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  1. Thought a little bit more about this and what could be included in the menu. I took some inspiration from the JB map Quake. This that you could buy could be armor, armor +kevlar, health boost, med shot, and tac awareness. A high price item could be something like a deg with one shot. All this only being able to be bought in the first 15 seconds into the round.
  2. Unfortunately with my understanding admins are the only ones that it hides the pop up for but I am sure there is different programs out there that you can download in order to be able to clip moments. Just do a google search and make sure you are not downloading a virus.
  3. Absolutely incredible idea. I don't know how someone hasn't already thought about it. One of the problems I see after looking over this is much like the Jihad it will become a spam at the start of the round, that is if only the Ts are allowed to have x2 smoke or x2 nade for the round, especially when it comes to bump mines. No need to scrap the idea but making the price increase after one is bought per round (ex: first nade 2k second 5k third 10k) something along those lines or making the prices higher as is. At the same time nades are underutilized right now as not too many spawn and the lack of coordination between the Ts. More nades could be a viable strategy for a way the Ts can kill a CT without knifing/shooting them. As well as what I just said having a cap with how often a T can buy a nade (ex: If they have the money a T can only buy a HE every other round or something along those lines) will reduce the nade spam. It will be a lot too add but is something that I would defiantly like to have implemented in the server.
  4. I think you still would have won if you where the only one on your team lmao
  5. As far as gang stats go I know you can see the entire gangs stats but it would be nice to be able to see everyone's individual stats or at least your own.
  6. DabOfGravy


    Just my input but that seams unnecessary when you have players/admins that can say the same thing. All it takes is one time to realize that there is no warden. Any more then that and they are just trolls.
  7. Unrelated question but is there a timeline on the new LRs or at least a sneak peek to get the community hyped?
  8. About time. I look forward to it
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    Elite supporter and costs 20k
  10. DabOfGravy

    special orders

    This does play into favoritism at a certain point but its mostly up to admin on if it becomes excessive. Correct me if i am wrong on this.
  11. Big money moves. Congrats guy!
  12. I love the event but is there any way to make the time later for those of us that have to work?