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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey all! Welcome to my beginners guide to Zombie escape! My goal is to give you a good idea on what to expect when first joining ZE and how you can start yourself as a ZE player! I'm going to try and keep this short as there is a lot of stuff to go over if you would like to learn more I highly recommend these other guides created by our players as well! Diryathings' Comprehensive Guide Brights ZE Guide for new players Now onto the guide! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is Zombie Escape? Zombie escape also known as "ZE" is as simple as it sounds, you escape the zombies. Humans must escape by navigating a map to the end while defending each other from the horde of zombies that are always behind you. Maps range from a variety of difficulties and pose unique interesting challenges to the escapees such as Obstacle courses, Lasers, bosses and even random events like explosions in certain maps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First time logging onto ZE where do I begin? When you first join there are some things I highly suggest you setup or look at when first starting out. In chat type !guns this will give you a menu pop up that looks like this. I recommend you go through this and setup what you would like to use. Remember that you can use anything you want but there are guns better suited to defending in Zombie Escape those guns are: PP-Bizon - Mobile, easy to aim, high fire rate, high ammo count MP9 - Mobile, Boss melter Negev - High accuracy, Large ammo count, Boss melter M249 - Large Ammo Count Nova - Extremely high knockback (ZM Only weapon) You can buy these mid round by putting ! before the weapon name in chat Example: !Negev Some other useful commands with similar windows as above are: !Models [ For some free in game cosmetics ] !Volume [ If music is too loud, you can adjust it here ] !nominate [ Use this to nominate a map you enjoy for the next vote ] !rtv [ type this to start voting for the next map ] List of Maps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I play? First off there is a timer that will decide who is the starting Mother Zombie this is completely random but if you are a starting zombie you will have bonus HP, your goal is to infect all the humans! Zombie escape is a very teamwork oriented game, for your first time as Human I recommend asking what you should do or stick with the group of people running to the same area. Your goal is to survive and if you stick together and defend certain areas you will open up pathways to inch closer to the end! Depending on what map you are on you might encounter a ZM map these maps are typically a small defend a single area till the round timer runs out. These maps are for times when we have smaller population and usually grab players attention to the server. So if you ever need a map to nominate and have less then 10 people on do !nominate and look for the ZM section. Try to listen to your teammates! There is always someone saying "Fall back" or "Defend Here" and its for a reason! Teamwork is crucial in completing ZE maps and listening or letting people know where to defend yourself is always a good idea! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End And that's the end of the guide, short sweet and to the point! Again if you would like to know more or get really into ZE I recommend the guides linked above, they go far more into depth then I do here and cover lots more information! Other then that thank you for getting this far! I hope to see you all on ZE!
  2. I 100% agree with with having a pop up. This could give a quick set of rules to get players introduced to the game aswell as give them the information to learn more, such as !info , !rules or !faq even forum and discord links. I understand what @Kit-Kat-Tatis saying but to be honest it's not that inconvenient. After a player has read the pop up it's a simple key press and it's gone. Also admin+ always tell troublemakers to do !info or any other rules commands regardless if they know or not, its just staff doing our due diligence.
  3. Congratulations boys! You deserve it!
  4. Hawks

    Map leader

    Not sure how many of our new regulars know of this but we have a command that lets admins or players to become a leader. I wanna remind people of this because there are still many maps that myself and many of our staff have not learned yet. And we could use volunteers help to give us a guide through some of the more complex maps! The command gives you access to a menu that has many useful things for guiding groups of people! If you see an admin on and have knowledge or know a map incredibly well please don't be afraid to ask for leader it is there for a reason!
  5. Awesome job guys thank you so much for your work!
  6. I am half ready to eat shit
  7. I think they're fine in general but the collision and the ability to push them is frustrating sometimes especially when and individual is accidentally pushing an orb away its quite frustrating to chase it. Fix the collision and other glitches and I'd be happy to have em around.
  8. Drunken L4D2???? Lemme grab a 26 real quick
  9. Yeah to keep it short I don't see value in having multiple of the same game server. It would spread out our current population and have people constantly bouncing back an forth which in my opinion is kinda annoying just to play TTT.
  10. I think the karma system works fine. Maybe a few tweaks to punish players harder for being bad overall players is needed. But I feel as if the balance feels decent. The auto ban system is nice but have yet to see anyone be affected by it. Overall I think the change is good but tweaks will definitely be needed as with all new things.
  11. Recently I have felt as if I can't pull off amazing plays as zombie any more. I remember the times where if you had a wee bit of luck and a wee bit of knowledge you could pick a couple humans off bhopping into the ones who play a little too aggressive. When I play ZE as zombie, I want to feel like there is a chance when I'm against a large group and I just don't feel that as of late.
  12. Hawks

    hns event

    Hide an Seek events are always a fun short period time event. I don't see an issue with setting up the server we had a few months back to run hide an Seek and think we would have a lot of people and tons of fun if it were to run again it's always a blast to taunt and win a around!
  13. Definitely a needed feature glad to see its implementation!