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What are dells good for

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That Dell looks like mine :blink:


Really though mine is a piece of shit.


If my usb is in when I start it up, it freezes.


It takes about 10 minutes to load, if I put anything in or try to run anything it freezes.


Its only a year old :mad:

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eh. i didnt feel like building my last one and i got a massive discount on it. its full atx mid tower, so i can upgrade it all i want, and i added in the 4 gigs of ram i already had :p its a beast

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Dells are good for having nonstandard wiring arrangements. I found this out the first and only time I worked on a dell and learned, the hard way, that they didn't use the same psu/mobo power plug arrangements that everyone else did and what should have been ground was actually a hot wire.

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