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just thought I'd throw it on the table if it hasn't been already. I totally think it would fly well to have a bhop server for the vet's to call home to the t5's and t6's. Especially as the current bhop server stands right now, as labeled "easy bhop" and most of the t5/6 maps being removed (rip my ragequit wr :pepehands:). I really only play on [sG] servers, so figure I'd put a little input on the movement scene.

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To give you some feedback at least, I don't see the higher ups going for this in my eyes, SG would probably end up buying/renting another server just for a more difficult bhop scene.


I don't play much bhop since I'm not great at it but I also think that if it were to have its own server for the "Vets" than the player count might not be high enough to make buying/renting a new server worth it since not everyone is a god at bhoppin like you Bow:smile1:


Maybe I'm wrong since I've only logged into Bhop once but that's just how I see that going

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