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I Am Leaving SG

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Well its been great with you SG members/supporters/admins/AOs/BDs/CAs/Red/Haggard


It has been a great run with you SG but it is time for me to go.

Today is my last day in SG.


I know I know you don't care but i am just letting people know that im leaving


I might be on servers sometimes and on vent too but i will be SG.


The Reason why I'm leaving SG is because really, This Community is becoming into a more AO BD community and not the Player Community it used to be.


More rules are coming(some are for a good reason most are just because they want too)

Some just don't care about the community


and some don't even punish people that have abuse there admin powers(favorite admins)


But really SG is falling apart

I remember how SG was when i first played here


Cool people,Safer Community,Fun Community,and Friendly Community


Now it just Strict Community, Torch People that SG community Does Not Like, sometimes some SG people are douche bags on others



I just hope SG rises up again into the Community it used to be.


Now i know some reasons why Garfield left



So i would like to say goodbye to all of you, Most of you are great people and nice players.


I would like to say Thanks Too


All SG Girls(except Tracy)


Red Tampon


SpikedRocker(for being my first SA/AO/BD pal when i was Reg and Admin)

Modgers 1(For trying so hard to keep the WoW guild/group alive)









Amby(for being the black man with power)

The Green Bastard


Luxz0rz(for letting me win on Monopoly by getting bankrupt)

Cooki3Monsta(for eating my 1000lbs Chocolate Chip cookie on his B-Day)

TofuShop(Teaching me how to use admin and the telling me what was right ways to use admin powers and wrong ways,and for teaching me if something was rule breaking)

Tinkerbell(For being the first drunken bastard that i have ever meet)

Obez(For his can collection and his crappy webcam)

Bald(For Screaming like a little bitch during Zombie Hell)


And many more that i did not mention.


I will miss u all.


This is StrykerSwat Going Out.



P.S. Here is a BFH Beta Key that i got from Gamespot.


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