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I miss this map being on the server so I fixed up the version of the map I liked best. The errors that caused the map to be removed where in fact not caused by the turtles, but by the gibs of some boxes in the mailroom. I removed those. This is different than the slayers port due to the top and bottom floors being connected by a staircase. I combined the old GMOD version of the map's basement with the upper floors of the V1 GMOD version.


I also fixed up the traitor traps/tester, which means the following traps now function:


-Traitor rooms in the basement, floor 1, and floor 2, all of which had their wall's made thicker so as to not make them killholes.


-Death pit on floor 1 which teleports traitors who fall in to the basement T room


-Cutting the cable of the floor 1/2 elevator


-Detective room now actually works


That said, I had to change the detective room a little to match the playstyle of CSGO TTT. The door is still passable to detectives, and they can close the combine wall by pressing the button, but this opens up after 20 seconds, and unlocks after 25.


Along with all of this, I did a small optimization pass with some hint/skipping.


For screenshots, just imagine this in CSGO:

Screenshots attached


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