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  1. I don't really see this as an issue with CTs at all. Granted, it's been some time since I've regularly played the server, but since I can recall we've had notoriously weak CTs, and high damage warning shots was just a quick and dirty way for CTs to get a grasp on rounds and turn the ride in their favor. On the other side of things, you have Ts complaining about being caught out for disobeying and yet they're not even being killed, they still have a chance to continue their round, wait for LRs or maybe even rebel. It takes a certain amount of precision to actually land these shots without killing them or double warning shotting, so it's not even like this happens every time they rebel. As a T, I don't understand why it's so hard for people to grasp how to play the team properly. We have a rebel heavy meta - that doesn't mean everyone can rebel every round free of consequence. If you're unhappy with how steeply you're being punished for careless and nonchalant rebelling - don't do it. Nearly every round, an opportunity will present itself where you can safely rebel or get out of sight of the CTs scott free. It's not always going to be to AWP secret or an armory TP, but it's literally free. The Ts really need to just get good man..
  2. Thanks to a recent sponsorship from the good people at Walmart, the TTT Team has been afforded the opportunity to offer you guys a server-wide sale on all Menu Items. Using code "KIERANBLOWS" at check out will give you 50% off all items in your cart until Midnight. We hope you guys enjoy the sale and keep a lookout for some special deals that may arrive throughout the day. Make use of these deals while supplies last, and remember: Save Money. Kill Better.
  3. It seems there's been a bit of confusion about how KOSes function in the gamemode, so we've decided to clear a few things up for you guys in regards to how they work, as well as introducing a new change. KOSes are formed by using the phrase KOS, followed by a players name. In action this looks like "KOS Kieran", "Kieran KOS" or even "Kieran is KOS". Saying that someone is Tratior (or T) or telling someone to kill someone, is no longer considered a valid KOS. If you don't include the phrase "KOS", it is not a valid KOS. As mentioned previously, KOSes must include the player's name. Calling a KOS on a specific location, cosmetic item, or other description is not a valid KOS and may be punishable. With this change in mind, declaring yourself as T or Traitor is still considered T-Baiting and against the rules. Naming your Traitor buddies as Traitors is also still considered teamkilling. In any circumstance where you have justification to kill someone, you are also able to call a KOS. The only reason you would be able to kill someone without being able to call a KOS on them, is if you aren't able to positively identify their name (such as killing someone off sound on the other side of a door, or killing someone very far away). If you can later gather their name, you are able to call a proper KOS on them. We're going to be patient with you guys as this change is implemented, and I ask you to extend the same courtesy to other players. If you have any questions regarding this change or the implementation of KOSes in general, feel free to post them in this thread.
  4. 10/28/2020 Starting Karma has been reduced to 200. Karma Bans have been increased to 6 hours at 50 karma to address the bug of players being able to reach negative karma without being banned.
  5. Giving you guys a heads up that starting Karma has been adjusted to 200 for a few weeks now. Players will also now be banned for 6 hours when they reach 50 Karma.
  6. There have been countless threads on this topic, which would've been worth your time to read through before making this post and in turn making a fool of yourself. Many of our players enjoy our server because of the wide variety of playstyles it accommodates and how it rewards players that use their brains. I understand it may be a bit jarring coming from another servers that boils down how easy it is to determine Ts and Innos, but I'm sure you noticed in your time on our server that 99% of players have no issue determining if someone is shooting them or shooting near them. We are aware that there are ways players can attempt to abuse this, hence why we have rules in place regarding trolling and a karma moderation system (which you became gracefully acquainted with). Our server has been around for a long time, and t-baiting has always been with it. Believe me, you're not the first person to have this discussion but thanks for your interest anyways.
  7. TTT is not a game of binaries. The rules give you guideline of things you shouldn't be intentionally doing, if you avoid these and aren't intentionally being an asshole you should generally stay out of trouble. Are you sometimes not going to be punished for things in the rules? Yes. Are you sometimes going to be punished for things you didn't know you could? Also yes. You constantly ask about what you can and can't get away with, and that's just not how this works. Many of our rules are up to admin discretion and the bottom line is that admins are here to make sure nobody's ruining the fun for others. In this specific situation, here's how it works: In the majority of situations, it makes sense to be wary of why someone killed someone else and to use your noggin. If you repeatedly have full context of the situation and are refusing to kill one specific person, an admin is more than likely able to put the pieces together that you're teaming. On the other hand, if you're killing someone every time you get the chance to without giving it a second thought, you can also be punished.
  8. Lol clicked on ur profile thinking ur an AO now but u just a server manager lmao smh

  9. 9/22/2020 Radar is now 100 credits. M4A1-S is now 200 credits. Poison Smoke has been removed. Map cooldown has been raised to 12. Removed ttt_dtk_streets
  10. 9/15/2020 Breach Charges are now 150 for 2 Haste mode now has a decreased starting time Added perks for Elite and Premium Supporter: Snake Minigame (!snake) Tetris Minigame (!tetris) Paint (!paint "message") Glow (!glow) Weapon (!stickers) Scoreboard Icons (!icons)
  11. TTT Community Meeting Hello Gamers, As you may have noticed, we've made a significant number of changes to the server recently, and we'd like to have a discussion with you guys about it. We're looking for not only feedback on any of the changes we've made thus far, but also on future changes and the state of the server. This will help us guide our plans for the server and tailor it towards what you guys are interested in. The topics that may be covered are: -Credit/Item Rework -Auto-Moderation Karma System -Detective Strength and Meta -Innocent Menu -New Items and Old/Stale items -Haste Rounds -State of the Server If there's anything in particular that you as a player (or staff member) would like to discuss, you can bring it up here, or we'll have time at the end of the meeting to open the floor. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the changes and pushing our server forward together. When: Wednesday, September 16th @ 8PM EST Where: Community Meeting Channel