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Humble Bundle September 2020

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Hey All
If you're unaware, Steam-Gamers is an official Humble Bundle Partner. In an effort to increase community activity into various games, we provide monthly updates with Humble Bundle offerings including games, software, applications, books, and other digital content.

Wait... What is Humble Bundle?
Humble Bundle is a service offering 'bundles' of games for a reduced price while simultaneously funding non-profits through their sales.

Sounds awesome... How can I join?
There are a few ways to enjoy the offerings Humble Bundle has prepared for its customers however, a way to purchase a monthly subscription is through an option called 'Choice'. This will give you access to a certain number of games you get to keep according to your subscription tier. You are also able to purchase other games through their game store. 

Are there any discounts for me?
You're in luck! If you purchase through our affiliate link, you will receive a 15% discount on your purchase.

What are this month's offerings?
Golf With Your Friends
Evoland Legendary Edition
Strange Brigade

What is this month's charity?

This month's charity is International Medical Corps


The International Medical Corps provide lifesaving healthcare and supplies to children, families and communities that have lost everything due to disaster, disease and conflict. Donations help deliver vital healthcare services and training and together, we can help devastated populations recover and return to self-reliance.

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