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  1. Dom

    ZE Star Wars event

  2. make me stay off yo profile ape 

  3. a vote for Trazz is a vote for Scrolls
  4. stay off my profile

  5. 98fa4dae660c6e4f2648cd71a196e79d.png 

    ai so where it at

  6. we have an admins vs. regs event coming up here whether we do fun rounds is up to Chad or any other AT that shows up.
  7. the last few hide and seek MGTs did really well so we are looking into another HnS event in the near future.
  8. there are plans to do this event in the future, probably in February again, if we can revise the plugin to go off playtime instead of kills due to CTs freekilling for points.
  9. boys the meeting is today at 7:30 EST, thats in 2h30m. please show up so i dont have to sit there alone and listen to Chad yell about football
  10. Going to reject this as the ET/JB team does not feel it would work well as an event on its own. However we will look into possibly buffing jihads in some of our future events such as Juggernaut.
  11. dont act like you dont have 100k credits saved up with no intentions of using them Dom 🤝 Chad reviving credits On behalf of the Events Team I am sincerely sorry that this event never made it onto the server.
  12. TheZZL

    y e l l o w