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  1. I'm back to being hardstuck LE. It's probably cause this update is legit a day old but the balancing is still pretty terrible, still pretty common seeing eagles against AKs and stuff like that. I'm hoping over time this gets fixed at least but it's glad to see not almost all of the playerbase hardstuck below MGE in NA now.
  2. Yeah, DML's doing probably.
  3. Lmao I don't think he'd even be the first person that would actually do this.
  4. @Greggy Gyou're gonna be there... right? right? please?
  5. you're not cool but this thread is pretty cool
  6. Mega Man Legacy Collection My Time at Portia Yooka-Laylee Yeah that's all I want. Don't know if those got snagged already.
  7. Dalerjon has been banned for 3 months. This started yesterday when he posted a pornographic emote in our Discord and was subsequently muted for a week. Following that he was then banned a few hours later on our servers for mass freekilling & racism on an alternate account on Jailbreak, and he proceeded to avoid that ban with another alternate account. Today on Christmas he has evaded yet another ban and this time he was spinbotting. Further attempts at ban evasion and being caught by our admins will result in an even longer ban on his main account, and next time it will be 6 months. Merry Christmas!
  8. happy birthday greggy

  9. Incase you wonder what you miss in these Weekly Scrims, you sometimes get a moment like this. Probably the strangest but most fun WSS I've played yet. This clip p much sums up the entire game that played out today, totally random stuff. There's more of these random moments in this match if you're willing to look. Actually questioned what was going on throughout most of it as well.
  10. Yeah this is gonna be hype. Tried the game last night with some people and I had a wild time only with 10 people. Can't imagine the chaos we're gonna have with probably double that, get your clipping software ready.
  11. Solid stuff, had fun watching it. Only complaint I have is Kuri's clip butchered to oblivion. The original is amazing stuff, literally dies from a Best Korea NPC. Also wish I recorded this for my POV. This shit had me in tears when I saw it happen.
  12. The ending to this arc is disappointing, I'll be waiting for the epic Scrolls anime redemption arc where he reflects on this loss and perseveres to the win in the next wingman tourney. Now we wait for the training montage, hopefully something on par with this masterpiece.
  13. Hey there, this is in an hour. Be there.
  14. I wrote this in a hurry I was hyped, don't bully me.