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I've been wanting to hear some thoughts on the FIFA 2022 World Cup as I have watched it every single day and there's some crazy upsets happening. Tomorrow is a public holiday for Saudi Arabia as they defeat Argentina, of course new sources clown on Lionel Messi even though him and Christiano Ronaldo are very old for their skill level. And speaking of which Man. United has mutually agreed to have him (Ronaldo) leave the team as it will take effect immediately. Upsetting that Man. United once again disrespects those who came from nothing and managed to build an empire/legacy with such little. Any predictions/thoughts?

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the offside argentinia goals were a little suspicious but that second saudi goal was straight class. Poland - mexico tie absolutely fucked both of us unless we both beat saudi so thats gg. Man U is a poverty club 🥱



Crotia 2 - 1 Moroco

Germany 1 -1 Japan

Spain 3 - 0 Costo Rico

Belgium 4 - 1 Canada

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