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  1. Also this completely crossed my mind but... this is one of my managers now? Like... Guys what the fuck?
  2. Thank god. Grats on the promos everybody, looking forward to amazing things from everyone.
  3. This summed up how I feel about how to address how fucking good of a staff member you were Wesker. Take care brother, we'll be here for ya.
  4. Next on internet oddities: how is scrolls doing this?
  5. Well, it's now the 15th. The event is over. I'll be going over the submitted times here, now for the winners. 1st place on the tier 5: @Bowgun44with 4:20.609, winning F.E.A.R.! 1st place on the tier 3: @urpalerp with 2:05.007, winning Hacknet! 1st place on the tier 1: @.x. with 18.085, winning Deponia Doomsday! For the winners, message @Black Rainto get your games. Thanks to everyone that participated, stay tuned for the future timed events!
  6. Well let's see here... AND NOW THIS?!? @Korean Ninjaanother one for the wall. Stay tuned for updates on all the admin contest oddities.
  7. I promise this is the final bump. If it isn't you can hit me with a fish. The event ends on the 15th, final chance to get your times in and win something!
  8. This is an image I now cannot unsee. edit: mfw seeing this image
  9. @Noxstarlocked me in his basement for 4 months and forced me to test hundreds of maps but he still gets my vote.
  10. Good stuff to everyone, grats on the promos.