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Thread of Ever-Changing Issues

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Just edit this post and remove the things that have been fixed/addressed and I'll edit it to add more issues as they're found


- cement bonus 5 has no end zone

- cement bonus 4 end zone extends beyond the end platform (so it can be completed without landing on the platform) --- I tested this and can't seem to replicate it. Are you sure it's B4? - Dreamz

- cement has 7 bonuses, so 2 of them are not zoned --- One of them doesn't work correctly so I placed a teleporter back to spawn in front of the warp - Dreamz

- adventure_easy is currently a tier 2 map but it should be at least tier 4 --- It is set to T2 in the map cycle but it is a Tier 4 on the server. I need to work on the UMC and make sure all the map tiers and descriptions line up. - Dreamz

- summit has 2 unzoned bonuses

- whiteout has a stage 7 start zone at the beginning of stage 2, theres only 6 stages. --- Still trying to figure this one out. Gonna disable this map for a while until I can figure it out. - Dreamz

- the nomination list seems to disappear really fast regardless of how long its set to stay up for, so if it could just stay open until the player closes it themselves i think thatd work better

- 25_lighters is currently a tier 3 map but it should be a tier 4

- missing map error for surf_axil --- I think this may be an issue on your end. The server has the .bsp and the .nav uploaded. Go to your maps folder in your CSGO directory and delete surf_axil, if it's there and then it should redownload next time you play it.

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