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Community Meeting - 1/13 @ 7pm EST

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Community Meeting - Friday, 1/13 @ 7pm EST


Hey guys,


This is honestly a bit overdue given the pace things are moving at, but we're excited to be hosting a community meeting this Friday. This is especially important given the fact that Caution and Gator have just passed the reigns to Revenga and myself, which was followed by two new Board members being promoted as well. We want you guys to hear directly from us about our vision for the community moving forward, and we want to give you all an opportunity to speak directly to us. As it stands, Revenga and myself are looking to be present along with at least one other Board member, so you'll be able to hear from most of us.


Meeting Agenda


- Introduction 

- Community Direction

- Server Assessment

- Marketing & Outreach

- Discord Development

- Staff Evaluation

- Open Floor / Q&A


Feel free to suggest additional topics that you'd like to see added to the agenda, though most of our time will probably be occupied by the last section where you'll be able to bring up any new topics on the spot.  We're going to look to start running these regularly again, so if you can't attend this one don't worry about it. We're looking forward to seeing you all there and having some quality discussion with you all! 


The meeting will be held on our Discord server @ https://discord.gg/steamgamers


Thanks guys.



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