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  1. From my interpretation of Slim's post, I don't think he's talking about the harshness of punishment's against player's rather more "reverse favouritism" against players by staff. Personally I don't think that it's a prevalent issue but I'm sure there have been time's when a staff member/admin has been harsher with punishments based on past experience's as they should be with repeatably problematic players. @The Real Slim Jim If you could give more specific example's to help me better understand, don't have to give exact name's but it's a little broad to get the "full picture".
  2. I’m eager to see what discussions come up
  3. Ayo lemme get somma that forged battalion & the feisty furries one plz n thank you
  4. This event’s gonna be a jolly good time!
  5. The Ice bullets would be pretty cool to see. quick scenario: Inno buys them, T kills and tries to run, gets hit w a “freeze bullet” for .5-1sec making it harder to run away and forcing direct conflict. Would make rounds go by quicker & would switch up the meta a bit.
  6. oh seven :feelsbadman:

  7. o7 canada man

  8. 10/09/2021 Definitely didn't forget to add this one. surf_oasis (T1 L 1B)
  9. 09/09/2021 I got a couple new maps here for ya. Let's give @Poobah a round of applause for his on point recommendation's! First up is surf_wasteland_fix (T3 8S 2B) and it is actually this month's Timed Contest map so be sure to give it a try. The other is surf_dragon (T2 L 1B). This map has lots of turns with a challenging bonus. Feel free to send me your map recommendation's! Good Luck!
  10. Forgive ME for caring!! nah fr tho probably, but if you see an issue @Steperd, with a map or a stage/bonus. Let me know please n thanks
  11. In general or a specific stage?