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Zombie panic

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Yeah it's called failing.


Barely anyone plays that nowadays.


Yeah thats not true at all. There are allot of people playing this mod.


Heck there are about 10 of us from SG that play with each other all the time.

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You're serious? It used to be dead.


I agree. It was way more popular about 5 months ago, now I don't see as many people on. Theres only a few good enough maps that can work with that game.

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ye i play this game,its good but i like zombie master little bit more betters since u can spawn and control zombies while others try to escape/defend the map

most of the time u are trying to escape from maps,and there little defend maps(that i know)

and some maps that require u to get stuff to either continue to do ur goals

like,get gas tank to a car and u have to defend the house :d


but ZPS is ok for me,i played it,but i dont like the carriage ammount,like a lot of ammo u care u go slow,and if u have less u move average

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Zombie master is just boring the models suck and its glitched to hell, also ZPS got more players then 5 months ago I used to play it alot and I still do maybe you havnt checked lately?

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