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  1. In-game name: [SG] Poobah Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:68397358 Time for submission: 55:37 Screenshot of time(s): https://imgur.com/xJYfFpt Video Submission (Optional): Due to a severe lack of submissions, I will submit my time(s) this time around.
  2. We recently had a chat about why this happens in the Discord and the reason that you get the error is because the map is over 150MB (which you already know). So, the work around on the client side is the "-maxdownloadfilesizemb x" as mentioned, but if the map is put into the fastdl instead of bzip2 everyone will be able to download it regardless of size and no one will have to do "-maxdownloadfilesizemb x" as a work around. so basically, it should be fixed soon, theres just a few maps that are over 150MB that arent on the fastdl and we've been working on identifying them and putting them where they should be, so thanks for letting us know
  3. Just edit this post and remove the things that have been fixed/addressed and I'll edit it to add more issues as they're found - cement bonus 5 has no end zone - cement bonus 4 end zone extends beyond the end platform (so it can be completed without landing on the platform) --- I tested this and can't seem to replicate it. Are you sure it's B4? - Dreamz - cement has 7 bonuses, so 2 of them are not zoned --- One of them doesn't work correctly so I placed a teleporter back to spawn in front of the warp - Dreamz - adventure_easy is currently a tier 2 map but it should be at least tier 4 --- It is set to T2 in the map cycle but it is a Tier 4 on the server. I need to work on the UMC and make sure all the map tiers and descriptions line up. - Dreamz - summit has 2 unzoned bonuses - whiteout has a stage 7 start zone at the beginning of stage 2, theres only 6 stages. --- Still trying to figure this one out. Gonna disable this map for a while until I can figure it out. - Dreamz - the nomination list seems to disappear really fast regardless of how long its set to stay up for, so if it could just stay open until the player closes it themselves i think thatd work better - 25_lighters is currently a tier 3 map but it should be a tier 4 - missing map error for surf_axil --- I think this may be an issue on your end. The server has the .bsp and the .nav uploaded. Go to your maps folder in your CSGO directory and delete surf_axil, if it's there and then it should redownload next time you play it.
  4. Yeah I'd have to agree with Matty, at least from a competitive standpoint. If the prespeed is near or above the speed at which you can leave the start zone while prestrafing it lowers the skill ceiling a bit since you can just bhop at the start to get the same effect. So, ideally (or at least my preference would be), the prespeed would be 300 so that someone prestrafing has an advantage since its a skill that has to be learned and incorporated into your play. I think 350 would also work, but definitely no higher than that since the max prestrafe is roughly around 400 or so (only turned on the prestrafe option for a minute, so this could be inaccurate, its probably a little more). Basically, in a competitive scenario, you'd want prestrafing to have an advantage over bhopping, in my opinion
  5. While I understand that this is a temporary thing, I do have a few issues with it. If I want to play any map above t3 I literally have to go to another server to play it. So while there aren't as many experienced players as there are new, I still think that no t4+ could drive off a small part of the player base. I can see a few ways that this could go and the first is something like having t4+ nominations disappear after there are more than 2 or 3 players on the server. I was really only able to play so many of the higher tier maps because at times I was the only person on so I could pick whatever map I wanted, so I think that in a scenario where there are 2 or 3 experienced players who do want to play a harder map they should be able to do so. The second scenario, which, however likely, would be the best option in my opinion, would be to be a second server for t4+. This is pretty standard for most other server networks, but that, of course, doesn't mean it works for us. Activity would likely be low, there's the in-joke of "do we have enough money for another server", along with other myths and misinformation, but I think it's at least worth a try for a while to see if our overall surf population increases.
  6. I found that if you are to multiply your current percent complete by 1.74 then you should have a rough estimate of what your percentage would be if it were working (This does not take into account the maps that have been added since the percentages broke, so it's probably around 1.65x, give or take, also I wouldn't use this as proof for a surf reward request).
