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  1. the offside argentinia goals were a little suspicious but that second saudi goal was straight class. Poland - mexico tie absolutely fucked both of us unless we both beat saudi so thats gg. Man U is a poverty club predictions: Crotia 2 - 1 Moroco Germany 1 -1 Japan Spain 3 - 0 Costo Rico Belgium 4 - 1 Canada
  2. I would remove some of the menu items cause theres too much shit there that makes the whole menu a mess. having a cycle of items that change every couple of months would be better IMO. not a fan of adding new roles either mf actually suggested an RDMer role
  3. mfs acting like you need to look like The Rock to have a good understanding of the healthcare system
  4. when me and zzl were SMs we had an idea for a t menu that never got released but the one thing everyone agreed on was no guns. it was mainly for the jihad but had other items similar to your example, although i believe nades were a bit controversial. don’t remember the items we discussed, i think some were custom, but im sure you can find the rough drafts for it in one of the JB chats.
  5. strayyz take people not wanting to play CT has been an issue for years, adding a T menu is not the way to go
  6. most of these can be switched up/down by 1 or 2 spots. dont listen to WTT and Cruel Summer enough to rank it
  7. 808s slander will not be tolerated
  8. what is confusing about wanting to be a higher up staff member such as IA without wanting to bother with server related things . moving files aint for everyone
  9. Pedro Gaseoso this goes hard for no reason