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  1. Congrats too the both of you @3niand @Cody.
  2. jin

    your profile picture is goated my guy. Satoru Gojo on top

  3. Really excited to celebrate this with you all!
  4. hawsky wasky uwu

  5. i see your concerns for the steam groups and to answer your question as easily as possible, we're working on it. We got some ideas in the works and are actively discussing how we want to proceed with steam groups. If you'd like more details personally DM me sometime!
  6. What an amazing event guys I cannot stress how much fun this was to play and be apart of! The turnout was amazing, the map was amazing thanks to @3ni and @BloodBlades great job brothers, you both have put an incredible amount of effort into this and it clearly shows. Look forward to seeing your work in the future! Also huge thanks to the boiz @Maniac @TheZZL @Reid99 you guys are all amazing with the time you spent helping prep and ready the server! I've highlighted some of the fun moments here sorry for no compilation but damn was this a fun time. Abusing Regulars Starlegendgods memorial Knife Fight Thanks for everyone who tuned into the stream as well it was a great turn out there!
  7. Hawks

    Introducing KZ!

    Good job everyone! You guys have been working hard for this!
  8. Amazing

    1. Amazing


      Hawkeith the 3rd

    2. Hawks


      Amazing the blazing

  9. Congrats @TheZZL @20 scrolls you guys are amazing keep up the endless slavery!
  10. All for the change with regards to making it staff only vote, would highly suggest making it so that Senior Administrators can vote as well. Seeing as they are accustomed to being admins they could still provide good input on applications.
  11. Bro it's a good idea give credit where it's due! Crackhouse has great potential think the idea could go really far!
  12. Hawks


    No worries, anything else you'd like to know?