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Hello, I am Gravy. You may have seen me on the server once or twice. Please bring back some sort of markers. Moving the Ts around the map without some sort of markers makes being a CT more difficult then it should be. This can result in CTs using bullet holes which are inconsistent and annoying. Maybe even revamping the system to include lines like seen on other servers. It is is the best interest for new CTs and players coming from other servers to have an easier transition onto our servers. Thank you, I will be here all week.

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i get we are going back to old habits and methods that we can see is bringing in population and the server alive again but something like this is necessary to allow fairness for ct's and clarity in orders. allows for everyone to process things at a much faster rate especially when you don't have the brightest of people playing (tamer).

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From my knowledge Dominic wants to make the server more like the old days and took off most of the plugins 
I have no problem with the markers or no markers because in reality it has a simple fix of just shooting and saying go to my bullets which I understand how it could be annoying and you rather just have a key bind for your marker but I'm pretty sure it was his idea to take it off and make the server more simple 

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