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  1. Follow my lead guys. I'll lead us into victory. No but seriously, I was hoping we would get a Squad server someday. One of my favorite games!
  2. Thanks for everything @Wesker!
  3. Will pretty much be released for all platforms, XBOX One/Series X and S, PS4/PS5 and PC.
  4. Congratulations to all of you!
  5. Take care friendo. We haven't really talked but the amount of work you did in this community is very well appreciated. @roux
  6. Congratulations @BoM! I always thought you were going to become a BD someday and now it finally happened.
  7. Congratulations you two! @Tyymunk & @Kopsta
  8. Congratulations y'all!
  9. Dankuwel maatje! ;)

  10. Gefeliciteerd e vriend! :amuse:

  11. Why aren't you part of the Marketing Team yet? Go get started @Damon!