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i found this great new tool here it is.

I've put together a little toolkit for the community (a launcher actually) that has a number of the most useful free scan and security tools and related help.


It is written in C#, somewhat as an excuse for me to learn something other then C (and to get more familiar with Visual Studio). This tool does require .net to be installed, but I think everyone has this now (or should).


I didn't intend it to be exhaustive, more to have a set of the most useful tools all in one place. I also didn't intend it to promote any specific vendor, again just the ones that appeared to be easiest for users to run.


I'm sure there are many more useful things that can be added as well as other related products (I don't want it to get too busy though).


Eventually I'll have a second tool for all the network and firewall related issues.


Here is a pic:



and a collage of many of the functions:




As you can see, several of the buttons have specific help and any tools that require an installed application have a link to download the tool as well as any related help / tutorials.


MSinfo32 and DXdiag have right-click autogenerate reports, and the viruscan button actually has 5 different free online scans as well as a wealth of virus information.


The one little issue with the tool is it doesn't know how long MSinfo32 and DXDiag are taking to generate the reports so you'll have to be patient. (I'm still looking into how to monitor running processes).


I use this tool every day and it's been very useful, I hope everyone here can get some utility from it as well.






this looks like a great tool check it out.


(found at http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=576154)

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