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  1. Your entire argument is that Ts should not be able to give chat rules. The order "All Ts LR" is rendered invalid when a T wants to LR with certain rules. You cannot force a T to LR without giving rules, and so the cycle of them sending an LR with chat rules and no one accepting it continues until the end of the round, which contradicts the purpose of having an LR system.
  2. Eliminating chat rules for LR cuts off a good portion of the T playerbase who either doesn't have a mic or chooses not to use it. Sometimes when I'm playing T I don't want to use my mic, and not allowing chat rules is going to cause a lot of problems when players who want to LR but don't have/want to use a mic can't do so anymore. This would also cause more problems than just this: the purpose of having LRs in the first place is to get the round over with quicker so those who have died don't have to wait as long to get into the next round. If you eliminate chat rules, a T then has the option to refuse to LR, because they want to play their way. Then what happens? The round gets dragged out for however long that T wants to just sit there and obey orders, which contradicts the purpose of LRs. Want to put in a rule where if you don't have a mic you have to just LR regularly? That's going to cause people to leave. A good CT should be attentive to both what's being said over VC and what's in the chat. However, I do understand that there are a lot of not-so-good CTs out there. While having a system such as chat rules might result in some miscommunications once in a while, setting up an entirely new rule for this isn't worth the time and effort it will take to integrate it, and it's a minor issue; there are always bigger fish to fry for the management team. If you're a T who wants to give chat rules in an LR, your best bet is to make sure that the CT you send a request to understands your rules. Put them in the chat before you even send a request, make sure that they are clear on what the rules are. If Ts are exploiting this to make CTs slay or get freedays, well that's simply against the rules, under the giant bold "no exploits" rule. A new rule is not necessary.
  3. Why would you admit that... Player complaint incoming.
  4. This has been a topic of discussion for a long time now, and my personal opinion is that the rules should remain as they are now. If a T damages a CT in any way, shape or form, they are KOS. If the managers were to change this rule, then a lot of grey areas would have to be specified, as well as specific scenarios that would or would not be classified as baiting. While some regulars might see situations as pretty clear cut, such as when a CT walks into a T that is already knifing, there are a lot of iffy situations and possible complaints that would arise that just wouldn't be worth the time and effort to clarify something that is that miniscule and minor. Just use your common sense. If you don't want to take the chance of getting killed by a strict CT or a newer player, then just don't knife. If it was a mistake, 90% of players, both CT and T, will recognize that and won't kill you. If a CT walks into you while knifing, that particular CT cannot kill you as that would be T-bait. However, that does not prevent another CT from killing you, as in the most fundamental form possible you damaged a CT.
  5. Yikes. Considering that all of your skin names on the servers are "Dolo 4 Admin" and every time I check the forums I see you talking about applying for admin, it's quite funny to me to see how in one message you've pretty much lost everyone's respect. Touching upon the baseless accusation that SG has a recent activity of "not doing anything about inactive CA+'s", I remember distinctly back when I was CA and Kieran and Gentoo were the LAs, we were explicitly told that there would be changes and activity would be of importance to retaining our positions. Now that was all the way back in early July I believe, but I know the current LAs pretty well (at least I would believe I do), and @Maniacis my homie. I don't doubt that all of them have been or are currently are able to manage a team properly and if you're going to use this as a springboard to lash out against how you think SG should be run, and flaws you see in particular team structures, the least that you could do is provide some accompanying evidence.
  6. I think that this change is interesting, and I'd like to see how admin applications change and move forward from this point. While I do think that a lot of regulars do have good opinions, and unfortunately they won't be able to voice those opinions on applications anymore, it's always been the same: opinions and input from higher-up staff members always hold more weight. Back when I applied for admin and got it in April of last year, I had something along the lines of 20 supports from regulars. I'd ask around for my chances and people would still say that my application was iffy because I didn't have too much support from any administrators or higher-ups (CA+). There is some valid point to the argument that CAs and SMs probably don't have the same level of playtime as regulars, or even server administrators, but I think that an important point to be made is that although forum activity isn't really required, integrating oneself into the community is. You're not going to be able to get into a staff rank if nobody knows who you are. Integrating yourself into the community is a very broad idea, and can be done through the forums, can be done through the Discord, or on the servers themselves. When you put yourself out there and meet new people, it can be seen what kind of person you are and if you have the necessary traits/skills or whatever to hold a staff position. Another point is that probably half of the regulars and even some of the staff, including server administrators themselves, have no clue how to vote on applications. John's post above with all of the quotes is a perfect representation of this. Yes, this does mean that the few regulars and lower staff who do put effort and time into their votes and think about what they're going to say won't be able to do so anymore, but I think that overall this is a step in the right direction.
  7. Thank you technical team even though I don't play on the servers anymore, great to see that we've moved server locations! Nishok is a god
  8. lmao loser stepped down



  9. Yo @BoMhow about that discord partnership
  10. My personal thoughts on this are that we can have a "warden" that is not necessarily what other communities, such as Tango may have, and we can change and adjust that addition (assuming it is added) if necessary, or if we feel as though a part of it is not balanced correctly or just doesn't jive with out server and the way we function. I like the idea of a "Head Guard" more, because you're allowing someone to take control of the CTs (and hopefully a more experienced CT as well) and make sure that the round is running smoothly. I'd like it if other guards were able to give orders, but st any time the Head Guard is able to revoke that order without it being a conflicting order, and other guards are not allowed to revoke the Head Guard's orders. Obviously there are ways to abuse this, such as taking Head Guard and just giving a freeday, but we have a lot of admins who play regularly and can prevent this sort of thing from happening. Overall I think this concept is interesting, and might be able to spice up the way SG plays Jailbreak as of now.
  11. Event Name: Hide and Seek Description: At the beginning of each round, Ts are given time to hide around the map. The CTs are released from armory after x amount of time (maybe 30 seconds) and have to hunt down and kill all the Ts to win. Possibly have checkpoints in the middle of the map where Ts can pick up utility and weaponry (which would give them an advantage but leave them with less time to hide). Length: 1 hour
  12. I'll come and yell at Chad for the entire time.
  13. Event Name: JB Couples Competition Description: people choose a partner to marry and compete to esrn the most amount of points. I could only see this happening on T side though, either with guard kills or time spent alive in the rounds. Length: could be a weekend-long event ir a week-long event. I was going to try and do something like this while I was still on the events team, but unfortunately life took it's toll. Although I don't play anymore, I'm sure it'd be a fun event.