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another fker and refuses to slay

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this isnt a big fker but uno^-^ made up a kos rule and fked someone and now refuses to slay

the kos rule was that being on top of cells AFTER cells were open is kos

and i could be wrong but a player told me that is not kos

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Making a shout in the shoutbox or going on our TeamSpeak or doing !calladmin on our servers is the best way to contact an admin.

If there are no admins available you can always make player complaint.

Try to refrain from making posts on the forums in any other section than player complaints.


I get the frustration but if you make a thread every time someone freekills these forums will be spammed like crazy. Please use the methods listed above to get in touch with an admin. Slaying after a freekill is not required.

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