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  1. I'm not trying to argue. I did read your response, and I definitely agree with most of it. I wrote the above part to just say that I actually care for the server and being admin, but I can understand how it came off differently, and also that I try my best to be nice and welcoming. The part about me getting denied and me making an app was a little ill thought out, and I regret typing that now. You are right about just about everything you said in your response, and I'm not trying to deny it. not enough people supported my app, I understand that completely and know it isn't enough. My argument in my original post wasn't that great, and I'll admit that it was pretty poor thought out and presented as well. My chat logs do make me look aggressive and bitter, which I can completely understand and see from an outside perspective. I do get easily aggressive when I feel offended, and my chat logs don't hide that. I don't want you to feel like I don't care about this or your response, because I do. I always try my hardest to be a nice and calm person, but I do burst sometimes and make assumptions on stuff. I definitely need to work on that, I see that now. Your suggestions for me to calibrate to my surroundings and be more aware of them and myself definitely makes sense, and I hope that I can work on that. Now that I look back on it with your response and insight, I should try to make my temper calmer, as well as become more known in the general community. I do care about this community, and now I know I should also care for my attitude and temper as well. I appreciate you actually taking time to help me, and I hope I can make you or somebody that I look up to in this community proud one day when I change. Thank you for this.
  2. Another note, everybody who supported me said that I was a calm person, and nobody who reapplyed me said I was toxic. I have defused other situations through voice chat, or have ignored them. In my opinion, 2 or 3 chat instances of me saying something to somebody somewhat out of context from somebody who doesn't know me shouldn't be the deciding factor on if I obtain admin. I might make another app in a month, but I probably wont. I'm calm and collected basically always when I play on the server through voice chat, but I guess my profile can't show that. Whatever, I'm done with this for now. (additionally, I'm usually always on the server at least an hour a day, and was on it for at least 2-3 today, so activity isn't the problem, it's the fact that I type when I'm rarely angry, and talk or don't whenever I'm practically always calm. I guess I have to start typing instead of talking.)
  3. One finale thing that I wasn't able to post before I wasn't able to respond: The thing is, if you ask anyone on the server, I'm not toxic. I didn't intend that to be toxic, and those were also somewhat out of context. Those were during arguments where I was being called other bad things and was being threatened by other players. I intended to be in a somewhat joking manner, but I guess they didn't come off that way. At no point in my admin app did people reapply or abstain because I'm toxic. Those people I play with every single day on the server, so they would know if I'm toxic. I guess you guys will never believe me, then whatever. I tried, and in the end that's all I can do.
  4. are you saying that bloodblades called people that or me?
  5. I'm not trying to say bloodblades is a bad person. He isn't. I'm just asking why I was denied for joking, and why him being joking and saying this is considered fine. I'm still waiting to get an actual answer to the question I'm proposing.
  6. This isn't really intended as an attack against you bloodblades, you were just the first admin I came across in chat logs saying questionable things. I'm more putting into questioning what is considered disrespect and unwelcoming, bad admin behavior. I could have posted this about anyone, you were just the most convenient.
  7. you can ask most people on the server and they will say the same thing about me.
  8. So am I. I don't want you to respond, I want somebody who can actually give me an answer.
  9. I made this to ask what is considered disrespect and not admin worthy. This isn't just about my admin app, it's also about what displays someone as a good admin candidate and a person who is welcoming and respectful who deserves a sg tag, through the way that you represent yourself in game. I was asking "is this behavior admin worthy", and "What is considered respectful and a joke". Even if you were joking, I was told that using those words and saying things like that make somebody not respectful and can negatively impact the community, leading to a candidate being rejected. I was wondering why I was denied and you weren't for it. That's why I made the post.
  10. All of my uses of the words that I used were intended as jokes as well, yet I still got denied for it. Seems fairly unfair to me, and that was the main thing I was trying to display. The fact that I got denied for saying stuff intended as a joke, yet you didn't, seems incredibly unfair to me.
  11. Earlier today my admin app was denied for me using specific words in certain situations on a server, as well as because I wasn't able to maintain my composure. These words were words like "retard" and "retarded". After my app was denied, I decided to search through a recently accepted admin apps chat logs to see if he said similar words and was accepted, and just as expected, he did. This new admin does by the name BloodBlades. The reason I'm creating this is because I want to know exactly what people consider bad representation and dialogue between users that would lead to a denial. In my personal opinion, these chat logs display what is obviously a "toxic" person, as well as one who isn't really admin worthy and respectful for how he addresses players. Yet, he was accepted, and I was denied. I'm just asking why he wasn't denied. Below are the images:
  12. throughout my roughly 250 hours on the server, I have never felt the need to address any issues, (because I had never really experienced any), until recently. Over the past month, I decided to hop back onto the server to have a little bit of fun and goof around. But, every once and a while, between the fun experiences, are experiences that can only be described as harassful,ignorant, arrogant tangents by players who are never punished, or who aren't punished enough. Now, I'm not going to name any names, because I don't want anybody to get angry over this, I just want them to see how I feel. Maybe it's just me, but I'm beginning to lose hope in the system of punishment established on the server. As a result of this, my enjoyment on the server has reduced dramatically, to the point where even trying to enjoy the experience a little, has become both physically, and mentally, exhausting. Maybe this is me just ranting, or maybe I'm not the only one who feels this way. Honestly, I don't care. The point that I'm trying to make is that my enjoyment of the server is quickly fading away. Maybe you'll see me back on the server tomorrow, maybe you won't. Honestly, I have no idea. All I can say for certain is that I hope something can quickly change. P.S. This is Prayer ( I couldn't figure out how to change my name)
  13. so is the command for random teleporter and normal teleporter the same?
  14. Hi, i was just wondering how to actually use the ability, because i can't figure it out when i buy it.