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NFL Week 11

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Jets are going to get steamrolled. re-name this to "Thursday night football" Its not sunday yet. :)








It was a really good game! (LIKE OMG! :laugh:)


To think the Jets are 1st in the AFC East right now. What the hell? If anybody told me this during the preseason, I would slap them. Moss has a nice grab at the end of the 4th for the tie, but Favre just rolled on down the field with his team at the end. Very close game. My favorite play was that one-handed Cotchery catch. That was an insane grab.


However, it was a bitch to try and watch it on NFL.com. The damn thing kept lagging, so I would get the play when the next one was taking place. -_-

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Seriously, wtf Ravens?


I thought the Giants would win, but I didn't think they would run COMPLETELY through them.


Yeah, our defense fell apart :(


When a team that relies on their defense, like the Ravens do, play that poorly you get smashed.


Eh, our 4 losses are to top teams so w/e. lol

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Dolphins trying to give me a heart attack going for it on 4th and 5 when they're in field goal range. It wasn't pretty, but I'll take the win.


Week 12 is going to be really important. If the Titans beat the Jets the race for the AFC East is going to be won by whoever wins out. A Dolphins or Patriots loss will greatly affect either team as they will most likely be out of the race. I'm ready to make the Patriots visit as unpleasant as possible, but I can already tell there are going to be a bunch of bandwagon Patriots fans going. A Bills win on Monday creates a three way tie for second. This should be good :thumbup1:


Sorry Raven, but the Gaints beat you down.

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LOL, The Eagles tied the Bengals! :rlol::rlol::rlol: I haven't seen a tie in a while. I guess that is pretty bad for the Eagles because they can't beat a 1-8 team. It might also be bad for the Bengals as well because they had many opportunities to win the game, but didn't. Not a good year for Cincy fans.

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