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  1. Stay safe and have a good life man.
  2. Amazing

    JB Superheroes Unite!

    Remember that time you were a huge error box in the sky. You're still a error.
  3. r/madlads Madlad actually took all the photos and made a thread.
  4. This game looks fire although im not getting the PS5
  5. Bugs Scoping in a no scope battle. One of the bugs a T can abuse is scoping in a no scope battle. Cheating a gun toss. I don't know what causes this bug, but sometimes when you throw the gun in a gun toss it says you cheated the LR. Gun resetting if LR is cheated. (necessarily this isn't a bug but if they knife you your gun resets and you can't get a bullet off until you're dead) video starts at :45 In RPS if you open another menu you can't do anything for the rest of the time (sorry for the poor demonstration but if you look closely at the first 2 seconds you can see that I had the RPS menu and opened !shop and if the round continued then I would've had it for the rest of the round while being in a LR) a easy fix could just be making the RPS thing refresh. Most of the things I mentioned have already been reported but yet to be fixed this is a reminder.
  6. Amazing

    Time Travel

    After a really long discussion this is the conclusion we ended up with.
  7. Alright so the last JB Admin v Regs was over a month ago here. My thought process for how the event would go is it would be the same purpose as Admins v. Regs but with fun rounds set on specific rounds. So as an example let's say Round 1 would be low gravity for all, round 2 would just be a regular round, but then round 3 would be like a speed round for example. I think you get the point that I am trying to say.
  8. GG chief ngl Lindsay was like the final thread and he got injured 1st game
  9. Built: DIFFERENT

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