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  1. Noxstar

    Bhop Changelog

    9/19/2020 Removed Backwards style Added Combo Styles! Low Gravity Slow Motion Low Gravity Double Jump Low Gravity Half-Sideways Prespeed Slow Motion Segmented Low Gravity Juice Segmented Quake Double Jump Fast Forward Quake Grapple Parkour This is in preparation for wiped times. Test these new styles out and give feedback.
  2. it says TWENTY NINE TEEN leave me alone
  3. It’s percentage based caps and I think it’s currently at 70% as in if 70% of your letters are capitalized, your message gets deleted. I’d be open to push it higher. I am actually working on some sort of system where if you get Regular rank, you can bypass the automoderation restrictions. If you seem to be breaking rules consistently, you will be auto-moderated again and it will be hard to get un-automodded. It’s all experimental so I’m seeing what could work/seems to work for others, etc.
  4. Noxstar

    Bhop Changelog

    9/14/2020 Added Scoreboard Icons (Premium Supporter) Added a new Nightvision plugin! sm_nv, this time you can ACTUALLY see in dark maps. (Thanks .x.!)
  5. Noxstar

    Bhop Changelog

    9/13/2020 Added Weapon Stickers Added Spectator Glow (Premium Supporter) Added a way to draw on the map (Elite Supporter) Added tetris & snake mini-game (Elite Supporter) Added a way to edit noclip speed (sm_ns) Added a way to see the 50 newest maps added (sm_newmap) Updated showtriggers plugin so now you can choose individual entities you can see Removed the plugin which helped slope detection as it seemed to conflict with speed gain (you're welcome Dredd) Get ready for fixes, updates, events, and more!
  6. The only thing we have atm is if you’re CA+, you can see ghost pings. I know a different community where a bot just dms you what you got ghost pinged no matter who you are but it’s a small thing I’m not too worried about.
  7. Pretty much, however I've been thinking about what should be counted as a point or not. I'm using two bots but they both have different strike systems/auto moderations so it's difficult to really utilize both.
  8. Currently, it is set to 10 mentions = immediate ban however it's kind of broken at the moment. Our discord has some messed up permissions so some things are broken and "if" it happens, I (or whoever is going to announce it) will try to provide as much information as possible in order to keep everyone clear of what is okay / not okay.
  9. If you have not already heard, I am currently working with the CA+ on revamping our discord and something that is obviously in the works at the moment is a new moderation system along with an auto moderation system. This is still all subject to change however this is currently how I envision it below with the tools we have at the moment. Moderation: - If you get muted, it only lasts 30 Minutes every time - Pretty relaxed, not much moderation from our end unless IAO+ want to deal with any problems auto moderation does not catch - Bans usually coming from permanent bans on the server/forums/etc. or case by case if you rack up enough mutes Auto Moderation: - Nickname checker - Blacklisted words (slurs & other "buzz" words) - Blacklisted links - Anti-Advertisements - Anti-spam/caps - Every 5 strikes = 30 Minute Mute - Autoban System: Bad Links, Mass Mention How it could be seen in the future however not possible at the moment: You can comment however you feel about this as all of this has not even been discussed with higher staff. The entire system inside the spoiler is something I will talk about at a later time however that is not possible at the moment.
  10. this isn't a new scam.. Again. This is information that's been past around several times over and been announced from our BD's as well. It's just another form of basic ass phishing, just do not press links. I guess this situation is flaring up again but again, do NOT sign into anything if you do not know the source and triple check if it is the right source.
  11. One of my managers in last place, @20 scrolls we gotta retire now