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  1. Hello everyone, Little bit late but it's better than never! For the month of May we are giving Staff of the Month to a person who has been non stop grinding since he joined the Events Team and even more so as a Community Advisor. If you look up the word "hustle" in a dictionary, he is pictured there. He puts out amazing events and always participates in discussions and brings up great ideas. Please join me in congratulating @BloodBladesfor achieving Staff of the Month!
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  3. Hello everyone, For this month we are going to shine a light on a staff member who many of you may not know. This gentlemen has been helping out a ton lately with plugins for the Surf server in particular. After a year of waiting, we finally have a system that gives you a line to follow based on the server record bot. It's like a racing line in racing games. It was awesome to see him drop it on us randomly in the Surf chat and we are all appreciative of him. It's always nice to see him asking what he could help with. Please join me in congratulating @Nano. for achieving Staff of the Month! This next gentleman has been carrying the Internal Affairs team this month and has been knocking it out of the park for a rookie. While he may technically not be eligible for Staff of the Month due to his managerial position, he is eligible for it for all of the amazing work he has done as an Internal Affairs Officer. He might have had a small hiccup within his first week but he sure has grown into the role and has been displaying leadership skills. Please join me in congratulating @Hawksfor achieving Staff of the Month!
  4. I really didn't want to respond to this thread nor did any other BD but I'll bite. We have exhausted our efforts with ZE. We have tried absolutely everything and talks of shutting the server down come up frequently but are eventually shot down by us because we think we can make something out of the server. You talk about bringing up quality management but the last team we had was absolutely stellar. Paralyzed, Maniac, and Takuto did everything they possibly could. They dedicated hundreds of hours (no joke, actually hundreds) to no avail. You couldn't ask for a better team. Para came out of retirement, Takuto is an extremely determined individual, and Maniac is absolutely charismatic. Mix that with help from BoTo and Cept and it is an amazing combo. Throw that team onto any other server and it would be #1. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that if these guys couldn't do it with the amount of time they sacrificed, who could? We don't have many staff members interested in managing ZE because they know what that would bring on. When the whole fiasco with those kind individuals who threatened Maniac and I went down, we originally thought of shutting the server down but no. We wanted to give it one more go. Almost a year later and hundreds of hours of work, here we are. Again, a month or two ago shutting down the server was brought up but it wouldn't hurt if we kept it up. Maniac and the team have held meetings in the past but they're mainly only attended by staff. We had Kuri who tried his darndest to get the server popping as well. We have had SO MANY CAs that were also interested in the cause. Anyways, this thread and my response or any response from any BD, LSM, or SM on the server is the same as it ever was. It's the same cycle over and over again and it's well documented in a lot of places.
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  6. Hello everyone, Right off the bat we're going to start off with our first recipient. This guy is on 4 different teams and he has always been able to bring excellent ideas to the table. He might be a bit schizophrenic but that is okay because if anything, it helps him out. He has not been a CA for that long but he sure has done a whole lot in the little amount of time that he has been on the team. One great thing that I admire about him is his passion for our Squad servers. I love seeing him work alongside Silentguns to get the server going again. Whether it be seeding, advertising our server, or making discussion posts, this dude does it all. Please join me in congratulating @Nate. for achieving Staff of the Month! We aren't done yet. We still have another awesome person to give this award to. This particular guy probably has the most amount of time on the Events Team. Don't quote me on that but it sure feels like he has been going strong in that team for a long time. Previously a manager of that team but now he puts out amazing non-CSGO events that do well. He is also very active on our stream team and you can always catch him streaming on our Twitch channel. He has been nothing short of extraordinary ever since he became staff again. Please join me in congratulating @Strayyzfor achieving Staff of the Month!
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  8. Are they re-releasing Tenet or am I understanding this wrong
  9. yo did u hear what joe said about u

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  11. Hey guys. We were able to raise $7,542 after yesterday's memorial stream to commemorate Roux. The money will be sent to his family to help cover the funeral. Caution covered the PayPal fees so we ended up with the full $7,542. We are all very thankful for everyone who came out to support Roux and his family and to all the people who helped set this up. You guys have all brought a great deal of happiness to a family who needs it the most right now and it brings a tear to my eye. I have been in contact with Roux's brother and he would like to thank all of you guys as well. He said that his parents were absolutely blown away by the news. During the last hour of the stream, we all got together and shared our final words and any amazing memories we had with Roux. We must have had over 40 people in the channel and we went down the list sharing. It was nice to hear everyone's heartfelt goodbyes to Roux and I think it helped a lot of people find that closure that they needed. As I said in the stream thread, it is best we remember him for the awesome, kind, loving person he was. It is an amazing send off and I am sure it is one he would have wanted. After we shared our words I played a video that I have been working on with clips and screenshots submitted by myself and Roux's friends. I hope it brought happiness to other people as it did for me. Hearing that infectious laughter of his brought a smile to my face. Once again, thank you everybody for attending, streaming, donating, and just being there. Our original goal was $5,000 but we hit it out of the park and reached $7,542. Thank you to @BoM@Black Rain @Nishok @Mace @Kopsta @Acer @Hawks@TheZZL @Nate. @Strayyz @nick @eXtr3m3 @delirium and @kabLefor all the help in making this possible. If you guys would like to view the VODs, they are all saved on the SteamGamers Twitch account. Thank you to the following people for donating. You guys are truly the best. Paralyzed - $1,500 Patrick - $1,255 Alex - $1,025 Mikey - $1,011 TheZZL - $831 Mcbride - $215 Hawks - $200 Kable/Fuze - $150 Anna - $114.48 Greggy G - $112.52 Black Rain - $100 Frostbitten - $100 John - $100 Clamor - $69 euro - $60 Eskomo - $50 Fishey - $50 Labarr - $50 Sloth/Junior - $50 Ned - $35 Goochdaloosh - $30 XtraPizza - $30 Anonymous - $25 Dominic - $25 FanService - $25 Luke - $25 sgubastrustfun - $25 ZeroTwo - $25 Erik/eXtr3m3 - $20 Fozilla Mirefox - $20 FLuiD - $20 nick - $20 Steven - $20 Fantastic - $19.82 Bacon - $15.86 WillofCamelot - $15 Charliere - $10.32 CeptForHer - $10 Demi - $10 Dolo - $10 Gator - $10 kicks - $10 sneezing_panda - $10 touchy - $10 Bubba - $5 Creten - $5 jin - $5 Nate - $5 Cmohr - $3
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