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The Last of Us 2, 3 years later...

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It's been 3 years since the release of The Last of Us 2, and I want to see if people's opinion of the game has changed. I know mines has. 

When the game initially came out, I was blinded with bias and thought that the game was horrible for well... obvious reasons. Not until I got my PS5 and played it. I forgot all about the hate, and looked at the game through an open lens. And doing that made the game so much better.


I truly do love this game and the characters. Especially Abby. I think Abby had such a good turn around, and her motives were all valid and made sense. Although I do wish you played her a little more. Although the playtime between both characters are fairly similar, more Abby time is welcome with open arms. 


I have a small amount of flaws with the story but I couldn't care less to talk about them because they are fairly minor. 


What are your opinions on the game now?

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Everything feels… fine. My issue with the game has always been and always will be the fact that the lesson of revenge not fixing anything could’ve been learned with literally turning point in the story. It just doesn’t feel satisfying but yeah that’s about it, Last of Us 2 is great otherwise.

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