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  1. you two make me want to drink hardcore but you guys are pretty fuckin insane at what you do, grats children and keep it up
  2. Poggers. Thats all I have to say. Good stuff from everyone that worked on this, can't wait to see where we go with this server.
  3. Yep. We had a lot of fun doing this one, I know I did. Server almost hit cap which was awesome to see but part of me wanted to see that 64/64 absolutely. Thanks everyone that came out and played today and persevered playing despite our hiccups toward the end of the event.
  4. Event starting right now, join up everyone! connect
  5. Thank you @n! for the amazing banner! Zombie Escape Minecraft Event Hey there, I'm back to introduce the upcoming ZE event this Sunday! To keep the ball rolling on the video game theme as of late, we're gonna be playing some Minecraft themed maps. We've got 3 on the list and I hope to see you all there to get the wins! When? Sunday November 22nd @ 6PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: Map List ze_minecraft_v1_1_p3 ze_minecraft_adventure_v1_3d ze_minecraft_universe_v1_4
  6. This is part 1 of the ZE arc in the Steam-Gamers anime. Everything is going to plan right now... Grats to everyone that got their respective awards, can confirm all of them absolutely deserved it for the massive comeback ZE's had so far with their help.
  7. Reid99

    replay bot

    To add onto this we can keep a look out for potentially cheated/exploited times as well. I'm pretty sure replays being added after most of these records have been achieved won't be recorded for people to see unfortunately. @Damoncan give a good answer to all of this.
  8. False, I don't even see your name in the top 5 boss hits. My negev rebuys won us this, don't @ me. Event was fun and we had a lot of people on, pretty happy with the Sky Athletic win. Thanks everyone that came out to play today!
  9. Reminder that this is in an hour, hope to see everyone there!
  10. Hi there everyone, after some consideration among my fellow staff members I've decided to bump this event from 6 PM to 5 PM EST. Reasoning behind this is given it's a weekend, we felt it'd be more beneficial to have the event earlier in the day rather than later on. Hoping this doesn't cause any inconvenience for anyone wanting to attend the event, I still hope to see you all there!
  11. Zombie Escape Pokémon Event Hey there gamers, another week has passed so I believe that means it's time for another Zombie Escape event! We're going to be playing some Pokémon themed ZE maps this time, which consist of the classic "pkmn_adventure" and "pokemon_rivals" maps. Throwing more of the franchise into the mix we're enabling themed models from the games, and Pokéballs as the grenade skins! When? Saturday, October 17th @ 5PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: Map List ze_pkmn_adventure_v9_3 ze_pokemon_rivals_v1_8
  12. Don't care about what # I am replying to the post lmao. Just want to say this is poggers & amazing work from everyone involved on all of this.
  13. It's all about ctf_doublecross. 2fort is #2 though for me.
  14. Well, it's now the 15th. The event is over. I'll be going over the submitted times here, now for the winners. 1st place on the tier 5: @Bowgun44with 4:20.609, winning F.E.A.R.! 1st place on the tier 3: @urpalerp with 2:05.007, winning Hacknet! 1st place on the tier 1: @.x. with 18.085, winning Deponia Doomsday! For the winners, message @Black Rainto get your games. Thanks to everyone that participated, stay tuned for the future timed events!