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Sudden Realization

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So I was gonna try to seed TTT again a couple hours ago and one of my friends in the call @Tamber told me that he won't play because he can't load into the server because of all the shit it downloads and how long it takes.


I thought surely he was joking until he told me an hour later that he was on 26%. Again tbh I didn't really believe him so I ran kind of an experiment where I deleted all my downloaded community server files and tried to load in, and holy fuck. I don't have the best computer or insane internet, but with ~95 mps download internet speed it took me like 40 minutes to load everything. And it finally clicked for me. No wonder our fucking CSGO servers don't get any new members. How often even during big seedings/events do we see new faces?


It's because any person looking in the browser is gonna try to join, see how long it's taking, come back after 15 minutes, and see "Downloading anime_girl_panties_62 | 20% Done" then they type disconnect into console and never come back. I love cosmetics too, but if it means we get new players at the cost of me not being able to play as Reyna on TTT, so be it. 


It's also why our Retakes server does so much better routinely than all our other servers; there's like nothing to download so it's way quicker for new people to join.



I know we all love our cosmetics, but luckily with the new supporter system, we don't have to pander ridiculous bullshit like particle effects to the highest tier anymore. I say we purge more than half of our cosmetics starting with the particle effects and biggest file-models, or at least temporarily until we get our old player numbers back.

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Skimmed the post and I agree with the parts about purging stuff from store cus fuck those DL times. Just want to add on that anything unavailable in the shop or whatever and is still on the server SHOULD be removed altogether (idk/forgot if this was implied in OP). Unless some off-chance the unavailable stuff came back in the near future, there's no reason to keep stuff like that bloating the download time.

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You raise some great points here and the Board is looking into ways we can cut down on the sizable download it takes to join our server.


It's been so long since I downloaded all the files that I didn't think to try that so thank you for looking into this for us we're going to be making some changes to accommodate the issue.


No one wants to wait for 5+ minutes to join a server it should be snappy and fluent so you can get into the action as fast as possible.


Appreciate the post. its things like this that help point us directors at the higher level in the right directions.

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