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  1. you realize you spawn with a knife right
  2. Dom

    JB RTD Random Rounds

    This will likely never be added as a permanent feature. We will continue to do RTD events every now and then. The RTD options are things like a speed boost or double jump, it will never have the chance of giving Ts weapons as that would break the gamemode.
  3. there are 2 threads that show every item in the shop. a few items might be outdated but we will try to update them, especially the models thread.
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    1. 20 scrolls

      20 scrolls

      You're on my list.

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      yea your friend list :classic_biggrin:

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  6. 8/22/21 Changed the default start map to jb_vipinthemix_b1 Re-Added jb_sg_dojo_v5-6_sg (again) Added NEW models: Senna and Starlord for Prisoners. Deadpool and Negan for Guards Senna | Elite Supporter | FREE Starlord | Basic Supporter | 15,000 Credits Deadpool | Public | 15,000 Credits Negan | Premium Supporter | 20,000 Credits
  7. Applied recently in this changelog. Thanks for the suggestion @Phoenix_!
  8. 7/28/21 Changed CT rank times for the upcoming Gang Wars and CT Rank Race event because people were unable to reach the highest ranks before the next event/wipe. Old times: Rank 1, Private - 0 mins Rank 2, Sergeant - 180 mins, 3 hrs Rank 3, Officer - 720 mins, 12 hrs Rank 4, Lieutenant - 2160 mins, 1.5 days Rank 5, Captain - 4320 mins, 3 days Rank 6, Major - 8640 mins, 6 days Rank 7, Colonel - 14400, 10 days Rank 8, General - 21600 , 15 days New times: Rank 1, Private - 0 mins Rank 2, Sergeant - 180 mins, 3 hours Rank 3, Officer - 360 mins, 6 hours Rank 4, Lieutenant - 1440 mins, 1 day Rank 5, Captain - 2880 mins, 2 days Rank 6, Major - 5760 mins, 4 days Rank 7, Colonel - 11520 mins, 8 days Rank 8, General - 14400 mins, 10 days
  9. 7/27/21 A few small changes for today Decreased the number of people required to enable !votetmute from 30 to 25 Increased !votetmute time from 15 seconds to 25 seconds Added new team logos thanks to @BoTo Changed team names to Guards and Prisoners Changed the default start map to ba_jail_electric_razor_go_pb
  10. I will permanently ban you before I allow this to happen
  11. Dom

    Rejected Lazers

    @20 scrollsrefuses to change anything so you're out of luck, sorry bud. The lasers really aren't that hard in cell games and even if you're forced to play them you don't die. The other lasers can only be forced as deathgames which I doesn't happen that often from my experience. I don't like some deathgames either cause I suck at them but its not something we would change an entire map for.
  12. Fl1ck

    July 22th and you still have a santa hat.

  13. Like Phoenix said this has been discussed many times in a number of threads, the conclusion is always the same. Giving Ts a set amount of time to drop a gun will not work because it takes a split second to kill someone. Allowing Ts to hold out the gun for up to 3 seconds (previous suggestions) puts the CTs at a massive disadvantage in an already T sided gamemode. Purposely dropping a primary to a teammate (as a prisoner) is a form of teamkilling and you can be punished for it by admins. Guards, if you see someone drop a primary with no intention of rebelling, try not to be a dick and let them live.
  14. We have admins for a reason, if a freekill occurs you can report it to them in admin chat or by using !calladmin. If there are no admins online you can record the evidence and make a player complaint. Giving the entire server access to some form of an admin power will not go well and as others have pointed out, it can very easily be used by people to target a player they don't like.