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  1. This is another feature of Gmod TTT that I'm a big fan of. I agree that showing player's health could be useful for the T's to decide who to kill first n also for the inno's to better understand who is a possible T. I get where Crouton is coming from with giving traitors more freedom. A lot of the changes as he mentioned were focused on it. I don't "fully" agree that this will necessarily slow down rounds too much. Whether others can see a T's health or not, when the T has a small bit of health they are still going to take their time n wait to make a move until they know their chances of winning have increased. That's when they should use the element of surprise since they can't get hit by shots but that is still going to take time to get prepared which will make the game longer. Seeing players health won't change that. I don't see an increase of "proper" kills off sound with this change since there is little to no difference of the current. (T kills someone in a room n walks out, nobody goes in but people hear a body drop with no ID in chat, they see the "T" walk out "Badly Injured" & kill him). vs. (T kills someone in a room n walks out, nobody goes in but people hear a body drop with no ID in chat, they see the "T" walk out with blood from gunshots on their model & kill him). Both scenarios are the exact same except for seeing health vs seeing blood from gunshots. Both are viable scenarios to kill the T. People rarely kill because of sound IMO. I find that sound is mostly used as a pretext for initiating confrontation with a T. (Hearing an M4 kill someone n seeing someone with gunshot wounds & n M4 in the general area then questioning & putting pressure on the T causing the T to shoot first). I agree with this. It is a nice addition but wouldn't be a gamechanger, just something nice to have. If a player is sure about killing off sound then they ARE, going to shoot when they see them n not wait to see their health to give the T time to kill them. If they wait at all to make sure then they are going to look for wounds or with this change, health. If they wait though then they are giving the T time (not a lot) to escape or shoot back. Confrontation will help the round go by quicker.
  2. Mace

    TF2 Update

    Hit the crowd with the Shock n UGGHHHHH
  3. Par request: @carrollton Added surf_deathstar to the map pool. - Tier 1 // 6 Stages
  4. Must've happened enough to others, never happened to me either though.
  5. IMO you're attempting to solve an issue that isn't that much of a big deal. Yes, there will be times when a T delay's but this isn't an issue that requires a system to prevent it. We have admins already that will deal with it, you just have to call them if none are on the server. That's why we have admins...
  6. Solution: Admins warn/punish the delaying. If no admins are on then either entertain yourself in the meanwhile or call an admin.
  7. Great work guys! Well earned Im curious as to what this “hiccup” was 👀
  8. Mace

    GIFs in #general

    Changes: The ability to post Gifs & Images on discord will be reserved as an Elite Supporter perk. Also Added a Supporter text chat in the main server. Thanks @Cept For Her
  9. Mace

    GIFs in #general

    Topic is under review once again. Changes may be made.
  10. As Will recommended, having a restart bind would be most useful in situations like this. It's not a big issue and if you move along the water it does tp you back to the platform. I'm gonna leave it as is but if it does somehow become a serious issue I'll deal with it.