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  1. Cannot believe I just saw this. Nothing but best wishes towards all who knew him and his family. He was loved and he will forever be loved.
  2. Mikey.

    Comeback its boring beating the shit out of Trazzzzz

  3. Trazz

    JIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sorry for raging on you the other day :toung:

  5. Trazz

    I may be a hooligan but I’m a damn good one

  6. why we loved you as a admin </3

  7. Trazz

    Who’s post am I suppose to thank now :(

  8. Trazz

    I am your superior

  9. Trazz

    we still gang dont worry cuz

  10. jim

    CA GANG..... wait nvm

  11. jim

    why is your name ugly now

  12. Just my opinion, but I feel with the addition of all these kind of changes that everyone seems to want. We are straying further and further from the heart of TTT. With the introduction of Detective orders, I feel they have been buffed enough and they don't need anymore assistance. At some point enough is enough, we have to remember that traitors should also be given the ability to actually win rounds.