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  1. 62g Zilent alphas and 67g mods because I'm not broke
  2. Full map name rooftops Addition or Removal? Removal Link to map download eh Additional information Map blows. -csay at the start of map says made by princess and -building trap is annoying -having the highest roof accessible ruins map flow Just bring back the old version and recompile in HDR. Alternatively there is a much more robust 2016 remake for GMOD that could be easily ported. Screenshots attached no
  3. As someone who has sat in the driver's seat and watched countless people take wrong turns , I think that I have a good idea of what works and what doesn't to some extent. I don't mean to say that I'm right all the time, and I didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings, I'm sorry if I made anyone feel uncomfortable. I will reiterate though, in my opinion, anyone who is managing a "dead" server should have these priorities: - Get on the server yourself as close to daily as you can to seed - Try to get other people on, while you are already on the server - Work passionately, on maps, on the plugin, on your rules to make the server match YOUR vision You do not have a regular player base to appease. Actively playing and working is what is going to get people excited about the server again - not fiddling around with things you don't have any convictions about because you think it's what people want to see.
  4. Did you guys ever fix this allowing people to glitch into unreachable areas and out of the map? I can't think of an easy way that you could, so I'd remove it if it's still exploitable. Older and better version of teleporting. Should definitely keep it as it allows for more clever gameplay. Fuck this thing Why? Is this explained in depth somewhere else? the A1s has been a staple for talented players to really shine and get some easy frags in. I guess not all guns - you can always bring the old AWP back though, it's less 'cheap' and innos punishing a distant AWPer with a KOS always feels satisfying. Fuck this thing, too Overall the decisions seem pretty solid, if you guys are able to score some development time I would definitely recommend allowing custom 'Loadouts' that allow people to automatically spend their credits on set items as they're earned - like Killstreaks in a way. Most people already have a good idea of what they want or what will work well in most rounds, automating it just ensures there's less fiddling and more satisfying action. Oh yeah, also map configs. These were meant to be made during my time managing before I got demoted lol. You guys are more than welcome to and should consider having different items based on the specific map being played.
  5. The discussion about t-baiting has been had tens of times over the years and every single one of the discussions ends in the same result. T-baiting can potentially be confusing to new players but allows for a more nuanced style of play and more horseplay for the regs of the server. If you didn't notice - there are no regs to the server! This feels more like a way for the management to absolve themselves of any responsibility for the potential backlash from the community when making difficult decisions. If you guys are actually serious and looking for reasoned answers (despite the poll), unless a huge horde of regulars come out of the woodwork in the next week to save the server, you're going to want to gear your dynamic to lean towards newer players (ban t-baiting).
  6. BOTTOM TEXT Bottom line on any of the servers is that they need people to give a shit, and not in the passive participate in discussions way people are used to caring about servers. People need to be on daily seeding to see any sort of success. Short of that, any of these changes are menial and pointless. Our TTT server is in great shape - apart from the fact that there is 0 regular player base. What All Ts has said about the rules is true - allowing lax gameplay and t-baiting was the way to go when we had regulars, staff on at most hours, and a good finger on the pulse of our population. We don't have that anymore so there's nothing wrong with organizing a more sustainable and less moderated ruleset for the server you've not even connected to this month anyways. The Board seriously needs to look and see if there is at least 3-4 people for each server that are actively interested and will hold themselves accountable for populating the servers for at least 6 hours a week - even if nobody shows up. That is the only way any of these servers have any real fighting chance of doing any good to anyone. If they can't manage to do that, the last years track record should indicate that it's a good idea to close up shop on these servers and pursue other ventures. Maybe something someone will be passionate about and actually play instead of passively talking about a few times a month.
  7. No spooky closequarters?
  8. How are you gonna call stomach sleeping weird when you have people like @gweensleeping in little spoon position every night
  9. Forums and Discord are open 24/7 and all you employed saviors still haven't found time to share God's wisdom
  10. Current system - whoever is most popular to Caution Proposed new system - whoever is most popular to players (has to be active and make frequent and somewhat intelligent posts) All of these people have to be heavily vetted to make it to BD in the first place, it's just a matter of who will have final say and be leading work and decisions in Caution's absence. In all honesty, Caution owns the community and has final say anyways, it would literally just be an excuse to switch up seats and give the community a sense that they're helping hold the reins and being led by someone more in tune with their activity and interests. Maybe that it is just what the community needs at a time like this though.
  11. Gentoo

    A new look

    I hate for this thread to just become a negative dogpile, but I think this was just a bit ambitious. I may be wrong, but I assume the default theme was mostly made by whoever many people for envision with years of experience in UI/UX design specifically for forums, understanding how people use them and what's going to look good, only to be lightly modified for aesthetics for our community. At least it appears this way; paddings is slimmed down to make use of the most space on small screens, latest posts appear at the top, as that is the most likely thing for people to look at and click, keeping forums activity as high as possible, messages and notifications are rightfully tucked away into a side menu instead of taking up precious mobile screen space for the 98% of the time they aren't being used by the average user. It's not that the mark has been entirely missed, just some seeming very obvious design decisions have seeming been overlooked in lieu of some MS paint blueprint someone cooked up. If you guys do read this thread and are actually open to criticism, there's a few things I'd recommend. The gradient on the top and bottom bar looks really dated, swap for a solid green on the top, and change the bottom bar into a FAB - it wastes a lot less real estate and keeps it from appearing like you guys made your website into an app instead of actually making an app. Make your logo fit more appropriately, merge text into one line and ditch the icon or put the text on the top bar and keep only the icon to make your spacing look more intentional - the wide sides and slim top looks a bit goofy. I think moving the text to the top bar and ditching the emblem is the best choice to make space more efficient and nuke and goofiness. Drop the side padding down as much as possible, it uses space a lot more efficiently and gets rid of that whole this was made for old people or formatted lazily vibe. Put latest posts back up under shoutbox, do a poll or something, but I can't believe this was something that was just overlooked. It is the biggest thing that people care about and will click, not some two week old rule change or to have to go digging around through subforums. It was at this point that I realized you guys did something with the desktop forums too and it wasn't just the before pick lol. Looks okay I guess, thin and light icons over a detailed background is eh, switch the improperly centered sb icons and replace them with ones that aren't boxed - none of your other icons are boxed. The inconsistency of your icons and text buttons everywhere for that matter needs to be worked on. 6 of your 8 eight icons up top are identical and do not communicate anything, remove them and opt for text only. Crete looks weird and unintuitive up at the top there - once again I'd swap to a FAB or put it in a dedicated button somewhere more sensical than in the middle of a bunch of navigation buttons. Might just be me but it's not immediately clear what the world icon is for? Seems odd and out of place, as do the rest of the icons on that bar. I would assume the chat bubbles are messenger but what is the triangle for? Notifications? It seems like the icon to communicate something urgent and potentially negative, like warnings or something. Back to the bell if that's the case - it's universally adopted at this point for a reason. I'm not sure if others feel the same, but it seems like a weird thing to be spending dev time on at this point in time given the state of the community, especially behind closed doors. It might just be me, but it feels like the community has been in somewhat of a limbo since BoMs departure. Not a lot of clear directional transparency from the Board. Seems like many members have sensed it and chosen to leave in a blaze of glory rather than waiting for the last population to die off. I would hope something bigger and better is going on behind the scenes as a serious effort to draw and maintain activity.
  12. Yeah I'm bringing it back, #MONKEYS4LIFE He hit a home run with the themes in the first one, then sort of just repeated it with more on the nose dialogue in the second one instead of finding something else to talk about. Definitely still a good laugh though.