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So my new favorite rapper right now is Tokyo's Revenge, I'm in love with his music, especially TOKYO'S REVENGE - GOTHAM. I've had it on loop in my head all day, even now.


"I need to stop doing acid... That was a lie.."


"Okay, what the fuck are you totin'? Instagram knows yo guns just for posin' My car looks like batmans, I'm not jokin' I put you on IV, that poison be potent, yo bitch mouth open."


My favorite song from him and he just released an EP with two songs featuring The Kid Laroi and ZEDSUA, two great songs- on his EP named: 7VEN.


Amazing EP and I can't wait for more from him!




DJ Scheme looks like he's releasing an album with people such as, Juice WRLD, Ski Mask the Slump God, and from the look of the teased Tracklist, XXXTENTACION, which honestly, I'm excited for. The X song looks to be an Ski + X song which is dope, first Ski/X song since January, 2019 with the album, Member's Only Vol. 4.





Lil Peep x ILoveMakonnen Album should be releasing either this year or next.  The name of it is Diamonds, and it is 100% (ish) leaked and to be honest. Not my favorite. I love Peep but Makonnen doesn't perform, he isn't a great rapper and doesn't make the songs good. Peep is flawless, but Makonnen cant perform for shit, I hope they change his verses.


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