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  1. TTT /unusual effect's bug Date: 24/11/20 When in spec mode, unusual effects transfer over to player being spectated. (Spectated player can see it as well) When dead in game but spectating it does not show, only in spectator mode. Images /unusual effects spectator bug. First three are in spectator mode, last one is in game while dead spectating.
  2. I like the idea but as @daftysaid "We should be working towards phasing them out, not integrating them". (Speaking of Chat orders) The existing !repeat and a !freeze, !tfreeze etc... would be a good thing but anything beyond that/chat orders in general are not good at all. T's aren't staring at the chat waiting for an order unless not a single CT has a mic which if that is the case, makes the game sooooooo not fun for the people in it.
  3. Not to put words in Kieran's mouth but I'd imagine because he understands that with the dedi swap gathering new players daily and with current playerbase, having a more noticeable way of displaying the rules would be beneficial. I could see concerns of how it gets implemented. (Finding a working plug-in that works with the current TTT plug-in & the style of the pop-up format at the forefront) Personally I think having a tab on the side would be great. I'd say rather than a menu with Rule's, FAQ and exit, having the default page display the rules straight away would be better though. (If that can be done) (Inno rules-pg.1, T rules-pg.2, D rules-pg.3 then the menu option for FAQ and the exit key would be better) That way if someone is breaking rules they can't use the "I didn't see them" excuse since they'd have to click the (key) 2 times then exit, ensuring they had the rules open and visible before they can close it. At that point any rules they break would be solely on them since they were given the opportunity to read them. (A brand new plug-in would probably need to be made for that though if it can even be made that way) I could see that being more "annoying" but again, that would give the player the rules for them to look over 100% of the time if they need them, getting rid of the "I didn't see the rules" excuse. Or even just have it all "Right there" covering the screen like in ZE so you'd only need to hit 1 button to get rid of it but either way it gets rid of that excuse and puts all the responsibility on the player since they were given the opportunity to read the rules.
  4. Robbery!


  5. Yeee bud, I remembered we had this exact conversation on Sky Island lmao
  6. I think holding off on popular server events would be best at the moment. With the new IP's and Dedi swap, new players are steadily joining the servers and may not know the game modes OR are testing out our servers for the first time. Having an influx of new players and not playing the proper game mode wouldn't be good for those newer players, it's a great thing for existing players and changes the feel and tone of the game but it takes away the experience for the newer people that are joining to play TTT, JB, ZE etc... Starting events up in a week or two would give some time for the new people to adjust and get some experience on our servers. Just wanna throw my 2 cents in there.
  7. Great work guys, I preferred the dedi in Canada since my ping was so low but I'm willing to sacrifice it for the community
  8. So happy that night is getting turned into an event. That night was blessed
  9. I gotta agree here, I'd think instead of having the community split on a case by case basis (by games or other reasons) to avoid clutter would end up doing more harm in the long run as people that dedicate themselves to that area will most likely end up just staying there if they came from that game and don't want to take the time in truly "joining" the community, in turn separating themselves from the main community discord. (UNLESS it is kept extremely close to the main discord which was said but I don't know at the moment how that would be done effectively) I'd think that instead of having a separate discord, cleaning up the layout of the current one instead of and having all topics related to "Games" together, giving them their own section based off what game it is would add more area's of the discord without cluttering it too much since you could look at what game topic you need then see if you need the chat for it or announcements regarding what server you're looking for etc... Having a "Community" section instead of merging everything else into "Other" would give people more clarity when they need to find a certain topic in the discord, (Suggestions, Questions (Questions could go in the Information tab at the top but it would work here as well), Event's and Meeting chat + any other related chats/topics that involve the community as a whole would go there. Just some idea's (not critiques)
  10. Love the idea of a quarterly report with updates of what's going on in a more general view, if this is a result of the BD poll about the meetings a bit ago or just it's own separate thing, it's still a great idea to keep everyone informed with what's going on now and some of the plans for the future to give people things to look forward to.
  11. If I had a good pc to run squad well trust me, I'd be there. Good shit to everyone who put this together, your hard works about to make A TON of people happy.
  12. Great I can put the CPU that I got no clue what to do with in my pre build laptop and put a mousepad on the pillow I use as one. POGGERS
  13. I personally wouldn't wanna sit in a call while you guys are doing meetings just to give you guys some privacy and to let ya speak freely without knowing that # people are listening to your every word. A rough agenda of topics that would be discussed and maybe an update to it after the meeting to see what thoughts you guys have on the discussed topics would be enough for me at least. I'm also gonna agree with @kabLe that letting the people that make up the community have a voice in certain topics and discussions is a great step forward and it's good to know that higher-ups are thinking about these sorta things to try and make the community more unified (especially after the ze situation) All in all though, I'd be happy with whichever path you guys decide to go with this, except for the "I am not interested in anything of this sort.", all the options have the same theme/goal in mind of community engagement.
  14. The highest I’ve ever seen the server at is about 32 people and that was MONTHS AGO, there won’t be another server unless way more people join the community and play ttt more often