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  1. TTT Subroles are finally coming! This change is something I've advocated for since my joining of this community and it's awesome to see it finally being implemented, time to bring our server up to par with other competitors. 100% agree with Keiran here don't just do this as an event keep it on the server. One of the problems we have been having on our server is the lack of ambition to change things. Break the mold and be bold that's how we're gonna make change here.
  2. Hawks

    Valorant Scrim 5

    Cool event @lorax count me in for all three games!
  3. Hawks

    Game Town of Salem

    Thanks for all for coming out to the event!
  4. Hawks

    Game Town of Salem

    Ratio +busy life
  5. Hawks

    Game Town of Salem

    Apologies guys, I had to go to a class and unfortunately no one was able to cover for the event. I will reschedule it for this weekend Event will be held on March 26th 6:00pm now see you all there sorry for the confusion.
  6. Hawks

    Game Town of Salem

    Oh I forgot to put in in the thread but its first come first server to the event so make sure to be early if you want a guaranteed spot!
  7. Town of Salem Back by popular demand were having a ToS night, this will be a casual and chill event with a little bit of betrayal and maybe some arson. Spread the word and lets have some fun killing each other! When and Where? SUNDAY MARCH 13TH 6:00PM EST SG DISCORD Be there.