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  1. Title. What's the most difficult video game you've played, and have you finished the game or not? For me it's EASILY Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels. The original Japanese sequel to Super Mario Bros. Same game mechanics but an insane difficulty spike compared to the first with 5 additional worlds tacked on aside from worlds 1-8. Poison mushrooms that kill ya, random invisible blocks, super tough platforming and shit like that. Never beaten the game fully but I have beaten world 8 in it when I was younger. I don't plan to return to beat the 5 extra worlds.
  2. ca- Probably something video games or music or some shit like that.
  3. Wii. Banger games and backwards compability with the GameCube which allowed you to play amazing games from that thing too.
  4. Reid99

    Game Soundtracks

    Yo! This thread is dead and for some reason I'm the next person posting again. It ain't a secret that I've been deep in the Yakuza rabbit hole, and these games have a lot of good music. 0 and Like a Dragon are the big favorites of mine in the series, and that goes beyond the music. These are just my picks for personal favorites but there's still a LOT of great shit.
  5. Same to Source. It's not even close for me.
  6. In terms of free games probably TF2, as for paid games probably GMOD or Skyrim.
  7. See I'd post a Catra gif for my fellow She-ra enjoyer @Boryabut since she's not your favorite here's an Entrapta gif instead. Honest reaction: Grats or something idk and grats @touchyand @Pyro Looga Anyways back to LAD.
  8. welcome back, time for some fresh memes
  9. demoted iirc, i dont think hes banned tho