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  1. Idk if I'm agreeing with the gas station food panda above me but I think there should be like a semi-permanent karma system that isn't the same one that people are judged for on punishments. To be more clear, making a hidden / more behind-the-scenes system that determines whether a player should be punished that administrators should be able to view and having a "viewable karma system" that players can just grind out points for and get labels that you mentioned like "TTT Lord" as corny as it sounds. Just incentives for people to flex having no life. If we really want to keep throwing more ideas at this, you can (probably?) add more cosmetics and make it locked for people who get to these point levels or something. Go a step further and head into prestige territory but I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. I think all of these are a good step in the right direction so all I can really say is good luck.
  2. omg omg omg @20 scrollsjust for you
  3. Enough time has passed where this is true now like how GFL or some other community has subroles but at this point, always blaming the community and trying to squeeze a dry rag of getting people on is not going to work anymore. Hypothetically, if you have a server that you don't want to play, what makes you think anyone else wants to play it? I don't really think this got through many people's heads and once they got burnt out, it repeated until we didn't really have anyone else left willing to fill in the shoes of maintaining mediocre servers. It's a mix of developing a server around a new idea that is actually good enough to build off of and actually having fun playing it, and I think sub-roles was a good step in that direction; However, the most we have been doing is following in other people's footsteps in regards to every server.
  4. The reason it’s difficult to find stuff that works and doesn’t work is because people are too scared of making big changes since they have some risk to it. It’s too much calculated risk and not enough “just try new things for the fun of it” (of course you need both). Eventually, something will work out, or not. That’s just everything in general. I think everyone’s right at targeting core problems but not a single good or bad idea on how to get started. Where the CA’s on this fr.
  5. Issued to come out before 2043 (maybe).
  6. I disagree with the event part, I feel like if it really needs to be successful, it needs to be a permanent server with a cycle. I know some minecraft servers that ran a similar style although take it with a grain of salt since it’s a different game with billions more people and more customizability. I’m pretty sure you’re aware how difficult marketing can be and having a small community market an event over an extremely scarce target audience just makes it borderline impossible.
  7. An 09’er posting on forums for this? Gots to see whats up. my only issue with this is that a lot of SG donations rarely (if not ever) go back into funding plugin developments and advertising, so developing a worthwhile private server that is paygated on top of marketing the prizepool would be extremely hard to pull off. The existence of private servers also always been a thing for bhop and whenever I check community tabs, it’s like 30 locked servers with 1 or 2 people in them so I’m not sure how much more effective adding a 100 dollar incentive would help but I genuinely like this idea. If anything I’d rather see this happen and fail 5 times then succeed a hundredfold then to never see money never invested back into the community. Good shit bro.
  8. @Infinitywardur still overweight. @crazedkangaroocongraxulations.
  9. I know this isn't necessarily a suggestion but is there a reason golden knife was removed? I found it so much better to have around than being shanked by an actual footmonger named 20 scrolls without any notice. Now this post isn't really about the innocent menu but it has to do with the server itself. Also it's been iterated over and over before, but please don't add autos or a way to hide cosmetics for other players. Fearful of tryhards that pushed people out of the server. On a tangent here but a lot of the reason why I stopped playing SG servers was because of the players & administrators not understanding how to read a room, and I feel like restricting tryhard-type gameplay would help, but it won't encourage a more energetic atmosphere as much as I would hope. I couldn't really think of anything less "pushy" and more "we encourage you to..." but I feel like that should be the direction that you guys should be heading if it wasn't already. This might be kind of controversial, ambitious maybe, but either increasing regular player points for the cosmetic shop or just allowing them to get more points by doing certain things. Oh and I agree with dafty with the OP fun things, gave people the energy to look forward to doing stuff in-game over camping.
  10. since I'm a bandwagon, liquid or navi