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  2. What FluiD said.

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  6. She is very beautiful but you’ll get sunlight sooner or later

  7. @20 scrolls @Damon You're welcome for fetus server that I alley-oop'ed. I'm glad to see it finally release, 2021 is a good year.
  8. @20 scrolls welcome to the obesity club @TheZZL about damn time you got it
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    BHOP Questions

    The latest branch of the plugin had the dynamic timer (the one where it showed how far away you were from WR time) but it was automatically disabled as far as I remember because it caused too many bugs for the devs and didn't want server owners to deal with it- unless they did in which you were free to turn it on. There were certain cvars you needed to make it optimized but I don't remember what they were. I was rebuilding the server from the ground up again because I edited so many things that it just became bad. I never explicitly mentioned it anywhere though and I still have resources to pass on including a whole fastDL if Trazz wants it.