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  1. gamer (ik what hes tryna bait)
  2. It's really crazy how the guy who has 8k hours on CS:GO and couldn't make it out of GN with the new rank change is telling you the downsides of a big man group. (I love you Kuri)
  3. You're just mad SZA wasn't my number 1 and instead she was probably number 25.
  4. I'm not posting mine but I am coming out as a Travis Scott Top 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% dickrider.
  5. I appreciate the effort Kataoka (please change back to something less zesty). :3
  6. I need Requiem on but that dude keeps edging the creeper. @Amazing@Amazing
  7. Add me on Tarkov: 42O (Level 48 Bear Faction) I don't want to play Solo anymore, please help me.
  8. I've been wanting to hear some thoughts on the FIFA 2022 World Cup as I have watched it every single day and there's some crazy upsets happening. Tomorrow is a public holiday for Saudi Arabia as they defeat Argentina, of course new sources clown on Lionel Messi even though him and Christiano Ronaldo are very old for their skill level. And speaking of which Man. United has mutually agreed to have him (Ronaldo) leave the team as it will take effect immediately. Upsetting that Man. United once again disrespects those who came from nothing and managed to build an empire/legacy with such little. Any predictions/thoughts?
  9. You Canadians managed to ruin a holiday that is supposed to be in the S Tier.
  10. Kailh Box Jades are not my favorite, but I will die on a hill when I say they are criminally underrated, and they sound super sexy.
  11. poor soul

  12. Spoiler