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Might find this to be 30x better: http://www.sourceradio.com/modules.php?name=Vault&page=watch&id=1663


The greatest Cs:source video I've ever seen hands down.


One of my good friends I've known since the early bf2 days who got into source is also in the movie.


He get's pwned @: 3:46 (One of the two guys that he got a collateral on)

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Good demonstrations of what happens when pro's play noobs.


I personally love the part on D2W's video where a ct was able to just rush down long without so much as a flash being thrown.


You can't even fucking rush down long A on our pub server when T's are rushing it without being flashed, the fuck wouldn't they toss one in a "scrim"?


Same with the ninja defuses, yeah they were awesome I agree, and really funny. I just don't see how this describes them being pro when the team they're playing can't even check all obvious spots nor watch the bomb...


Perhaps I'm being overly critical. Aside from those main points, there are some pretty amazing shots in the videos none-the-less. Good video editing too.


Gotta love the quadruple kill the guy got on cbble.

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