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A little tragedy in family..

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So yea as the topic says, we had something little unexpected happen last week to one of my relatives. He wasn't home nor was he answering phone calls so we thought he was busy or something similar.


In the end, everyone got so worried we called to the police and asked them to check if everything was alright. The police went to the apartment this Friday and opened the door with janitor, stepped in to look around. There also was no sign of breaking in.

After going into living room the police finds my uncle lying down on couch, blanket on him but no pulse, noting him dead on past week..

Autopsy is still to be done for exact reason of his death...


Most annoying thing about the whole situation was that I heard from my friends that they were carrying a body to hearse from the stairway that my uncle lived in and I somehow guessed it was my uncle.. My mood dropped absolutely down to zero in the pub and I had no emotion what so ever..

This has taken quite hard on few of my relatives and such but myself I am totally lacking emotion and don't know what to think about the situation.


Just now trying to figure out what to think but hey, life sucks.. Just got to live with it :tongue_smilie:

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Sorry to hear, hope your family are fine x

Only problem I have is that I lack emotions

Personally I think that I should be feeling bad - it's taking quite hard on some of my relatives but I'm just not feeling emotions too well right now..


Was disembling bookshelf and I cut myself with a sharp edge but I was just like "what ever" when other people would yell "ouch"..

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Lol Max its like that with some men I guess :S


When my grandma died obviously my mum was distraught but to be honest I hardly knew her because by the time I was old enough to get to know her she couldn't speak and was a bit crazy...


Differently though my other grandma's dogs which I had known from when I was little boy and took them walks all the time etc died and it was sad because I loved them but I got over it really.......


All depends on how you deal with things

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