  7. I've given this some thought and if I understand what you're saying correctly, which is that you don't want to remove database entries because it would get rid of the saved times for the map when the map might come back, then I think it would actually be a good idea to remove the map from the database. If a map has to be removed in the first place its probably because it's not working as intended, so if the times that are set on a map that isn't working as intended are kept after the map has been fixed then I think that could lead to some problems such as unbeatable times. Essentially, times set on a broken map shouldn't be kept if the map is then fixed (unless a broken map always yields a slower time vs a fixed map, but in many cases this would not be true). So an example would be that a start zone extends farther into a map than it should before a fix and then after the fix it is where its intended but gives pre-fix times an edge. Checkpoints not working could allow for someone to take a shorter route than intended which wouldn't be beatable after they are added back in a fix. Boosts often do not work as intended so you'll get a boost that gives twice as much speed as it should (though this is mainly the fault of the boost, not much can be done about it). Now I'm not familiar with the behind the scenes work and what not so I don't know if it would be a lot more work or more annoying than it needs to be, but I think that a good way to go about adding or removing maps from the database would just be to remove the map from the database if it isn't on the server. This would allow for the percentage complete to be accurate and would remove any possibility of unbeatable holdover times, as mentioned.
  8. Ah, you right. I forgot about that. Thought it was something on our end.
  9. Date: 6/13/20 Map: Server wide Bug/Glitch: https://imgur.com/a/uxJ8bi8 The "nager" in "AFK Manager" is censored Also, the percentage of maps complete still does not appear to be working correctly, I believe the problem was that both the .bsp and .nav files were being read instead of only the .bsp files which effectively doubles the number of "maps" on the server Additional Information: A few minor suggestions that I'll just put here instead of making a separate post: When nominating a map, the nomination list seems to go away/time out rather quick, like several seconds, if you don't choose a map or go to the next page, so if it could just stay up for like 10 or 15 seconds before timing out that'd be nice Some of the phrases that the server says, one of which is in the above photo, are a little odd to me or could be misinterpreted. The one in the photo says "Tired of your boring skins?" which I guess just seems a little rude or insulting? I dunno, just seems weird, like, "Let's not kid ourselves you ain't got any good skins, just do !ws and get yourself a karambit." Might just be me tho The other is when the server says "Please check out our Discord server (Discord link)" and I guess the problem I have with this one is that it says "please"? Just seems a bit out of place, like we really want you to join our Discord server for some inauthentic reason instead of you wanting to join it for yourself? I dunno man, maybe it's just me
  10. Well before the list starts I'll just say that classics2 is currently on 8000 (eight thousand) max velocity for some reason which makes stage 8, which was previously mentioned, very difficult because you can not turn at a reasonable rate or control yourself at that speed. In order to beat it you must deliberately slow yourself down, which, as mentioned, is bad. I am not sure if the current record takes advantage of the 8k cap but I would imagine so, so I'm not sure if the time(s) would need to be deleted if this were the case or what the proper course of action would be. I've gone through the list of my completed and incomplete maps so that should cover pretty much all current maps on the server, the list also shows maps that are not on the server and there are several duplicates, so if I come across a map that needs or could use a 5k velocity cap I will report back here. The list of maps that need or could use 5k velocity cap are: - surf_me (required to beat bonus 4) - surf_fast (not sure if this is on the server currently because I remember that I had told Bread that something was wrong with the map because you couldn't make a jump on stage 2 possibly due a missing boost but you actually just need a 5k cap to beat it, didn't know that at the time, how foolish of me, map should work fine with 5k cap and can be re-added if not already on server) - surf_aircontrol (not needed but due to map relying purely on speed could be a nice change) - surf_leet_xl_beta7z (same as above) - surf_legends (same as above) Upon map change, it appears that, unless surf_spaceship is specified to have a 5k velocity cap (and I don't believe this to be the case), the server has changed to 5k max velocity. pls tell me that this is not the case thanks @nick
  11. no this should not be ignored it is a problem that needs to be addressed and fixed
  12. The air accelerate being at 200 will make it a bit easier for players and it wouldn't really be noticeable, so I don't have any problem with this. In regards to the server being easy surf, I don't believe the max velocity being 5000 would really help or hurt a new player learning to surf since they probably won't be surfing at such speeds in their early phases (what I mean by this is that I don't believe the max velocity would really be a factor in learning surf or even in later stages). The server being 102 tick versus 64 is the main thing that makes it easier since it is easy to gain speed. If you go from a 102 tick server to a 64 tick server you'll feel like the server has some sort of gravity setting changed to make your player heavier because you're coming up short on a jump where on 102 tick you'd have made the jump; it's definitely noticeable, so even if there were 2 servers with identical settings except for tick rate, the 102 tick server would be much easier for any player. As for map specific configs, I will go through and pick out the maps that need or could have 5k velocity and I will be the big happy. Thankies.
