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  1. Valve finally fixing what they ruined with the 2015 rank reset
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      albania numer 1 countrie en world 😎

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  4. JB Protect the President at 5pm, be there or @20 scrollscontacts your mother
  5. what da? charity stream? giveaways? aint no way
  6. this is now the official answer. we will not be changing any rules as it is unnecessary. at the end of the day this is an issue with admins not enforcing the current rule of "Guards CANNOT... Repeat the same order often.". As I said above, either report the player to admins or make a player complaint if people are breaking the rules.
  7. this is not an official answer, just my current thoughts on the thread. the way I see it, rules should be as simple and as basic as possible. we shouldn’t have to add or change rules to babysit the playerbase. sure there are exceptions where you have to cover grey areas if a serious issue comes up, but for the most part I disagree with the idea that we need to add more rules to make sure people play a certain way. with this current situation, there is already a rule that states Guards cannot give the same order too many times. like steven said it falls on both players for giving shit orders and admins for not enforcing the rule. if you see that admins aren’t enforcing stuff like this @ them in admin chat or make an admin complaint/report it to a CA+ if it becomes a serious issue. the topic of bad CTs comes up a lot and the best way to change that is by playing CT yourself and giving better orders. there is nothing wrong with doing optional deathgames every round as multiple maps have up to like 15 different minigames so its not that hard to change up the orders. optional deathgames are optional meaning no one is forcing you to play, so adding a rule to limit the amount of optional deathgames you can do per map doesn’t really make sense. CT side isnt a one man team, the other guards can give orders while one person runs a deathgame. If a specific player is causing issues you can always record evidence and make a player complaint. again, this is not a final answer, just my current opinions. we will discuss this at our next meeting and if anything changes i’ll update the thread with whatever solution/answer we come up with.
  8. FYI only one model from each team is staying so the T and CT model with the most votes get to stay.
  9. We are going to keep 2 models from the Halloween event on the server. It is up to you guys to vote for which 2 get to stay. Prisoners: Zombie | Public Chris Walker | Basic Supporter Dr. Trager | Premium Supporter Guards: Chris Redfield | Public Rick Grimes | Basic Supporter Indiana Jones | Premium Supporter
  10. its been brought up but we haven't had the time to fully discuss it yet. i'll post an update once we properly discuss the topic.
  11. although the event is officially over, we may or may not extend it for it couple weeks. RTD has been disabled but we might keep the maps and models for another week or two. like this post if you want the models to stay for another 2 weeks. yes I am too lazy to make a poll and yes I am farming likes
  12. due to the horrific cheating scandal, the final standings have shifted a little. @Izzwill keep 1st place, @the baconatorfinishes 2nd as he beat @f0xwho gets 3rd place. thank you all for participating, lets hope the next chess event goes better