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Zombie Murder has grown significantly in the past few months. In order to keep up with the changes and secure our needs for the future, the Board of Directors has come to an agreement and has decided to purchase a dedicated server to host our games.


This is a major change and one that will require the help of the community. Financially, the dedicated server will push us beyond our current funds and so we ask all who can to donate towards our cause. Even if you cannot donate monetarily we ask that you stick with us and help populate the servers you enjoy gaming on.


For those of you who remember Zombie Murders previous attempt with a dedicated server, I can assure you that this is completely different and this will work. The previous server was inferior in every way. It was basically just ¼ of a server partition just for us. This time around we will have our own server with 8 XEON CPUs built just for us. A server of this quality would be more than enough to host 350+ slots.


With our dedicated server we intend to move all of our current games with the exception of GunGame and UK Escape. Napalm slots will be moved up, and on a Windows server the physics will return to original Napalm quality. Escape servers will most likely move up in slots as well and we will continue to provide a balance for lag free play. TF2 32 slots are a lot easier to manage on Windows (a relief to me) and we intend to launch a successful server. All other changes will come accordingly as resources will still be available for ZM’s use.


If it doesn’t work out, we will be given a refund and we will continue on our current servers. We are confident that we won’t have to do this, so you should be too.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please offer us your support and continue gaming on our servers. Here’s to a more enjoyable gaming experience for all. Cheers!



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I was really excited when we were talking about this in the EO room and personally I think its an amazing idea. With more slots and less lag this will let us be flexable with our growing community.. YAYY


and cheers zero, ill drink to that ;)

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Zero forgot to mention that we have a target goal to purchase this dedicated server no later then Dec 18th so if you intend to pitch in to help us, please try and put in your donation by that date. If we cannot raise some fund for this purchase we will have to abort this idea till late January due to renewal constraints with our current host.


You can track the progress of donations toward our goal in the top left Navigation Panel of the forum.


I would like to thank everyone in advance for their support in this effort and let you know we are excited about this upgrade and all the benefits we will receive from owning a dedicated server.

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