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7 Days of Quarantine Winners Thread!

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Shoutout @BoM for the sweet banner!

Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay but I assure you it was worthwhile. I entered all of the names from my spreadsheet into a random name picker and the winners of the games were chosen in order of when the generator picked them. Assassin's Creed has to be gifted through email since it is the uPlay version and Black Ops 4 is on Battle.net. We reached the $100 tier so we unlocked three more games. You have one month to redeem your prizes or else they are forfeit. Thank you to everyone who participated. Please PM @Black Rain for your prizes.


@Bright - Assassin's Creed Origins (uPlay version)

@Acer - Cities Skylines + After Dark DLC

@urpalerp - Sniper Elite III

@¢rook - Resident Evil Revelations

@20 scrolls - Black Ops 4 (Battle.net)


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