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  1. Now voting rear view mirror thanks to the shenanigans above
  2. FORUMS ARE BACK! First off lets give a huge thanks to the @Nishok @TheVirus for bringing back the forums and servers. Without them we would not be here continuing on. They were putting in work everyday since the forums went down and after all their work have got it back and going strong! Make sure to thank them in shoutbox! Members of the Month First off we have a couple of outstanding individuals that not only have been actively playing our servers but have been bringing a vibe and overall healthy mindset to TTT and the community as of late. They both have not only shown they care about this place but are contributing just that little bit more that the staff have been recognizing and all agreed on for our members of this month! Congratulations! @Iota @triou Staff of the month We have two staff that have been voted on by the board for two completely opposite reasons. One has been breaking their back carrying the TTT servers revival and the other has been grinding behind the scenes taking care of the backend and spearheading the conversation around TTT. There would be too many paragraphs to describe how much passion these two have for the community we hope they keep going strong with all the effort they have been putting in! Congratulations! @ThRza @Charliere Thank you to those who have been putting in that extra bit of effort. During this time it goes such a long way with what you individuals have been doing for the community and we want to thank you for that and make sure you know it does not go unnoticed! Keep on being awesome!
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    Hey ThRza

    Bro just inspired millions
  4. The board is well aware that getting our staff on all the servers is a priority and is especially for TTT one of mine and Greggys main objectives at the moment. We're hoping to work more closely with the players who care about TTT the most and this thread has shown me that people want this server to return to its former state as much as we do. Thank you to all who participated and gave their input feel free to use this thread to continue to drop suggestions but for the most part I believe the AOs have received enough information and feedback to make some better decisions going forward. Going forward keep throwing suggestions, ideas And criticisms at us we need it now more then ever, and I encourage anyone interested in a staff position to help TTT, to apply sooner then later!
  5. Hey guys! Im interested on hearing the current take on the TTT server and what you guys like and dislike about it's current state. I am looking for 100% constructive and honest criticisms about the server so we can make better changes to suit the current player base we have. If you are unsure what to talk about here is a short list of things you could bring up to our attention. - Terrorist, Innocent or detective shop items - Pacing of rounds - Map Changes - Rule Changes - Karma System - Models - Events - General Suggestions We're looking to make TTT boom again and we need your help so drop that feedback for us to get us back on track!
  6. Hawks

    A new look

    Appreciate the feedback I'll relay your thoughts to the TAs. Hitting on your last note there I understand that people won't be happy with the change, after all we just updated a year ago now which I understand if this feels like it's a left hook coming outta nowhere. Too soon might be true but we're relatively close to release and that's why we're gathering feedback now. We were also just excited to show you all. This is definitely something that is gonna be brought up in different threads but we're gonna keep you guys in the loop as much as possible going forward. I can't guarantee you'll get the full picture of every idea as its being worked on but right now we're trying to get your guys thoughts and criticisms on changes going forward.
  7. Hawks

    A new look

    No guarantee but lemme see what I can find out. This applies to everyone but if there is anything in particular you would like to see come from the current theme drop it here in this thread. (All of it is not a valid answer)
  8. Hawks

    A new look

    Thanks for your feedback on the design As Kable pointed out already were updating because the theme we currently use is no longer being supported with frequent updates. We tried to update it and found out that it will break if we did so we decided to move forward and look into new and more frequently updated themes. Switching to this theme will allow us to make critical changes to our security updates on the site and allow us to use the latest plugins and patches to give us more customization in the future.
  9. Hawks

    A new look

    This is something our TAs have been working on and wanted to put out there and is separate from the BDs projects to help with the activity issue you mentioned. Thanks for giving the feedback.
  10. Hawks

    A new look

    N E W F O R U M S Hey gamers, @Nishok, @Revenga and @Gator have been smashing out a brand new theme update to the forums. We're excited to announce that its well on its way and with it a more simplistic and easier layout to follow and interact with! We're excited to see what you guys think of these changes! Currently the boys are working hard to smooth out those rough edges and are hoping to deliver in the near future. Please let us know what you think! (Edit: Were updating the theme due to our current theme being no longer supported with regular updates and patches. Doing so will allow us to make critical updates to the plugins and site security.) Now to skip to the main course here is a quick view of what is to come! (All pictures are subject to change before release) Our mobile frontpage:
  11. My honest opinion is that 1v1 is a fun casual game mode that unfortunately, unless you can prove me wrong. Would just be for our current player base. 1v1 is one of the servers I had a lot of fun on, but that being said I joined in during a time where there was a big 1v1 tourney happening and as soon as that tourney was over it went back to being 3-5 pop on average till it dwindled down to zero. Whether that be from neglect or what I don't know but that doesn't help convince me even though I like 1v1. I don't think opening up 1v1 in and of itself is a bad thing but, there needs to be a force of people driving it forward like we have seen with our other servers like TTT and JB as of late. With that sort of care and interest 1v1 might be something we can expend our resources for. Not saying that if there isn't enough support that I want to put a stake in the idea but, I would encourage and like to see a little more discussion and interest from more then the people responding in this thread. Getting a proper idea and vision of who is actually interested would be helpful in making an argument to bring it back. So far I see 11 people in this thread alone who would maybe play often enough to warrant its comeback but there is also the fair share of people who have brought up good arguments on why not to. What we have here is a good step here in the right direction to hash the pros and cons of 1v1 and I encourage others if they have any interest at all in seeing 1v1 come back this is the thread to start supporting it. But man I will admit. I'd like to fuck some kids up in 1v1 again.
  12. We taking votes as activity? And do you regret it yet? Edit* Are you like trying to save the bees or something? Going for a nature sleeve?