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I'm getting one soon, and I read a lot of reviews about it, it seems that it overheats often and most of them mentioned something about a, Red Ring of Death? While I was browsing, a NYKO Intercooler showed up. I looked up reviews about it, most were bad, stating that it would melt into your XBOX 360. However, there's another product that NYKO released, NYKO Intercooler EX which is supposed to have fixed most of the problems it had in the other version. The reviews were pretty 50-50, either 1s or 5s AVG on three different sites, such as Amazon.com and Newegg.com. I'm guessing the one who just put in a 1 was either using the old one or had their 360 ruined from the old version of this product and is pissed off. Anyway, has 360 owners here bought the NYKO Intercooler EX? Should I get it? Also what other problems should I expect from the 360?

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If you get a 360 why don't you just water cool it yourself, or spend a little extra cash and buy a mini fridge to put it in. I don't keep up with Xbox as I am a PC guy, but every time I hear about it it's someone that has lost it to the red ring of death. It has serious over heating problems. From what I've seen on enthusiast sites like HardOCP, water cooled Xbox kits aren't that hard to install or operate.

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I've had my xbox 360 for about 1 month now and i've never seen any type of overheating allthough i dont overplay it, But my friend Nick played gears of war nonstop for a long time and his did overheat but thats because he rarely turned it off. I have heard from others that they keep theirs on 24/7 and they have no problems. I leave mine vertical in an area where the heat can escape on both sides and no problems yet ^.^

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I wouldnt waste my money on one of those coolers. Ive had an xbox 360 for a few years and it has yet to overheat or red ring of death. Ive played some 10 hour sessions of gears of war back when it came out and again no prob's :). Btw i would not do watercooled, because it probably involves opening the case which voids the warrenty

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Get a mini-fridge, place your XBox in it, then fill all the extra space with drinks. Risk of overheating is gone, and you now have a convenient drinks fridge.

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