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  1. Noxstar

    Bhop Changelog

    11/28/2020 Updated Timer to the latest version (again) Removed 2 Maps: bhop_miku_csgo (T1), bhop_synthetic (T5). Both crashed the server, thanks sprk. Added bhop_saturn. @Kit-Kat-Tat
  2. Noxstar

    Bhop Changelog

    11/23/2020 Updated Timer to the latest version Removed Dynamic Timer in the HUD because it was buggy yes men, when time being cleared??? umm. first I procrastinate with bhop timed contest in december smile.
  3. Invalid means the replay file is either corrupt or missing. This happens when someone either gets a WR on the test server and the server mismatches players to the actual run (usually not invalid) but another reason (and this is typically why) is when I delete/wipe player times, it deletes their replay file and sets back the #1 to the former holder whose file is overwritten since someone got a new WR. I have a plugin that saves more than 1 replay file for each map now but you’ll only have to deal with it until we wipe times eventually. Idk if it’s all vacced players cuz I havent wiped Intel’s times (from my memory) so there could be something else. I had some idea for a tech request to send replay files to both live and test server whenever someone gets a WR so that it’d always be synchronous but I haven’t gotten confirmation if it was even possible. I hope that clears it up. Invalid runs are not connected to the player who has the WR currently. The STEAM_ID you can find by doing sm_wr or sm_bwr is connected to the WR in the top left, not the run itself. In short, no you cannot view their run or report it because it's not the correct run.
  4. Zombie Escapo I like this server, manager good, people good, I like. Congratulashuns guys!
  5. Noxstar

    sm_grapple glitch

    100% an exploit, if you get caught doing it I'm wiping your times. I had some grapple plugins I wanted to test out but never got around to do. I'll see if I can get to everything over the weekend if not the next.
  6. Actually opens up a chance to update the forums for it as it’s broken and severely outdated. It could be a very good opportunity for a ton of new players to try out a “fresh” server as I’m not sure how many regs/old regs even play anymore. I don’t see many cons as we are right now. Definitely for it and totally not because I’m enjoying ZE and potentially leading in the future *cough*.
  7. Trust me that I did not walk over the edge 4 times on sky athletic I WAS THE BIG HEAL ON THE LAST ROUND, YOU ARE WELCOME FOR THE WIN BOYS
  8. Noxstar

    Bhop Changelog

    10/23/2020 Removed $1000 from the left side your screen Removed S-Only, Fast Forward, Low Gravity DJ, Low Gravity HSW, Prespeed-Allowed SlowMo, Segmented Quake DJ, Fast Forward Quake, and Grapple Parkour Added Segmented HSW, Scroll Low Gravity, Segmented Parkour Still experimental so keep testing out these new styles. Once styles have been set for the most part settled, maps added/readded, times will be wiped.
  9. Chill maps are great, that ramp on pokemon adventure gave me ptsd. I’ll try and be there
  10. Noxstar I thank you for being my friend all that time ago you are a great admin for taking the to make this community a better place to be. I have but one question, you say on my admin application that I have took multible long breaks? I have only took one long break and I'm super sorry for taking a long break from this amazing community there was no excuse for so I'm sorry.

  11. A ready born SM, I might have to come back to CT...
  12. Noxstar

    Bhop Changelog

    10/15/2020 small changelog for tonight swag Updated the view punch plugin as it seemed to lag the server sometimes Updated a core plugin to try and fix any bugs present in the edited version made zones animated
  13. Noxstar

    Bhop Changelog

    10/15/2020 New custom zone! thank mr handyman @vinyl Huge Update to how zones work! You are now able to bunnyhop in start zone however it still counts to your time (subject to change) Max prespeed limit moved down from +30 to +29 the start zone should have more spawn points (so bot exists for the map) Noclip now works again but you still cannot use it to gain prespeed Changed WR messages from 3 to 2 Changed max segmented checkpoints from 10 to 20 Changed max regular checkpoints from 1000 to 50 Changed top left hud from "WR:" to "SR:" for Server Record Removed ability to teleport to other players (sm_goto, sm_tpto) in order to lessen the amount of bugs in the timer. This could be temporary depending on how this works out There are a lot of miscellaneous updates here and some planned later but with the update of zones, we want the players to experiment with this and give feedback or suggestions if they have any. Thanks!
  14. Noxstar

    Bhop Changelog

    10/14/2020 Rolled back the ban on Null binds - they are now allowed again. @Kit-Kat-Tat Added a plugin that fixed jump platforms / gravity platforms for Slow Motion Removed "NO NULL" from the server name