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  1. Omg awards yay Thank you media team you are the best team :>
  2. Benzene approves. Benzene will be attending this event. Benzene is very excited. Benzene appreciates Black Rain for hosting this event, very much so indeed.
  3. Mortal Kombat @Black Rainplease
  4. Benzene

    CT Bans

    The difference between CT bans and regular bans is that regular bans will expire without you having to do anything. This in my opinion is the best punishment for someone who just wants to troll, as it forces them off the server for a set period of time. I don't really think it makes a difference to a griefer whether they receive a one-day ban or a three-day ban, because likely they'll just move on to a different server after getting banned, but I feel that a three-day ban is justifiable in certain scenarios, this included. If a different admin believes that a one-day ban is sufficient, then they can act on their own judgement as well. The fact that a CT ban forces you to play and learn in order for it to expire, as it'll just sit there forever if you don't get on T side and start playing rounds, that's why I think it's incredibly useful for newer players and those who need to learn the rules. To bring up @TheZZL's point, I actually had no clue that CT bans are logged, so that might have changed my initial response. However, I don't know how those logs work and I've never used them to I won't factor that into my opinion as of now.
  5. Benzene

    CT Bans

    When I was an admin, I'd be much harsher with punishments for freekillers. If someone joins the server with the sole intent of causing chaos and disrupting the server, and it's obvious that they find it fun to make others suffer, I'd slap them with a three-day ban. I feel as though CT bans are most effective for those who are new to Jailbreak and need time (spent alive and playing) to learn, or people who need a cooldown. CT bans are ineffective for people who just want to troll, because if they really wanted to bypass it they could with another account. Trolls and griefers are much better left with a permanent mark on their record.
  6. Hey QUEEN

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    Congratulations! I'd like to tender my resignation.
  8. A bit late to this, but I thought I'd say something as well. I never really knew roux too well, aside from stopping by his streams ever so often when he'd post in the shoutbox and conversing a bit. This is truly devastating to hear, and as many have said above my deepest condolences and prayers go to those who knew him well, his family, friends, and loved ones. I could never begin to imagine how they, as well as members of the commmunity that did know him are hurting right now, and I won't try to. It seemed as though everything looked up after his house burned down last year, when the entire community rallied together to support him. I was tasked by BoM to skim through the 12 hours of footage of the fundraiser stream and collect clips for highlights, and it was only then that I realized just how many people he had impacted and how many wanted to help contribute. Through watching those who volunteered to stream, the people who showed up in the chat, and the ones generous enough to donate to the cause, it was evident that he had made a deep impression on the community and all of the members of it. Both close friends in the community and those who did not know him chose to participate and put their effort towards helping, and it just goes to show how amazing of a person he was. Although I did not see it firsthand, I know that he has made an everlasting impression upon the community, and that he will not be forgotten. My only regret is not having tried to get to know him better before it was too late. May you rest in peace roux.
  9. Benzene

    I got a question

    If there's a point reset I might actually need to start playing Retakes again. Honestly I feel like it would do good to the server, especially because of how disjointed the leaderboard is with the top players just having accumulated so many points that breaching SMFC or GE gets harder and harder, especially without point decay active. @kabLecome fix your server yo
  10. Yeye ethn#SOVA Can you do a poll for maps like last time? We best be playing Ascent and not Icebox.
  11. Benzene

    Raffle Poll

    Pixels are cool and everything but some physical stuff would be cool (if possible). Things such as processors, sneakers, peripherals, anything else physical that comes to mind.
  12. Congratulations @20 scrollson dumb stupid idiot of the month Congrats Cody and 3ni, well-deserved!
  13. If a Jihad goes off or is detonated but fails then the person who has it is KOS. They aren't KOS if they buy it, and that shouldn't change. Adding in a rule where anyone who has a Jihad is KOS is unnecessary. It's going to end up causing more grief as CTs begin killing people who they think have a Jihad because they heard an arming noise, and sometimes people buy them by accident. This doesn't need to be changed.
  14. Benzene


    SG Economics Subforum to become the next r/wallstreetbets confirmed.