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  1. Better join up so I can beat you
  2. If some staff members are being abrasive towards our players there is a staff complaint section for you to use to your benefit. I get that challenging some of our staff my seem daunting due to rank. But as Phoenix stated above no staff member will look at your post and hold your past against you, your posts, especially complaints are valid. 100% agree with you here this is something everyone should be striving for. Continuity of our community is something we all should be gunning for. Unfortunately there will always be people who butt head and don't innately like each other Its impossible to avoid, what matters is that people don't blow it out of proportion and make it into something that becomes a problem for the community.
  3. METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice XCOM + PACKS
  4. Hawks

    Valorant Scrim 4!

    I would like to play for game 2 icebox and I'll fill for any other games if needed Hawks#NAE
  6. Fun fact @kitI received it for my IA duties a few months ago where were you? Also Boto is better then me in everyway