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Jim's random check in!

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Hey guys just checking in on the forums again,


I hope everyone is staying safe and staying home as much as they can to help lower the curve of this POS virus! My university has moved everything online and made us students who live on campus dorms to move back home, sad face :( I just wanted to check in to see how everyone was doing and update you guys on my life! Currently learning o-chem 2 online which isn't too too bad and the transition from in class lectures to online style kind of sucks tbh. Other than that, school is great, spend time with your family, FaceTime or Skype your friends, do what you gotta do to be happy and healthy.


On a side note, I am now a lame ass boy who plays on playstation, an incredible investment I made in the year 2020. I play modern warfare mostly and I would love to play with you guys whenever we are all free! Feel free to add my PSN/activision account: it should be jim_noooo.


Love you guys! Stay safe!


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