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  1. bitch

    1. John


      Not nice

  2. @Banana Joeplease come back bro

  3. happy belated birthday :)

  4. bought a cheap midi keyboard its over
  5. gonna legally purchase fl studio
  6. it has been a year. time flies. i miss you a lot. still wish we could have finished that gmod movie haha. theres a lot of new king gizz for you to listen to. maybe one day we can listen together.

  7. forgot to submit clips. may as well not watch this one....
  8. wish you were around

  9. I love the banner too bro. I think it was something like…

    Meteor city?


    Wordle 232?????

    Idk bro looks so cool!

  10. nice banner bro thats whats up bro. i love dthat movie bro. what movie was that again bro? perfect blue? or is it weathering with you. that shit was good bro thats whats up upmna. love it. love to see it:thumb: 

  11. john of the month should have seen the rest of the clips i submitted. im gonna start doing my own john of the month
  12. John

    submit clips

    It's okay. I'll save the day in a few hours. Just gotta build up the energy
  13. Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator tower unite tannenberg ty