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  1. The ending to this arc is disappointing, I'll be waiting for the epic Scrolls anime redemption arc where he reflects on this loss and perseveres to the win in the next wingman tourney. Now we wait for the training montage, hopefully something on par with this masterpiece.
  2. Hey there, this is in an hour. Be there.
  3. I wrote this in a hurry I was hyped, don't bully me.
  4. We've done it everybody. Proud of you all. A glorious day for us.
  5. @WavYbasketball hoop masterrace.
  6. ca team keep winning grats other mute
  7. I thought this was pretty much just the same thing as the last operations have been, mission grind for stars and all that. Was just boring to me and idk if it's just from being rusty but these bots in the guardian missions were ridiculous this time around. Oh and when I did the final co-op strike mission for the campaign with @Black Rainwe were pretty disappointed in it being a lame ending after you defeat the tank. Genuinely surprised I got gold this operation, playing CS that isn't on our servers is just not the same as it used to be.
  8. This is all a figment of your imagination, awards aren't back. Glad awards are back, camping the requests now and I know I ain't the only one.
  9. Bumping since this is in less than 10 minutes, join up for the family friendly adventure we're about to watch!
  10. This is the kind of chaos I live for, I'll probably join up for this one.
  11. You'd probably enjoy this more than wiping to generals for 4 hours, just skip it and watch bruh
  12. my CAs be staying on top earning sotm like it nothin. grats osu player @Nate. oh and grats too ig @Strayyz
  13. Nah I was alive and watching YouTube when it was huge.
  14. and lmao to all the meme noobs that got rick rolled in 2021