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  1. Noob^


    Not gonna lie almost got baited and banned for this. Nt apes
  2. Just crazy. RIP man
  3. Ned


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    2. Ned


      watch yo mouth, id slap tf out of u 

    3. Ned


      do something 

    4. Noob^


      rent free 

  4. big man on campus is back

    1. XeNo


      Lmao, I don't know about that.

  5. was an ape and still is an ape now, sad.

  6. My pleasure brother. It’s what I do

  7. Your ZZL meme is top tier, thank you

  8. Interested. Also, not sure if this is referring to my friends or not but if so I’d just like to address it quickly. All the people on my team had easily over a day playtime, while true they did only frequent scrim they didn’t just show up for the tourney and leave. I’m fact they’ve occasionally scrimmed on sg since source.
  9. This man is an imposter I take my thanks back and comment

  10. Free him he’s a good man