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  1. I might just now that I'm finally in one place for more than a few months and have a real internet connection again. And a computer that can more or less run CSGO. Think a legend like you could stand to be seen in public with one of us mere mortals?


    Catch is I don't live in the US anymore, I get a kinda shitty ping to most of our servers.

  2. Lol, guess I'm not a power ranger anymore. I'm not really surprised, pushing back against the perennial repeat of poor decisions that hurt the servers I was most active on didn't exactly earn me friends. Caution probably enjoyed demoting me.

  3. RIP blue name :(

  4. I've kept in contact with a bunch of folks, you should totally add me and come play sometime.

  5. It's not a complete lie, shotguns always sent zombies into low earth orbit with a good solid hit, if they aren't then the problem is with knockback not applying properly for pellet weapons.
  6. Shotguns are outstanding defense weapons but they've always been high risk and high reward, using them effectively requires allowing the zombie close enough for all the pellets to land so you can send them into low earth orbit. Not really a good weapon for a new player.
  7. Ever hear from beffy or anyone else?

  8. Both of these touch on a serious problem ZE had once before that really hurt the server over time. We got into a situation where there was no real way to advance as a zombie and as a CT killing was more rewarding than escaping, even if you died in the end. Over time people got zombie HP lowered to the point a single player with a Para could kill even the mother zombie reliably and every round turned into corner-and-kill. We solved the issue by letting zombies earn points for infections, tweaking CT points to incentivize survival over kills, and raising HP regeneration to make it so the only way to kill a zombie was by getting so many players focused on it that there weren't enough to hold off the rest. The system back then wasn't able to detect too much of what was going on the game so we really couldn't do much more than that but it was enough to make a huge change in how gameplay went, people focused on escape and survival rather than hunting and zombies would actually try hard to infect players rather than just giving up. The catch with that is with the type of regulars ZE has you either need to make rewards take so little that everyone gets them or so much anyone who can't play for hours a day winds up thinking "why bother trying". There's both positive and negative driven engagement. Ideally you want people to feel positive about the time they spend on the server, not negative about the time they don't. Gameplay based points do correlate almost directly with time in the server but because of that intermediate step it still feels different in a player's head. I think the best idea is a little bit of everything. People's absolute standing determines which "level" they are, and within that level they're ranked against each other. This allows the people with buckets of time to spend on the server every day to compete with each other while still allowing everyone else, even new visitors, to feel like they have a chance.
  9. Ermagerd another living legend. How many of the old power rangers are still around?

  10. Blaaaaaaaaaargh. None of the other purple power ranges are alive anymore. I'm singing "All By Myself" from HPB land.

  11. Ummm k? Yes, I posted that over a year ago when I took someone's mid-effort bait and I got rightly called on it. As a retired higher up (even though I'm not purple) I should've known better.

  12. You're new here, and apparently don't know how to read either a calendar or roman numerals, so I'll help you out a bit: See that little "IX" under my name? The one that's a bit under the month and year I joined SteamGamers? That's the roman numeral for "9". In about five days it's going to change to an "X" which means "10". Alternatively go sort the forum's memberlist by join date with oldest first. I'm on page 3.

  13. Shadowex3


    Same thing happened to a family member; Because it kills cells when they divide you feel the brunt of the results later rather than immediately. If they haven't told you of it already there's a strong possibility you might feel "chemo brain" as well. Random tips you may have already gotten: Zofran can backfire and make you feel really nauseated if you have too much Marinol is legal in no-marijuana states but isn't nearly as consistent or effective as real medical marijuana, it can be a bad experience or ineffective for a lot of people. Take the pain meds on schedule even if you aren't in pain, it's easier to control pain than stop it. Benefiber. It helps with either problem and just keeps things a lot more comfortable. Some sacrificial bedding makes dealing with the 48hr toxic-sweat effect a lot easier. Cheap machine washable $30 sleeping bag like the Snugpak Jungle Bag works great.
  14. There's a button on your keyboard that says "Prt Scr" and "Sys Rq" on it. Push that and you'll get a screenshot saved in your clipboard that you can paste into MSPaint. In MY day we didn't have no fancy mcpancy overlay. We either used the ingame screenshot function or the one there's literally a key on the keyboard for. AND WE LIKED IT. GERROFF MAH LAWN