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  1. Lol clicked on ur profile thinking ur an AO now but u just a server manager lmao smh

  2. 9/22/2020 Radar is now 100 credits. M4A1-S is now 200 credits. Poison Smoke has been removed. Map cooldown has been raised to 12. Removed ttt_dtk_streets
  3. Gentoo

    Post Your Keebs!

    Most likely started around the time the HHKB and similar keyboards started blowing up. It was quickly adopted by "gamers" as it leaves loads more room for your mouse/mousepad; I had a tiny desk at the time which is one of the reasons I had gotten one. They're also popular in the keyboard community because they're insanely cheap to manufacture and have a somewhat universal tray mount design that lets you swap parts as you please. They make external numpads for those that can't give them up, but after spending time with the layout, it's not a huge issue. I recently switched from a 60% to 64% layout, getting my arrow keys back, but I still find myself using the shortcut for them instead of reaching over most times.
  4. Gentoo

    Post Your Keebs!

    This thing is so fire, I want a sound test
  5. The custom keyboard community has grown a lot recently, so I figure there's at least a few of you guys interested in it. Here's my recent budget build as I await my M-65B from RAMA. Excuse my terrible typing Case: Tofu60 PCB: DZ60v2 RGB Hotswap Switches: Gateron Ink Blacks Stabilizers: Durock Translucent Purple Lube: Krytox 205g0 Films: Deskeys Keycaps: PBT Heavy Industry
  6. It's incredibly easy to earn and maintain Karma currently. While we would be able to implement this, the issue I see is that people would mindlessly spraydown anyone who damages them, mindlessly or otherwise, not to mention that anyone trying to kill and RDMer would nullify any karma they might lose.
  7. I usually tend to meme on these, as do a lot of other people, but every one of these posts is people genuinely thanking you for the time and effort you've spent here. I've had very few interactions with you and can't say that I know you at all, but the amount of people you've left an impression on is inspiring to anyone here. Good luck on your future endeavors; your server will miss you dearly.
  8. Bump, meeting tonight in 3 hours.
  9. Like a Karma Contest?
  10. 9/15/2020 Breach Charges are now 150 for 2 Haste mode now has a decreased starting time Added perks for Elite and Premium Supporter: Snake Minigame (!snake) Tetris Minigame (!tetris) Paint (!paint "message") Glow (!glow) Weapon (!stickers) Scoreboard Icons (!icons)
  11. TTT Community Meeting Hello Gamers, As you may have noticed, we've made a significant number of changes to the server recently, and we'd like to have a discussion with you guys about it. We're looking for not only feedback on any of the changes we've made thus far, but also on future changes and the state of the server. This will help us guide our plans for the server and tailor it towards what you guys are interested in. The topics that may be covered are: -Credit/Item Rework -Auto-Moderation Karma System -Detective Strength and Meta -Innocent Menu -New Items and Old/Stale items -Haste Rounds -State of the Server If there's anything in particular that you as a player (or staff member) would like to discuss, you can bring it up here, or we'll have time at the end of the meeting to open the floor. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the changes and pushing our server forward together. When: Wednesday, September 16th @ 8PM EST Where: Community Meeting Channel