a bit further to try to give you some context to the topic. During my stint as SM for the server, overadmining became a pretty serious issue; the server would have ~10 people on and someone would get instantly muted for playing a laugh track. As a result, we sat down with admins and basically told them to chill out. Essentially they were told to leave people alone unless something was reported or clearly an issue. This was most due to certain select individuals going ham on the admin perms, but nonetheless the server's population and rank ended up shooting up to it's highest in ~6 months. Since then, admins have taken a more hands on approach, but are still careful to read the room and make sure they aren't disrupting the mood of the server if there's not an issue. With this in mind, if you are repeatedly having issues on the server with someone, report them and/or make a player complaint (presuming you have significant evidence and not whatever this clip was). The majority of admins either don't notice something slight as this or assume players are just brushing it off if it's not being reported to them. TTT has always been at it's best as a casual server. Sometimes this means that admins or players will be lenient or look the other way as long as everyone seems to be having fun. Despite this, ALL of the rules have been put in place for a reason and WILL be enforced if reported with clear evidence
  5. Gonna be real with you dawg, a large portion of people on TTT are blind and deaf, this has always been the case. It's also extremely difficult to prove whether someone has seen or heard something. Teaming that is easier to see and prove would be something like Ts dropping their weapons for innos and those innos not losing them, or Ts breach charging innos and those innos jihading themselves. Overall, this isn't a significant issue and I have a hard time understanding why someone would care so much about it. For instance, in the example you've given, you are already dead when the 'teaming' occurs and a lack of this teaming wouldn't have prevented your death. How does this affect you at all?
  6. Gentoo

    Jihad Rework

    I think at the very least, jihad should require players to type a command in order to buy it. Too many monkeys fat finger it at the start of the round and don't even end up using it. Should be a conscious decision made by players. Other suggestions might be having the jihad as an actual item that can be picked up by other Ts after death or forced to be dropped etc. Hell, while we're at it, other types of jihads would be cool, incendiary, weapon drop, ice, emp that mutes all CTs for a short time, etc.
  7. I believe you are mistaken, my friend. This is what a week detox from ZE does to a man.
  8. Probably best to just pm people instead of mentioning them in OP. They'll see the thread, believe me. Also, fairly unlikely that this would be implemented given the amount of effort required to edit the plugin.
  9. Yes and no. Let's say I see iso door open without anyone opening it from the outside. ZZL was the only person in ISO so I know he pressed the button. On a separate occasion, all of the Ts are in ISO and I see one of them jump up, so I assume they pressed it, but really it could have been any of them so I can't KOS them. You need reasonable proof to know that someone used a secret and KOS them. Having items from a secret is usually not proof as they can often be given to other players.
  11. Gentoo

    TF2 Update

    ... I mean he does lead the company so I find it unlikely that he has 'little to no input on things', more of a matter of if he cares enough to see things through. There's very little incentive for Valve to update dead ftp games considering the scale of Steam and where their revenue stream is. It's not like he doesn't care, if you spend any amount of time listening to the guy, it's obvious that he's always been and still is passionate about video games, there's just not really a point to shifting development resources to something like TF2 if it means taking that away from new projects and more profitable games.
  12. Gentoo

    jailbreak in 2021

    Clearly your mistake here was following the order, by going to iso you forced guards to take all their attention off the prisoners picking their noses in their cells.