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Hi everyone,


Just want to preface this by saying that on behalf of myself and the entire Board, we have no bad blood with any other existing gaming communities. (rip SNG lol) As a matter of fact, we've actually always been on the side of being collaborative with other communities and our mindset remains the same with that. However, there's a healthy amount of 'collaboration' you can do with another place that is technically your competition, and then there's stuff that doesn't make sense logically. One of those things that doesn't make sense is being a higher-up in two places at the same time.


Our policy for as long as I've been here has been 'access there vs. access here', in a sense.. if that makes sense. For instance, and the most obvious example, is being a server manager at two places. This is an extreme conflict of interest. Especially if you're managing the same server here that you're managing at another place. Naturally, if an admin here gave you a great idea for your server and you implemented it and it worked, you'd want to do the same for the other server you're managing. I think that alone gets the point across, but there's a ton of examples I can give beyond that. 


We've now had 3 instances of removing access / demoting here within a couple weeks because of this which, to be fair, weren't all handled incorrectly. Regardless, a general PSA to the public seemed fitting. We're hoping to avoid this moving forward, so if you're deciding between two positions please at the very least inform us, or don't apply for a position here if you're awaiting a decision elsewhere. This is not meant to fault anyone who has done this, nor is it meant to steer anyone away from anywhere else. However, setting up someone's access is a bit of a lengthy process and we don't want to keep reverting promotions.


This does NOT apply to being an admin here. You can be an admin here and be anything you want anywhere else.. an admin, a server manager, a fairy godmother - we don't care. Only anything beyond that.


Thank you.



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