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Intel Core i7

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From what I gather, there's 3 different models for the i7


Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition 3.2 GHz - $999

Intel Core i7-940 Extreme Edition 2.93 GHz - $540

Intel Core i7-920 Extreme Edition 2.66 GHz - $284


It's also going to use a completely different socket from Pentium D / Core2 Duo / Core2 Quad which means you will have to fork out at least $300 for the new socket LGA1366 motherboard.


I was going to get a Quad core until I heard about i7, I may just wait until other motherboard manufacturers make their own motherboards that support socket 1366 and just wait for the price to die down before buying.


Whats everyone's view on this new CPU?

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