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[WARNING] CSS Slideshow keylogging

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I was browsing on a css forum, and found a thread about keylogging iwth account hacking.


"It has come to our attention that there is a keylogging application out there going by the name of slideshow.cs, if *ANYONE* on your friends list messages you with "Come check out my awesome CS slideshow" (or something similar), promptly tell them to go fuck themselves. It's not really the person that originally owns the account, at this point they have already lost their accounts and it's some dickless 10 year old trying to scam more people.


It works by running, some screensaver application (or something similar) and by specifically logging login/password entries for the Steam Application. For those of you that don't have "Log Me In Automatically" you are most likely at the greatest risk, as you regularly type in your login / password whenever you connect to Steam."


Figured iw ould post this up on the forums to warn people about this.

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This slideshow.cs has been around for a LONG time. I have two old friends who got hacked from it, then after they were hacked, the dick has the nerve to send me a voice chat request from my friend's account after I curse him out.

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