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  1. First year in 5-6 years where $uicideboy$ or Frank Ocean aren't my number one. I'd like to think my ritual of listening to the entirety of YEEZUS every gym session boosted Kanye to be my #1 lol. As per every year, I now wait for for the real stats
  2. Christmas or Thanksgiving for the same reasons. I love spending time with my cousins
  3. aren't you the same person with extremely racist friends that love to target and bully you?
  4. 8 minutes of laughter. classic right here. greggy trying to draw zoom and making everything complicated hahaha. good times. miss it he drew a cord for chord HAHAHA miss playing games with everyone. i have so many more videos of awesome memories but thats all i'll post
  5. I'd like to purchase a really nice Barudan embroidery machine and a good DTG printer. Maybe a nice condo and then a workspace with a decent sized garage and an area to do anything. Couple of nice cars for sure. I'd spend a couple of days on bringatrailer bidding on random shit I'd like to own. I'm thinking an Evo 5 or 8 and something like a Mini Cooper JCW to get around with for fun. I'd also like to purchase Thuxys the finest parking garage. Invest the rest or whatever.
  6. Hard to choose between DarkRP and TTT. I've had a lot of fun in both and made a lot of excellent memories. Going to have to go with DarkRP. But hopping on some random sandbox server with your buddies and building nonsensical shit for 3 hours was also fun