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  1. o7 canada man

  2. 10/09/2021 Definitely didn't forget to add this one. surf_oasis (T1 L 1B)
  3. 09/09/2021 I got a couple new maps here for ya. Let's give @Poobah a round of applause for his on point recommendation's! First up is surf_wasteland_fix (T3 8S 2B) and it is actually this month's Timed Contest map so be sure to give it a try. The other is surf_dragon (T2 L 1B). This map has lots of turns with a challenging bonus. Feel free to send me your map recommendation's! Good Luck!
  4. Forgive ME for caring!! nah fr tho probably, but if you see an issue @Steperd, with a map or a stage/bonus. Let me know please n thanks
  5. In general or a specific stage?
  6. ^ Thank you, keep the maturity up like this and you'll have a good time here! As he said, if you have someone like in these cases, the best thing to do is record the evidence like you've been doing and submit a Player Complaint HERE. (with sufficient evidence/2-3 clips) If there are Admin's on the server than report the incident's to them and they will handle any punishment's & evidence gathering. If no Admin's are on the server and you can't/don't want to record, use !calladmin to have one come on.
  7. Mace


    When I say "advertise" I'm talking through chat so people know that the !warden command exists on our server. Some player's may already have a !warden command on their "main" server and try it without needing an advert but not every new player will. I can't speak on the nitty gritty of plugin/code building but it really is unnecessary. Maybe not to you as you don't have experience with it (not a diss) but rarely is there a time when there are so few people w mics or server knowledge on JB that will make this a necessity. This is also an opportunity for our player's that are looking to do more (helping new players), to get their foot in the door. When making an advert for it in chat, what would it say without it being "!warden will show you that there is no warden" or something similar. The adverts give a quick description of the command so player's know when to use it, it'll have a description that'll show the command useless. If anything just have a quick prompt when you load in saying "play ct if you'd like to be a guard // *no warden*". I love that you're looking for new ways to improve the server but just being honest, this isn't the one in my eye's. Most of our Admin applicant's come from JB and I'm gonna use this as a little shout-out but just yesterday with this same situation, a new player asked if there was a warden and @DabOfGravy answered him quicker then I could. A !warden command will be created & implemented just for it to be useless, so that's why I say it's unnecessary when there are other quicker & less time consuming way's of achieving the same goal.
  8. Mace


    Not speaking for ZZL or Dom but I'm sure they'll agree on this, No. Asking/typing "is there a/not a warden on this server?" will get a quicker response & doesn't cause any unnecessary work. I've made a rough illustration to show the point.
  9. It should be the same as deleting a map I believe, instead of /csgo/maps go to /csgo/models Don’t have my pc rn to x2 check so lmk if that’s wrong
  10. I'm very happy to see a TTT event again! Everyone better show up!
  11. Can't believe I haven't congratulated you yet! anyways, congrats man! you've earned it!
  12. So I’ve talked w Creten, we’ll take a look into the 1st & 3rd suggestion’s. Thank you, Come again
  13. I have done the draw and I've come up with our 2 participant winners. @DabOfGravy & @Atrix are the two winners of the Elite Supporter Draw! Congrats to both of you for your free month as an Elite Supporter and thanks for joining the event.