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  1. Trazz explains the situation from his POV on discord “I did not hear nor see the detective say they’re a T. I did hear you kos him multiple times then complain about getting killed by him for it.” Verbal traitor bait is not allowed and the reason the KOSer was slayed is in the quotes above.
  2. Amazing

    Ct playtime change

    If i’m correct the plug-in with the limitation of not allowing people with under 30 mins isn’t working. If it were to be raised I would think to like an hour on the server or so. Not 6 hours, some of our other admins that are making an attempt to play a server other than the one they main. @Mace for example is getting into JB and I don’t think he has 6 hours on the server. Even if he does have 6+ hours now, a few days/weeks ago he wouldn’t have had and he still deserves a chance to try out CT without having such a high time restraint. Edit: Underestimated Mace’s time on JB, but you get the point regardless.
  3. Amazing

    Minigame Feedback

    Favorite gamemode would be Deathmatch Regarding toxicity I haven’t really seen much toxicity on MG (may be because i’m not on a lot) Least favorite type of maps would definitely be Course I don’t really know many MG plugins so I wouldn’t be able to answer this Am I a reg? No, I play sometimes.
  4. Thanks to everyone who came it was very fun!
  5. Event is starting!
  6. Just a reminder this event is tomorrow at 5:30 PM EST
  7. Thanks to @thuxys for the banner! Rust PVP Event Alright ladies back at it again with another Rust event. For this event we will be battling it out in a Team v. Team situation. We will start off at the basics and working our way up the weapon chain going from Bow ----> AK. How do I join? This event will be hosted on and the IP to the server will be "connect" When will this be? 11/15/20 @ 5:30PM EST Where will this be hosted? This will be hosted in the events channel in the SG Discord which you can enter by clicking the icon below. If you have any questions about the event feel free to PM me on discord: Amazing#9649 See all of you there!
  8. I don’t this is possible for CS:GO, but if you have Elite Supporter you can play snake by doing !snake or tetris by doing !tetris. Also welcome to the forums. - Amazing "I don't this possible for CS:GO" WHO THE RETARD NOWWWW BRUHHHHHH

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      You're still fucking retarded.

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      suck my left nut

  9. Thank you Technical Team for all the hard work you guys do on a daily basis.
  10. You guys think you can compete with idiots we have chy get rekt kids.
  11. Yesterday I had asked Gentoo about this because it is quite funny watching someone with a breach charge attached to them to run into a crowd and explode. Correct me if i’m wrong @Gentoo, but if I remember correctly you said something along the lines of “If the innocent is oblivious that they have a breach charge in them it should be fine”. For example if the traitor attached the charges while the innocent is AFK and then they come back. If they have breach charges on them you should tell them and ask them to stay away from the group as their death is imminent. It would probably most likely go under the teaming category, but if you really want to enforce the rule about that strictly then yes it is teaming. Although this is pretty fun for both the innocent and the traitors involved in the act as I wouldn’t see a good use for a breach charge otherwise.
  13. The Allah of JB aka @TheZZL. Thanks for good update!