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Give Rust Tips Please

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Hello, I am ThatTamer a retired Tamer of Dragons whom now awaits his grand death at the fait of his keyboard and mouse, however I have been intrigued by Rust ever since I was a small boy. I, myself, only have 30-40 hours within the game of Rust and I NEED HELP. Please tell me how to play, as I am a coward naked feared with every explosion I hear go off! 

(Just post tips, y'know, I suck.)

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Alright there are a lot of tips that I can get into, but first I'd like to cover some binds/console things that I personally use as they are good.

  1. physics.steps 60 (This allows you to jump higher without making vigorous movements.)
  2. client.heardlerp 5 (Whenever you alt look it moves your head to its correct position alot faster) 
  3. bind f2 consoletoggle;clear;combatlog (This shows you combatlog in 2 seconds rather than having to click F1 and type out "combatlog")
  4. bind q forward;sprint (auto run you click your W key to cancel) 
  5. bind pagedown kill (It's f1 kill, but you just click pagedown)
  6. gc.buffer "2048" (forgot what it does but it makes performance better)

Now to get into some tips. This game is very unforgiving and rage inducing so try your best to keep your cool and just don't get mad as it will happen eventually. Whenever you're making a base try and make an airlock and make sure to always close your doors unless you're making a trap base. Make sure if you hear a noise to drop whatever you are doing and focus on that noise to try and see if a enemy is sneaking behind you so that they don't have the advantage for much longer. I like to play risky, but others play passive so that's up to you, but when I get a gun I like to take it out to make it multiple weapons if you wanna play passive then keep it and research it then craft more. There are a lot more that don't come to mind, but if you ever need more tips when im actually thinking just hmu on discord.

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