  13. I have noticed a few things regarding the surf server that I would like to bring attention to. The first is that the new map surf_summit is supposed to have 3 bonuses, but it has none because they do not have any zones. The second is 5000 max velocity. I do not believe there was a discussion about this or somewhere that I could post my input so this is of course a bit late, however, the server does not appear to have changed to 5000 max velocity despite the change log saying so, but this is a good thing. I think that having the entire server be at 5000 max velocity is not a good decision. There are many maps that should have 5k max velocity and they should be allowed to have it on a case by case basis, but there are a lot of maps, if not most, that should be at 3500 max velocity. The 3.5k cap is sort of the standard when it comes to maps and the times set on maps reflects this. Having a 5k cap for all maps would significantly lower the record times for them which would be inconsistent and unexpected for players that play on multiple servers. This is not about whether or not we should or shouldn't copy other servers, this is about a certain expectation when it comes to surfing. A 5k cap may not seem like a big deal for a player who just does surf every now and then, but for people who have been doing surf for a long time and know the maps and the speeds that you should expect in certain areas it is a massive deal. The caps exist for reasons such as boosts, keeping things competitive, and playing a map and the pace that the creator intended. As mentioned, there are maps that are made to have a 5k speed cap such as surf_me. The 3rd stage and 4th bonus are good examples of this. The 3rd stage was beatable with a 3.5k cap but it was noticeable that you were fairly slow and came up short compared to the other stages, and the 4th bonus could not be beaten without a 5k cap simply due to the velocity needed (It has a 5k cap now). Some maps such as aircontrol, xl_leet_beta, the new summit map, and maybe one or two of the mesa series could work on either 3.5k or 5k velocity because they are very simple and straightforward maps that rely entirely on gaining and maintaining speed; it's not about difficult jumps and skill-based maneuvers. A map such as sluice, stage 8 on classics 2, are examples of maps that have a cap for a reason. At a 5k cap you would not be going at the pace intended for these maps and not only does this lower your time but in some cases (not on these maps specifically, but the bonus on surf_brutalist is a good example) you are going so fast that you would have to deliberately slow yourself down so you can navigate through areas on the map, which is not what you want to be doing when surfing. When maps are play tested there may be a certain velocity that the creator has in mind and the map is made so the player has a smooth flow through the map if they are playing it correctly and a 5k cap could really destroy the flow for many maps. In closing, this is not about trying to keep any of the records I have to myself or not wanting to adjust to change. I'd like to keep the normal max velocity at 3500 because it is the standard speed when it comes to most maps, so players are expecting it, and it keeps the proper competitive flow on the server. If there needs to be discussion about this topic I would gladly discuss it before a change is made to the server because once the cap is raised and new times are set it will be very difficult to revert the changes unless a record of the times set on the new velocity are kept.
  14. Ooh, well, since hugehead69 wasnt a T, this makes much more sense.