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  1. Ya homie I'm down, I'll be on most of this week in the evenings and I'll be on this coming weekend aswell

  2. Let's do it. How about sometime next week? I'll make sure I clear an evening or a block of time during the day on the weekend for some classic zombie escape. I may need to put 'retired' at the end of my [Alpha Squad] tag.

  3. Nice seeing you still check the forums bud, lets play some ze again one day

  4. Hey man! I tried to send you a private message but your inbox is full - hope all is well with you. I was just reminiscing about the Alpha Squad days on Escape II and sent a message out to all the guys.

  5. Please join our new steam group & also invite your friends! See this thread on how to invite all your friends to the steam group!




  6. Map knowledge was definitely a key to success in the the older maps. Knowing how to get yourself to the front of the map was usually the main key to success. Knowing which path to take, knowing where the traps were, knowing how long barriers would last, and knowing how long doors would take to open were all aspects of a map that a player could remember and help them succeed on a certain map. Blocking was another fun aspect of the older server, mainly because it took more time for the same amount of players to go through a choke point, causing those players to turn around to protect themselves or risk becoming a zombie. Blocking also made for some laugh out loud moments when someone was 'accidentally' blocked and fell to their death or was stuck in a vent or vehicle somewhere. This made my day, though I would say I was more of a lucky shot than anything else. The one thing I think the current ze server (and the maps in general) are lacking is, what I would call, 'bad' rounds or 'good' zombie spawns. 'Bad' rounds referring to rounds where everyone would turn into a zombie within one to two minutes or the zombie would only get a couple people. 'Good' zombie spawn refers to having a zombie spawn in a decent location where he can stab a couple humans and eventually get to 10-20 zombies within a minute or two. Maps that come to mind that had some 'bad' rounds or 'good' zombie spawns are helicopter, panic, jurrasic, elevator, lost world, sst, and blackmesa. When I play newer maps, I always feel like the round is being manipulated to always give the best results and always give the humans a good shot of getting to one of the final hold off locations. The map that comes to mind that does this is mako, with the zombies getting teleported to the back in order to balance the map. This causes the value or appreciation of good/normal rounds to decrease. If I always make it near the end or to the finale as a human, then my appreciation of getting there is decreased. If I always have a decent amount of humans with me at the end then my appreciation for getting there decreasing. I think a good way to illustrate this is to use the mako map again. Why do you value winning on extreme more than normal? I would say that I value it more because a) it is harder to win on extreme b) not everyone can win on extreme and c)people don't win it as often as normal. This is what I think the newer maps are missing (and that no block helps with), a real challenge, not the illusion of a challenge with zombies being teleported and held back by invisible barriers, but the challenge of holding back zombies using the geography/terrain against them (chokepoints), making quickly assembled barricades to help hold them off, and giving the option of making a sacrifice for your team to hold off the room with the switch that turns off the electricity or holding the boxes off so that more of your team members can jump over the boxes to get to the final hold off point, or making a mad dash to the escape vehicle while fighting off zombies. That's what I miss from the old days Summary: Summary TL;DR: P.S. 'Classic' Map + Escape II + Alpha Squad = Memories
  7. I think "You're a veteran if you were in Alpha Squad." would be more applicable.
  8. Pros: Great looking map Hang Gliders Bus jumping ravine Exotic environment and an impressive spawn idea (underwater, in a sunken ship) Cons: FPS problems (This was the main reason for the map being removed from the servers) Osprey is fairly buggy (causing many players to fall out when it reaches the top of its flight) A long swim to the volcano if you don't make it on the boat or hang glider Rope climb at the beginning will cause headaches as people accuse others of team killing them when the rope automatically breaks. Long wait for the round to end due to the long swim to the volcano (zombies usually behind the humans and therefore miss the boat/hang glider/osprey).
  9. I'm now in the league.
  10. True, I started with good marks but by the end there was no more ambition. Hopefully escape 2 comes back but I feel it won't happen anytime soon unfortunatly. Even so a reunion is a must for the next escape bwgt event. Escape 2 was for sure the most memorable for my years in gaming. Im getting a new computer for my bday coming up as my last one finally decided to die. Thank's for the compliment, you should get more involved in the community and go for a membership.

  11. I didn't do anything big for graduation. Just went out with some friends after the ceremony for food and hashed out plans for getting together this summer. I've been playing a lot of basketball with my friends, going swimming, sleepovers, etc. An alpha squad reunion in server is a must when the next BWTG is in escape or if SG gets Escape II back up.


    Grades are definitely important so its good that you're focusing on those for your final 2 years of high school. Having good grades, or even an upswing in grades later in high school, helps your chances of getting into a good college and receiving scholastic financial aid for tuition.


    Concerning your potential admin position, SG would most assuredly be a better destination to game at with you being able to fully police the servers.

  12. I've been good, been hanging out with a lot of friends and getting my social life going again since my comp died and now that it's summer im gonna try to mix in gaming and friends. Hopefully escape 2 comes back, would love to get all of alpha squad together and reinacte some of the good times we had. Theres still people around but their not as active as they used to be. Hopefully i get promoted from the apprenticie program soon but if not then no bigs. Im gonna be starting grd 11 so im gonna start giving a damn about my grades again once summer is over. Did you do anything for your grad?

  13. There are occasional glimmers of teamwork, you just have to look real hard and long to find it. It doesn't help that its often drowned out by the current 'popular' map designs.
  14. I've been pretty good over the past year. Enjoyed my last year as a high school student and I'm going off to Purdue this August. I decided to enjoy the year to the fullest, so gaming took the backseat to reinforcing friendships and forging new ones. Hopefully I'll be able to get into the escape server in between work, friends, and family. I keep coming back to the forums hoping some progress has been made into reestablishing Escape II but my hopes are dashed everytime. I most assuredly miss Alpha Squad, Escape II, and playing licciana with you. What's going on with you? I see you're on the way to becoming an admin. Which alpha squad members are still around?