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  1. If T’s are yelling over each other CTs can give the off mic order as well as use the command to mute terrorists. If its CTs yelling over each other, there’s usually an admin on so you could ask them to mute the CTs if they havent done so already or you could use !calladmin or make a player complaint. ZZL and I have no interest in adding this to the server. Like previous suggestions, we do not want to buff chat orders due to their problematic nature. Also, spontaneous freeze orders can get annoying, so we would not want to add a command that encourages them. As ZZL said in the last thread, the best solution is to repeat chat orders if you have a mic, especially if the T’s ask for a repeat. A !tfreeze chat command wouldn’t really help the server and would create more conflict between voice and chat orders.
  2. Like last time, I dont think this is a good idea for JB. Making people sit around and watch knife fights for over an hour is boring and kills the server. I’ll still try to bring these events back on our Events Server but they wont be done on JB anymore.
  3. This should be fixed again thanks to another edit by Boto. If it happens again let us know
  4. Yoddr

    @Dom why man :( I liked the map

  5. We have decided to keep this map on the server. The map is still popular and the exploit should be fixed so there's no real reason to remove it.
  6. 11/16/20 Updates: - Updated the most recent rule to better reflect our intentions. It will now read - This now means ordering Prisoners to Crouch Walk is no longer allowed. We decided to make this change because the order was being abused and was making the game less fun for everyone. - Cleaned up the in-game !help !rules !info and added a Jailbreak Commands , Public Commands , and Guard Commands section. - Did the same with the !faq which now has a FAQ for New Players , FAQ for Players Coming From Other Servers , FAQ for Games , and FAQ for Last Requests.
  7. This exploit has been fixed thanks to @BoTo. Now when you change your style the server slays you so you cant switch styles midair to gain speed from the parkour boost.
  8. awp bhop is with an awp and auto bhop enabled. scoutzknives is with a scout and low grav is enabled which is played on specific maps built around the low grav part.
  9. this event failed twice on MG. when I hosted it there was a total of like 6-10 people on the server. It was decided that we weren't gonna do this event again unless there was a lot of interest from the community, which as of right now there doesn’t seem to be.
  10. Dom

    ZE Final Fantasy Event

  11. I'll miss you too pal stay mad short man
  12. LR is meant to speed up the round so people aren't waiting around for 3 minutes, especially if there's a lot of people on. There is no confusion, the most that happens is someone asks why they got killed so an admin or player tells them that LR is a last request and they understand. Nothing is stopping you from pardoning a T but changing the rule forcing pardons would make rounds last too long. LR only affects 4 T's not the entire team so it would not be fair to make the majority wait.