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  1. How many Scheckel's does a guy gotta give for permanent Elite
  2. Great, Stevan has even MORE power now...
  3. The highest I’ve ever seen the server at is about 32 people and that was MONTHS AGO, there won’t be another server unless way more people join the community and play ttt more often
  4. Hate missing things like this cause of work
  5. Mace

    Digital Art

    So with being in college now I'm able to download and use all the adobe apps for free, I started messing around and here's my first "success" with photoshop Pretty much un blurred it a bit, sharpened the Wolf and also changed the eye colour. If anyone's got any tips or tricks with Photoshop, Illustrator or Design I'm all ears as I wanna learn how to use them.
  6. The instant regret from this wackjob is AMAZING
  7. Just toss it in the batter and mix, see I make a breed of pancakes called Man’cakes, they easily the size of a whole dinner plate. 1 and done
  8. YES THANK YOU It kills the server at night
  9. How's Gentoo in last rn, what ya'll doing
  10. They all good tho, this round wasn't hard enough
  11. A Bouncing Betty like in Call of Duty would be a pretty cool idea, I don't know how that would be implemented whether it be only T's and D's can see it and it only activates when a T walks over it or if another implementation is found.
  12. Ya Hoi has got a massive learning curve but once you grasp it, its much easier. Once you get the jist of Hoi then the other Paradox games are MUCH easier to get a hold over. I'm running on almost 800hrs, never played Stellaris but I'll let you know if/when I get a group together for a newbie game