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A Guide to Command Binds

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After seeing a lot of suggestion on improving commands inside Jailbreak, as well as questions on how to use them, I've decided to create a short guide on commands inside the game itself, as well as binds that can be utilized to make using commands easier.


First, a little bit of introduction:


What are commands inside Jailbreak?

Commands are actions that can be used throughout Jailbreak that allow players to perform specific actions allowed by the servers. Some of the commands that are available for use on Jailbreak are: !explode, !marker, !nextmap, !unstuck, !stopmusic, !fo, and others.


Why are commands important?

Commands are important because they allow both prisoners and guards to perform actions that they would not be able to just by playing the game. One example of this is when buying a jihad, prisoners must type !explode in chat, otherwise they will not be able to detonate that jihad. A command that is important for guards is !fo (!firstorder), which allows them to mute the other guards and give the orders for the beginning of the round.


How do you do commands?

Commands in Jailbreak are quite simple. In order to use commands, all a player has to do is type in chat: ! or /. This format is used for all commands (e.g. !fo or /fo, !gang or /gang, !stopmusic or /stopmusic).


Now that we have established what commands are, and how they are important, let's move onto binds.


What are binds?

Binds are keys that are "bound" to a specific action. Binds can be used throughout CS:GO, and many people know about buy binds, which are used in competitive CS:GO to buy weapons with the pressing of a key. A bind in Jailbreak, for example, could allow a player to do !explode in chat by just pressing a key.


Why are binds important?

Binds are important because they allow a player to execute a command almost instantly after pressing a key. One specific example of how a bind can be incredibly important is when trying to activate a jihad. If a prisoner sees an opportunity to cause mass damage with a jihad, they can activate their jihad instantly just by pressing a key. If they did not have that bind, they would have to open the chat and type it in manually, which by then the opportunity may have passed. In essence, binds are important because they simplify the action that would need to be taken in order to execute a command.


How to set up binds

Binds are not that complicated to set up. Below is a detailed list on how to create a key bind in CS:GO, along with the basic format of the binds.


1. Make sure that console is enabled in CS:GO itself

This can be done by going to settings on the CS:GO dashboard, going to the "Game" tab, and scrolling down to where it says "Enable Developer Console": change this option to Yes. Then, you can access the console at any time during any game in CS:GO by pressing the "tilde" key (underneath the Escape key, to the left of the 1 key).

2. Enter the console, and go to the bottom of the console window where it allows you to type.

3. Enter the bind you wish to add, and hit enter.

4. If you wish to unbind that key, you can simply put in the unbind command.




This is the basic key bind format:

bind "" ""

An example of this for a command bind in Jailbreak:

bind "f11" "say !explode"


NOTE: The reason why I put "say" into the bind is because it is a command that is executed in chat. If it was a bind that the official CS:GO developers had allowed, such as voice_enable or cl_righthand, you would not need to put "say"


This can be used with any key (the key could be Q, C, F9, etc.), and any command (!explode, !fo, !ghost, !stopmusic).




Unbinding Keys


This is the basic format for unbinding a key:

unbind ""

for example, you can do: unbind "spacebar" which means that when you press the spacebar key, nothing will happen.


Here is a list of the binds that I have (for Jailbreak specifically):


bind "f11" "say !explode"

This bind allows the player to activate a jihad (which must be purchased at the beginning of the round) instantly. Must be on T side to use this bind.


bind "f10" "say !marker"

This bind allows the player to set a marker where their crosshair is pointed. Must be on CT side to use this bind.


bind "f9" "say !nextmap"

This bind allows the player to see what map is coming up next. This must be used at the end of the map, otherwise the player will receive the message that the vote is ongoing or the next map has not been decided yet. Both CTs and Ts can use this bind.


bind "f8" "say !unstuck"

This bind allows the player to perform the unstuck command, which will separate them from other players who are stuck inside of them .This is useful when entering portals. Both CTs and Ts can use this bind.


bind "f6" "say !stopmusic"

This bind allows the player to stop the music playing. I use this in Jailbreak typically when I need to listen for footsteps or am annoyed with the disco music playing.


bind "f5" "say !fo"

This bind allows the player to activate the first order feature, which at the beginning of the round will mute all other guards and allow the guard to say their order without interruption. There must be 12 or more players for the !fo command to work. Only CTs can use this bind.


Note: binds can also be used for cosmetics, such as !shop, !ws, !gloves, !knife, !store, !rank, !credits, or chat binds, which are used to say things in chat.

Example of a chat bind: bind "0" "say Atrix is a cutie". When I press the 0 key, it will automatically say "Atrix is a cutie" in chat.\\


Official Binds

Official binds are binds that can be used throughout CS:GO, in any server. These binds have been approved by the developers of CS:GO themselves. Here is an official bind that I use:


bind "c" "toggle voice_enable"

This bind allows players to toggle voice chat. This is incredibly useful, because when people are micspamming and yelling about freeshooting, conflicting orders, or arguing in general, the simple pressing of a key will allow for some blissful silence. Having toggle allows me to switch from voice_enable 1 (voice chat enabled) to voice_enable 0 (voice chat disabled). The toggle means that you have to press the key twice to get back to the original setting.



Binds are set up so that just the pressing of a key will instantly perform the action assigned. However, many servers (SG servers included) do not allow the spamming of commands, because it floods the server. Pressing a bound key multiple times in the span of a couple of seconds will flood the server, and can result in getting kicked for command spam. Also, for specific commands, abusing them can lead to a ban. For instance, the !unstuck command is only to be used when players are stuck. Using them to push other players into secrets, or to kill them is considered teamkill and is a bannable offense.



If I missed anything, feel free to make a comment and I'll do my best to add it to the guide. Also, if you have questions or if I was unclear feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

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